Somvati Amavasya During Sawan: Know Importance & Mythological Legend

Somvati Amavasya is considered of high significance in Hindu mythological scriptures. It is believed that anyone who recites and performs the Puja on this day attains special virtue. Not only this, but the importance of Somvati Amavasya is also considered equal to that of Solar Eclipse. This year, Somavati Amavasya falls on Monday, July 20, 2020.

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The Amavasya that falls on Monday is called Somvati Amavasya. According to the Hindu Panchang, a day is termed as an Amavasya when the planet Moon completely disappears from our sight due to which darkness prevails at night. Somvati Amavasya, which falls on Monday, offers virtuous fruits. You can get expert astrological guidance on how to observe rituals on this day and what precautions must be taken by clicking here.

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Significance of Somvati Amavasya

From both religious and astrological point of view, the date of Amavasya is considered to be significant. Natives perform special worship to get rid of Pitru Dosha. Donations, charity, Tarpan etc. are also carried out on this particular day. Diwali, one of the main festivals in Hinduism, is also celebrated on the day of Amavasya, and even Solar Eclipse also occurs on this very day itself. It is said that if any native suffers from Sarp Dosha as evaluated in his/her kundli, he/she can perform the rituals on the date of Amavasya to eliminate it.

On the day of Somvati Amavasya, Lord Shiva is also duly worshipped with full devotion. Since the planets Moon and the Sun seem to be in a straight alignment, this day becomes even more special as well as virtuous. Many of the natives even fast on the day of Somvati Amavasya. On this auspicious day, married women observe a fast for the longevity of their husbands. After this, they worship the Peepal tree believing that Lord Shiva resides in it, and circumambulate around it. 

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Won’t Be Able To Perform Ganga Snan

A special significance has been stated about bathing in the river Ganges on this very auspicious day. Although due to the ongoing pandemic, Kanwar Yatra usually carried out during Sawan had been earlier cancelled. Now, devotees won’t be able to perform Ganga Snan at the banks of Haridwar. The administration has given a clear order that all the boundaries of the district should be closed one night before Somvati Amavasya and people coming from other states will be completely banned from visiting the banks during this period.

However, those who cannot perform this task of bathing in the Ganga can just opt for a holy lake or river. If you are not able to go ahead with that as well, then you can add Gangajal in the bathing water at home and take a bath with that to attain virtuous outcomes. After bathing, things made from sesame seeds, sesame oil, Amla or Indian Gooseberry and Kohl or Kajal etc. are donated.

Lord Shiva is worshipped on Somvati Amavasya. On this day, the ritual of Pind Daan is performed. Apart from this, natives whose Moon is weakly posited in their kundlis are advised to feed curd and rice to the Cow or Gau Mata. This helps to reduce the Moon Dosha present in the kundli. 

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Story Behind Somvati Amavasya Fast 

According to a story prevalent about this day, there used to be a Brahmin, who had a daughter. Despite acing in all aspects, her daughter couldn’t get married. Once, a Sage visited the Brahmin’s house and became very happy with the girl’s nature and behaviour. He blessed the girl with the boon of longevity.

The Brahmin then asked the Sage about his daughter’s marriage. The Sage revealed that the daughter is missing the Marriage Line in her palms. Disappointed, the Brahmin asked him for a solution, to which the Sage replied that in a nearby village lives a family of washerwoman named Sona. If your girl goes there and serves the laundress and in turn, the laundress named Sona gives her Suhag to the girl, then your daughter can get married.

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After this, the girl vowed to visit the washerwoman and serve her with devotion. From that day onwards, every morning before sunrise, the girl would go to the laundress’ house, complete all the chores there and then quietly return back. This would make the laundress happy since all her tasks were taken care of, and she would assume that her daughter-in-law is performing her duties. One day, she praised her daughter-in-law for her efforts and efficiency, appreciating how good she is at the household chores.

Puzzled at this, her daughter-in-law revealed in front of her that she doesn’t do anything and remains asleep. This revelation made both of them confused regarding who is completing the housework. The next day, both of them waited to find out when they saw a girl coming in, tending to all the house chores and then leaving quietly. Then, the Dhobin asked her who she is? And why is she doing all this?

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The girl shared her story to the laundress. Listening to this, Sona felt pity for the girl and the next morning, which was the day of Somvati Amavasya, agreed to give her the Suhaag. Sona was aware of the fact that offering her Suhag to the Girl would cause her husband to die, but still, she fasted the next day, went to the girl’s house and filled the parting line on the Girl’s forehead with Sindoor or vermillion. Doing so resulted in her husband’s death. While coming back, Sona circumambulated around the Peepal tree, and after reaching home, found her husband alive and well. Since then, the tradition of fasting started on this day.

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