First Solar Eclipse Of 2022 Increases Inflation, Know Astrological Reasons!

Solar Eclipse 2022: The first eclipse of 2022 will be a Solar Eclipse on 30th April, Saturday. This eclipse will be the partial eclipse and it will start at midnight 12:15 and end in the morning at 04:07 am. According to Hindu Panchang, this eclipse will occur on Amavasya Tithi of Vaishakh month and as it will fall on Saturday, the unique yoga of Shani Amavasya on eclipse will be formed.

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In Shastras, there is a significance of Shani Amavasya, which means the eclipse that falls on Saturday. On this day, it is important to worship Shani Deva. As per the learned astrologers of AstroSage, the first Solar Eclipse of 2022 will have religious, as well as astrological importance.

Effect Of Sun, Saturn, and Mars During Solar Eclipse 

In Vedic Astrology, the relationship between the Karma giver Saturn and King of Planets Sun is of a father and a son. Despite this, they both are enemies to each other.  In this situation, the contamination of the Sun by the Rahu on Saturday will not only bring considerable changes to humans but also nationwide.  Apart from this, this solar eclipse will occur in the exalted zodiac sign of the Sun, Aries, whose lord is the red planet, Mars.   

Nationwide & Worldwide Impact Of Solar Eclipse 

As per astrological view, this eclipse will occur late at night. That is why this eclipse will not be visible in India but only in the south-west of South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic and Antarctica. Due to this, its sutak will not be valid in India, but it will definitely have an impact on India and the whole world.

According to the veteran astrologer of Astrosage, during this eclipse, the position of different planets in the solar system will affect the people and countries in the world. Through this blog, let’s know in detail, information about the effect of the Solar Eclipse, taking place on 30th April, 2022, on India  as well as other nations worldwide…

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Worldwide Impact of Partial Solar Eclipse  

In Indian Astrology, the importance of Partial Eclipse is not much mentioned, but during the eclipse, the change in the position of planets create unique circumstances that undoubtedly can be observed worldwide.  In this sequence, during the solar eclipse on 30th April, the different effects will be visible on important planets.

  • Saturn-Mars Conjunction a Day Prior the Eclipse

Just a day before the eclipse, i.e. on April 29, Saturn will transit in its own sign after about 30 years. Due to the transit of Saturn in Aquarius, its union with Mars already present there will create an inauspicious combination of Mars-Saturn.

  • The Effect of Solar Eclipse on World-War   

Apart from this, the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus will also be seen in Pisces of Jupiter during the eclipse. Due to the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces, there will be a possibility of planetary war-like situations in many countries. Many astrologers also see this conjunction behind the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and during the solar eclipse, there can be a major incident or loss of life and property in this war.

  • Effect of Eclipse on India

On the other hand, due to the effect of this eclipse, there is a possibility of some major upheaval and violent incidents in many big cities of the country like Mumbai, Delhi etc. Many states will also be seen suffering from some kind of infection.

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  • Effect of Saturday Amavasya on Eclipse 

On Saturday’s Amavasya due to the eclipse,  there will be a conjunction of Sun and Rahu in Aries, on which Saturn will cast his low aspect. As a result of this many incidents like shortage of food grains, extreme inflation, loss of life and property due to any infection, nuisance, etc. can also happen in India.

  • Effect of Venus and Jupiter in Eclipse

If we look at the horoscope of this eclipse of April 30, then both Jupiter and Venus will be in equal degrees during this period. In such a situation, this position of Jupiter and Venus will prevail during the eclipse, due to which a big loss is possible to the famous people of many countries. Especially in the mountainous areas of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, America, etc., between the next three months due to the effect of the eclipse, any major event can happen.

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  • Solar Eclipse and Rise in Temperature 

Since Sun and Rahu will be in Aries at the time of eclipse. During this, due to the aspect of Saturn transiting in Aquarius, falling on Aries, the temperature of the Sun will increase in the northeastern states of the country.

  • Boom in Prices of the Items of Daily Use

Along with this, due to the conjunction of Rahu-Sun in Aries, there will be huge increases in the prices of gold, wheat, lentils, raisins and gum, barley, herbs, fruits etc. Along with this, during the eclipse the presence of Sun in Bharani Nakshatra will work to increase the prices of the daily use items. Due to this, resentment and dissatisfaction can be seen among the people towards the higher authorities.  

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