Stress & Anxiety- Astrology Decodes The Real Reason Behind It!

What is anxiety? This is a common question asked by people, for which they seek a feasible and permanent solution. It is not a mental disorder but a result of triggered psychological factors and overthinking. On this note, here we are bringing to you an astrological analysis explaining the astrological factors responsible for stress and anxiety in one’s life and what can be done to cure it with the assistance of our esteemed astrologer Acharya Mrunal.

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Stress & Anxiety- An Astrological Overview

If you look at the astrological side for anxiety, we concentrate on the moon sign more, since the Moon is the benefactor of your mind and desires and affects your life deeply.

Through astrology, we can come to know if you are facing anxiety or any psychological issues. Kendruma Dosha is when the Moon is alone and doesn’t have any planets with him In same house or one house in front or back, or when the Moon is placed with any malefic planet, then the Kemdruma Dosha is considered to be formed.

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Rahu and Ketu are considered as shadow planets, which is why its conjunction with any planet can also lead to the formation of the Kemdruma Dosha, or during Chandra dasha and antardasha with malefic planets also results in stress and anxiety.

Effective Remedies To Cure Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety and Stress can be cured astrologically, medically or by changing your daily habits. Wear a Moti/Pearl, Rose Quartz or Tiger Eye to cure stress and anxiety and its malefic effects.

And if you look at it medically, the doctors will tell you to take various kinds of medicines. But by changing the basic daily habits, you can get through anxiety and stress. For example, the simplest way to control your anxiety during stress is the method of reverse counting, that is, from 100, 99, 98 ……till 0. This method helps you to reduce minor anxiety and stress levels. You can also listen to soft romantic or meditating music as it just helps you to come out of it.

You can help a person who is suffering from anxiety by talking to them and understanding their problems. Listening is the best thing you can do to help a person come out of stress and anxiety.

When a person is under a lot of stress and anxiety, you shouldn’t give him/her suggestions or guide him/her in any way. It is always better to help him/her out by fishing for answers from the person under a lot of stress and anxiety. Meditation and yoga have also been proving to be very useful tool for reducing stress and anxiety in one’s life. Many are and has suffered a lot from stress and anxiety, and looking around us, we can find someone in dire need of help and support.

Let’s join our hands and make it a stress-free world!

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