CoronaVirus or Planetary Positions – Who is Responsible for the Volatile Stock Market Conditions?

Has the massive CoronaVirus Pandemic taken a toll on the Stock Market too? Is the deflating oil prices contributing to the drop in shares or the stars and planets are not in its favour currently?

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Many explanations have come into the forefront considering the fact that Share Market conditions all over the world are turning volatile. The Indian Share Market has also seen the stocks tumbling as they are dropping aggressively. The economic shock in the form of declining shares in taking over the stock market gradually and the investors are losing their faith as they witness their resources getting inundated.

Before we provide an astrological analysis of this whole situation, let us get two things straight.

First of all, on 16 January 2020, the Mumbai Stock Exchange Sensitive Index i.e. SENSEX touched a mark of 42000, which has now come down to around 32000.

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Second, six major stock market downturns were recorded this year. The Sensex fell by 2919 points on March 12, 2020.

Such a catastrophe has given birth to many questions in the minds of investors.

First, will the Stock Market keep declining like this and when will this come to an end? Secondly, should the small level investors stay away from the market and investments during this time?

Seeking help from astrology, we have tried to provide an astrological explanation of the questions addressed previously.

We have consulted some of our expert astrologers and asked them to make a commentary of the current situation of the stock market keeping the planetary and Nakshatra positions in mind. Let us find out what each one of them has to have to say.

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AstroGuru Mragaank predicts, “The Kundli of independent India happens to be Taurus ascendant and the zodiac sign happens to be Cancer. Although, the effective sign of the country’s Kundli is Capricorn and it has been the same for a very long period of time.

Currently, Rahu is transiting over natal Mars. At the same time, Mars, Jupiter and Ketu are transiting to Sagittarius and Saturn is in Capricorn.

Upon viewing from the zodiac sign Capricorn, the twelfth house is hosting the conjunction of Jupiter, Mars and Ketu. Rahu is currently residing in the sixth house. Again, if we take a look at the Kundli of independent India, then this particular conjunction is influencing the eighth and second house and consequently weakening the condition of the Share Market.

Jupiter influence is the optimum amongst all the other planets in deteriorating the condition of the Share Market.

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After the 30th of March, when the planet Jupiter will enter the zodiac sign Capricorn, which also happens to be the planet’s debilitated sign. During its stay in Capricorn, some amount of growth will be seen in the Market. However, when the planet retrogrades and enters Sagittarius zodiac sign, the market conditions may be back to square one.

The Shares which will be effected the most are of Banking, FMCG, Finance, Mustard, Wheat, Insurance, Gold, Bronze, Edible Oil, Shipping, Garments, Textile, Publication, Media, FMCG, Insurance, Textile, Paper, Telecommunication, Export, IT, Mobile, Internet, Cotton, Agriculture Products and cereals predominantly.

Meanwhile the prices of machinery and vehicle parts, Leather goods, black items, Bitumen, Tin, Glass Items, Vehicles and Wheat will increase gradually. Gold, Silver, Gemstones, Zinc, lentils(Arhar), Tin, Silk, Tobacco, khand(desi sugar), Jaggery, Potatoes, Ginger, Onions, Bank stocks, Rubber, Fake silk and Salt will remain volatile.

Specifically, from the time period of July and mid September, there will be some major ups and downs in the market. This implies that the current volatile situation will prevail for sometime.

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However, as far as the uproar in the market is concerned, it comes into notice that from the end of March to the mid part of June, there will be some positive effects seen in the market and it will attain some pace. However, only after September some major and positive results can be expected.“

Yogesh Darira says, “ As per the horoscope of independent India, Jupiter is now transiting in the eight house with malefic planets like Mars and Ketu which indicates recession and stagnation in the economy.

However, things are stated to improve when Jupiter will move into the ninth house of fortune of independent India on 29th March 2020 with its lord Saturn posited there, along with an exalted Mars, which also rules the seventh house of independent India’s Kundli representing foreign alliances. This indicates that with the help of the government, the share market will start to regain its form.

This transit is also taking form in the seventh house from the Moon sign “ Cancer” of Indian independent Kundli. So, it can be stated that the foreign investments are also likely to influx money into the Indian share market.

As both Mars and Saturn indicate technologies, which indicates that technological giants may make good strides in the indian economy. This position is going to continue till June 30th June 2020 before Jupiter enters into retrograde motion.

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Also, on the 7th of April, the fifth lord of Independent India’s Kundli, Mercury will remain in a debilitated state and continue being so until the 25th of April. But since it is also giving birth to an auspicious Neech Bhang Raj Yoga, the market may see an unprecedented rise in this duration.

 After the 25th of April, it can go down once again. But after the 9th of May, when Mercury moves into the ascendant sign, conditions will be back to normal.”

We will end this blog with astrologer Sunil Barmola predictions who says, According to the positions of rahu and Ketu who are currently reading in the Gemini and Sagittarius signs respectively and also the Kaal Purush Kundli, the primary significant of Share Market, Venus being the ‘Markesh’ right now, the deteriorations will continue to take place in the market.

धात्विन्द्रजाल कुशल प्रवन्चक स्तेय कर्म कुशलश्च।

कुजसौरयोर्विधर्मः शस्त्रविषघ्नः कलिरूचिः स्यात्।।

According to the Saravali Granthas, even before the one fourth movement of a planet is complete in one house, it starts providing results with regards to the second house. If we look at this in terms of the stock market, the planet Mars is going to change its place and while getting conjuncted with Saturn, it is indicating that a pandemic like situation may continue to wreak havoc upon the market.

This declining atmosphere in the Stock market will remain static until the end of March, and mild bouts will be seen prevailing until the end of April.

We hope that you will appreciate this write up of ours. Thankyou for connecting with us!! 

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