Solar Eclipse On December 04, 2021: Impact On Different Zodiac Signs

Whether it is Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse, a great weightage has been given to them in the world of Astrology and Astronomy. The impact of Eclipse is certainly observed on us and therefore, it is extremely important to know its impact on our lives and the precautions to be followed to avoid ill effects inflicted by it. So, we are comprising all the information regarding this very Solar Eclipse of December 2021 in this blog.     

The Sun is considered to be the soul of the universe. It gives life to all living beings through its light and heat, the source of energy, and that is why Sun is regarded as the benefactor of good health. When there is a Solar Eclipse, the earth is devoid of its light and heat and thus, our health is adversely affected. So it is necessary to know about Solar Eclipse in detail and questions pertaining to the same can be asked through our prominent astrologers.   

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Timings of the Last Solar Eclipse 2021

This Eclipse will happen on 4th December 2021 during Margashirsha month in Krishna Paksha Amavasya. As per the IST, this eclipse will start from 10:59 hours and last till 15:07 hours. So far Astrology is concerned, this Eclipse will take place in Scorpio under Jyestha Nakshatra. 

Solar Eclipse 2021: Places of Visibility 

In view of the Hindu Panchang, the visibility of this eclipse will be observed in countries like Australia, Tasmania, Madagascar, South Africa, Botswana, South Georgia, Namibia, etc. Apart from this, it can also be seen in South Ocean and Antarctica. 

Although it is a Total Solar Eclipse and will be visible in all the above-cited places, areas such as southern parts of South America, parts of the Indian Ocean, southern part of Australian continent and African continent, and South Atlantic Ocean will see partial Lunar Eclipse.   

This Eclipse will not be observed anywhere from India and countries such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Pacific Ocean, United Arab Emirates, most part of Australia, many countries of Europe and North America continent, etc. and hence, no Sutak Kaal will be considered. 

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What is a Total Solar Eclipse? 

As per the astronomical calculation, when the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun, and the Sun becomes invisible for some time meaning that it appears to be blurred or dark. This very situation is referred to as Khagras Solar Eclipse or Total Solar Eclipse.   As per the religious beliefs, Rahu and Ketu are considered to be the main cause for the occurrence of the Eclipse whether it is Solar or Lunar because of which life is impacted. 

Sutak Kaal of Solar Eclipse 2021

Sutak Kaal has great importance attached to every Eclipse as it remains effective for a particular period of time. During this period, some of the special things are not allowed to take place. The Sutak Kaal of Solar Eclipse commences 4 Peher before the occurrence of Solar Eclipse. In simple words, it begins 12 hours before and ends with the end of the Solar Eclipse. In this duration, carrying out auspicious activities is considered to be unfavourable and inauspicious, and for this very reason, the doors of the temples also remain shut. Worshipping idols, and eating food is also considered to be unhealthy.            

The Sutak Kaal will be admissible in countries where the Eclipse will occur while in India, its presence will not be felt and therefore, no Sutak Kaal shall be considered. So there is no need to think about the adoption of some rules with regard to the Solar Eclipse. In this regard, all the auspicious works such as giving donation, performing charity, and other things associated with Marhgashirsha Amavasya can be carried out on this very day. To have detailed and comprehensive information about planets and stars, AstroSage Brihat Horoscope can guide you through and through.  

Khagras Solar Eclipse 2021: Impact on All 12 Zodiac Signs 

Solar Eclipse is an important event that impacts all living beings and the world over to some degree. This eclipse will occur in the Scorpio zodiac sign under Jyestha Nakshatra. It implies that the natives of Scorpio or people born under Jyestha Nakshatra should remain careful from different angles of life. Let’s now know the impact of this Solar Eclipse of December 2021 on different zodiac signs.   

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People with the Aries zodiac sign are likely to earn disrespect and therefore, they should not engage themselves in any activity that may lead to such situation and their image may be at stake. During this period, old secrets may come to light and the problems concerning health are likely to crop up. Take care of diet in order to avoid health problems. Make investments wisely as there is a possibility of meeting with a loss.    


Those born in the Taurus zodiac sign should take due care of their health as the Eclipse can affect their health. There are possibilities that there may be stress in their personal and family relations. Those engaged in business may face delays in their business projects and thus, their business can be hampered. Try to maintain congenial relations with the business partner to avoid any problem.     


There will be possibilities of getting rid of all hurdles of life. Those who are in search of a job may come out with flying colours. They will overcome their opponents and come out victorious from all types of litigation. Their confidence will boost and all the business plans will be successful.

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Long trips will not be in the interest for the natives with such zodiac sign and therefore, proper precautions should be taken before the commencement of any journey. Relation with the father can be negatively impacted. Respecting teachers is recommended. The fortune will tilt on their side after putting in great efforts.   


Ups and downs may crop up at the workplace. Be careful at work as any mistake may pose multiple questions. Some bickering can be there in the family relations and be careful that it does not affect business or work adversely. Be cautious about reputation. 


This Solar Eclipse is going to be very beneficial for the natives with the Virgo zodiac sign and encourage them at every step of life. They will have the best opportunities to flourish in life and the zeal to put in more efforts will bring healthy results. The cooperation of friends will also enhance efforts to gain more achievements. Their work efficiency will see new heights.     


There will remain possibilities of increased expenditure and health problems can trouble such natives. Expenses on health care can also shoot up and strained relations with the father can be there and thus, the family atmosphere may turn out to be unpleasant. Try to stay from mental stress. Do not invest money without proper thinking.      


This very Solar Eclipse of December 2021 is taking shape in this very zodiac sign and therefore, suggestions are made to take due care of health. Financial challenges may remain there. Be careful regarding mental stress and any type of accident. Above all, the natives are advised to work hard to fulfill their goals, otherwise, their plans may get stuck.   


The expenses of such natives are likely to go up and if there is no control over it, they will have to face financial challenges and thus, mental stress can be there. Carelessness regarding health can prove heavy on them and therefore, they should be cautious about their health and if the health begins to deteriorate, they must consult a doctor.  


People having the Capricorn zodiac sign will be free from financial challenges and their income will increase. Those employed will have congenial relations with their seniors and relations will develop with some influential people, which will help them to move forward in life. Efforts will be properly rewarded and the time can be uplifting.      


Natives born under this zodiac sign will have a pleasant time. They will get rid of all sorts of problems occurring in their lives and the chances of employment will also be there. If they are looking for a job change, the time can prove to be extremely favourable. They will gain a reputation in society.   


Some worries may have to be faced so far siblings are concerned and the natives may appear to be a bit tense. Lovebirds may have tough time and the relation can be stressful because of certain confusion and doubts. Students may come across some challenges and therefore, they should pay heed to their concentration.     

Special Beliefs & Remedies Concerning Solar Eclipse 2021

  • Avoid the consumption of food during the Eclipse. However, old people or children or those suffering from illness are allowed to have meals.  
  • Do not worship any idol and also, avoid routine Puja. If desired, nay special Mantra can be chanted. This is the very reason that the doors of the temples are shut with the occurrence of the solar eclipse. 
  • It is believed that the Mantras chanted during the Eclipse give manifold benefits. If some family member is suffering, recitation of Mantra is highly profitable.  
  • Pregnant women must take special care at the time of eclipse and they are advised not to step out of their house. 
  • Cutting, sewing and sleeping are prohibited during the eclipse.  
  • Some scripture can be recited during the eclipse and remembrance of God can be observed. 
  • The upkeep of the house must be kept in mind after the eclipse.
  • Fresh food should be cooked after cleaning the house and all the members should enjoy food together. 
  • The idols kept in the home temples must be cleaned and further, worship should be carried out with Agarbatti (incense sticks) and Dhoop. 
  • The food which is to be preserved must be having a Tulsi leaf in it.  
  • Donating during the solar eclipse is highly auspicious and beneficial so resolve to perform charity at the time of eclipse and give Daan Samagri to the needy person after the eclipse. 

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Precautions to be Taken during the Eclipse

  • The light of the Sun is very bright and therefore, it should not be sighted with the naked eye as retina can be impacted badly. There is a possibility of a loss of vision as well. 
  • Although taking food during the eclipse is not advised but those who can’t remain hungry for a long may go for it. Elderly people or children can eat food if they feel so.  
  • Those who are not consuming food during the eclipse should take fruits after the end of the eclipse and they (fruits) are rich in antioxidants and thus, they can detox our health and prove extremely helpful in providing energy.  

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