On 22 June, Sun Transits In Ardra Nakshatra, Major Predictions Related To This Nakshatra Transit!


On 22 June, the Sun will transit in Ardra  Nakshatra. Sun present in Ardra  Nakshatra forms chances of Monsoon. Sun transit in Ardra  Nakshatra outcomes. Sun will rotate in all the 4 phases of Ardra  Nakshatra. Some effective remedies for this Nakshatra Transit. Mantras related to Ardra Nakshatra and the Sun.

In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered as the king of all the planets. Sun is also worshiped as a Vision Deity from the Hindu religious point of view. That is why, every change in the position of the Sun, even if it is transiting in the zodiac or constellation, is considered to be a very important event in Astrology. Now,  the Sun changes its constellation and transits in Ardra Nakshatra and will show its impact not only on all the 12 planets but also across the globe.

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Sun is considered to be the benefactor of health and it is considered as a symbol of energy and light of the world.  This is the reason why even the smallest change  in its position affects human life. Because according to the position of the Sun, the expert astrologers are able to make accurate predictions while doing the astrological calculations. 

According to the experts of AstroSage, the particular time period in which the Sun planet travels in a zodiac or constellation, that position of the sun brings many changes in the world. Now the Sun is transiting in Ardra  Nakshatra,  which is a very important event from an astrological point of view.

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Ardra  Nakshatra In Astrology

In Indian Astrology, from all 27 Nakshatras, the Ardra Nakshatra comes in 6th place. In many Nakshatras the natives of this nakshatra are very clever in nature. The zodiac sign for Ardra  Nakshatra is Gemini, that is the zodiac sign of Mercury. However, the lord of Ardra  Nakshatra is considered to be the shadow planet Rahu.

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Time Duration Of Sun Transit In Ardra  Nakshatra

The Sun will transit on 22 June 2022, at 11:42 am in Ardra  Nakshata. In this Nakshatra, the Sun will remain present till 06 July, at 11:09 am. In this scenario, the Sun will be present in Gemini and will travel through the different stages and bring changes in the world along with its impact on many zodiac signs.

Come, lets understand the impact and outcomes of Sun transit in Ardra  Nakshatra from the expert Astrologers of AstroSage:

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Some Important Facts Related To Sun Transit In Ardra  Nakshatra

  • Religious significance

There is a huge importance of Sun transiting in Ardra  Nakshatra in the Sanatan Dharma, because according to the beliefs, during this, there is a ritual to worship Lord Shankar and Lord Vishnu. Especially, in some states of north India, on this day the “Kheer- Puri ” and Mangoes are offered to Lord Shiva and Vishnu Ji.

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  • The symbol of the beginning of Monsoon

It is mentioned in many astrological scriptures that during the time of the year when the Sun is in the Ardra  Nakshatra, that time the land becomes fertile. The Astrologers consider this time to be the indication of Monsoon in India. According to the Hindu calendar, the Ardra  Nakshatra rises every year in the month of Ashadh. On the other hand, according to the English calendar, this situation occurs in the third week of June.   During this, the northern states across the country, that are burning due to the fierce wrath of the blazing sun, are likely to get some relief. This is the time when the big changes in the weather are very much visible and along with the light breezing wind, humidity and moisture can be felt in the atmosphere.

In astrology, the Sun stays in the Uttarayan for 6 months in a year and remains in Dakshinayan for the rest 6 months. Dakshinayan begins as soon as the Sun transits Ardra  in the Panchang. This relationship between the Sun and the Nakshatras forms the Varsha Karak Yoga, starting of the rainy season. The farmers across the country eagerly wait for this time throughout the year.

  • The zodiac sign for Ardra  Nakshatra and its ruling planet

According to the Astrologers of AstroSage, the Sun will remain in Ardra  Nakshatra from 22 June to 06 July. During this time, the Sun will be present in the Gemini, which is the zodiac sign of Ardra  Nakshatra. Apart from this, Rahu is considered to be the owner planet of the Ardra  Nashatra. Whereas, the owner planet of Gemini is considered to be Mercury. As per the planet chakras for friendship, Mercury and Sun are friends, whereas  Rahu is the Asura.

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The Nakshatra Phal of the Sun in Ardra  

Now from June 22 to July 6, the Sun will be in the Ardra  Nakshatra. During this time, Saturn will already be in retrograde motion and on July 2, Mercury will also transit in its own sign that is Gemini. Therefore, due to the above planetary conditions, this year the Sun is very important for the Ardra  constellation/ Nakshatra as well as for all the zodiac signs. According to the experts, since the Sun is friends with Mercury, in such a case, the Sun transiting the Nakshatra “Ardra ”, that too of the Gemini sign , will be favorable especially for the natives of Gemini, Leo and Virgo. On the other hand, for the natives of Taurus, Virgo and Cancer  there will be chances of some kind of loss of money. Apart from this, this phase is bringing mixed outcomes for the other zodiac signs.

Ardra Nakshatra in Astrology- Different Phases & Time Duration of the Sun

Since the ruling planet of Ardra Nakshatra is Rahu, which is considered as an Asura planet. Therefore, the nature of the people especially of this Nakshatra is jealousy, cunning, fierce anger, ascetic and eccentric. These people work according to themselves ignoring all the others and the tradition to be followed. Like every Nakshatra, there are 4 phases in the Ardra Nakshatra as well, where the Sun transits in every phase and shows the impact of it. The timings of the Sun to enter in each phase is as follows:

  1. The 1st phase of Sun in Ardra:  In the 1st phase of Sun in Ardra the event will take place on 22 June 2022 at 11:42 am till 25 June 2022 at 11:31 pm. The ruling planet of the 1st phase of Ardra Nakshatra is Jupiter. In such a case, due to  the friendship between the owner planet of Ardra Nakshatra, Rahu with the owner planet of the 1st phase of Ardra Nakshatra Jupiter , there will be a progress of religious instincts in the natives of the Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces .

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  1. The 2nd phase of Sun in Ardra : The 2nd phase will begin from 25 June 2022 at night from 11:32 till 29 June at 11:23 am. The ruling planet of this phase is Saturn. During this time, due to the strong impact of Rahu, Sun and Saturn on the 2nd phase, some natives might feel atheist and depressed. In such natives, during this phase, the influence of the above stated planets increases the sensual thoughts and can distract their mind with the work they are doing.
  1. The 3rd phase of Sun in Ardra: The Sun will enter in the 3rd phase of  Ardra on29 June at 11:24 am till 02 July, 11:15 am. The ruling planet for this phase of Ardra Nakshatra is Saturn. There is a friendship relation between Saturn and Rahu as per the rules of Indian Astrology. However, during this phase, the retrograde motion of the Saturn, especially can affect the Capricorn and Aquarius natives  and they might suffer from job or business related issues.

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  1. The 4th phase of Sun in Ardra:

The Sun will enter the 4th phase of Ardra on 02 July, at 11:16 pm till 06 July, 11:09 am. This is the last phase of Ardra Nakshatra and the ruling planet of this phase is Jupiter and during this the presence of Sun along with the friendship between Jupiter and Rahu makes many natives intelligent and travelers as well as passionate, benevolent and always ready to help others. However, due to this, the natives may have to spend some of their money.

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Remedies for Sun Transit in Ardra Nakshatra 

According to the astrologers, the Sun transit into Ardra Nakshatra is considered auspicious in many ways.  In such a situation, with the help of some remedies, the person can eradicate the ill effects related to the Sun in the horoscope, while getting the best results from the auspicious events. These remedies will not only protect the natives from the ill effects of this Nakshatra but will also prove to be successful in giving favorable outcomes from the Sun. The remedies for Ardra Nakshatra and planet Sun are as follows:

  • According to Astrology, if your birth nakshatra is Ardra, then you should worship Lord Shiva regularly.
  • While worshiping Lord Shiva, chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times will be auspicious for you.
  • You can reduce the ill effects of this constellation by reciting other mantras, Stotras, Sahasranamam etc of Lord Shiva.
  • You are advised to wear while, yellow, bright or ochre colored clothes and donate them.
  • The native should chant the mantra of Ardra Nakshatra, “Om Ardrayai Namah” and the Beej mantra of the Sun i.e, “Om Hran Hreem Hraun Saha Suryay Namah” at least 108 times.
  • If you offer flowers, white sandalwood, incense, lamp, bel leaves, sweet prasad and cow’s ghee to Lord Shiva during the Sun transit in Ardra Nakshatra, then you will definitely get rid of all the problems.
  • During the entrance in this Nakshatra, the person should worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and offer Mangoes to them.

Note: Even after doing these remedies, if any native or person does not get the fruitful outcomes during the Sun transit in Ardra Nakshatra then they can get in touch with the verified and proven Astrologers on call or chat and get the remedies as per their horoscope. 

Vedic Mantras for Ardra Nakshtra and the Sun

  • The vedic mantra for Ardra Nakshtra is like this:  

नमस्ते रूद्रमन्यवउतो त इषवे नम: ।

बाहुभ्यामुत ते नम: ऊँ रुद्राय नम: शिवाय नम: ।।

namaste rūdramanyavauto ta iṣave nama: ।

bāhubhyāmuta te nama: ū~ rudrāya nama: śivāya nama: ।।

  • The Vedic Mantra for Sun is like this: 

ॐ आ कृष्णेन रजसा वर्तमानो निवेशयन्नमृतं मर्त्यं च।

हिरण्ययेन सविता रथेना देवो याति भुवनानि पश्यन्।।

oṃ ā kṛṣṇena rajasā vartamāno niveśayannamṛtaṃ martyaṃ ca।

hiraṇyayena savitā rathenā devo yāti bhuvanāni paśyan।।

Note: The above information is in accordance with the Sun transit in Ardra Nakshatra. Sun will transit in this Nakshatra on 22 June. At many places, it is mentioned that this Sun transit will take place on 29 June, which is incorrect according to AstroSage. So, we request you not to have any doubts regarding this astronomical event.

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