Solar Eclipse Of 21 June Important: These Zodiac Signs Need To Be Wary

The Solar Eclipse is considered to be a very significant event in astrological scriptures because it is said to have the ability to influence all life on Earth. Where, on the one hand, some can face numerous problems due to the effects of this occurrence, others can gain profits in this duration. If you too have a question concerning the Solar Eclipse or are worried about your health, education, business, or family life then click here. Connect with our astrologers now, and get detailed solutions to all your problems. 

Let us first discuss, as per astrology, why this Solar Eclipse is so important and how it influences our life. The formation of a Grahan Dosha in one’s Kundli or the placement of various planets impacts our lives and its numerous aspects like business, marriage, family, and more. Brihat Kundali can help you understand these effects through precise kundali analysis, breakdown of planetary yogas and doshas, remedies, and more. 

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Finally, let us now talk about the Solar Eclipse occurring on 21 June and everything associated with it.

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Biggest Solar Eclipse Of The Year & Associated Interesting Facts

The Solar Eclipse occurring on 21 June will be the biggest for the year 2020. It is worth noting that 21 June is also the longest day of the year, as it is the summer solstice. Since a major Eclipse is falling on this very day, thus people are eagerly waiting for this event. This will be an opportunity for science students to witness something incredible; however, we want to caution our readers not to watch the Solar Eclipse through naked eyes. Doing so can prove to be harmful to your vision. let us now discuss some interesting stuff associated with this astronomical event: 

  • The Solar Eclipse of 21 June is falling on the day of the Sun, i.e., on Sunday due to which it will also be called Chudamani Solar Eclipse. This causes its significance to rise even more. Most importantly, this occurrence will be visible in our country, India, as a result of which, its sutak will be valid here. Therefore, following all the rules of an Eclipse will be beneficial for natives. 

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  • The Solar Eclipse occurring on the New Moon (Amavasya) of Ashada month, will take place in the zodiac sign Gemini and nakshatra Mrigashira. Consequently, natives born under this zodiac sign and nakshatra will be especially affected by the Eclipse. This will be an Annular Solar Eclipse in which the shadow of the Moon will cover almost 99% of the Sun’s surface. As a result, the latter will be visible like a luminous ring in the sky. 

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  • In some places, this event will be visible as a Partial Solar Eclipse which means that when viewed from these areas, it will seem as if the Sun is not entirely covered by the Moon’s shadow. Thus, the Eclipse will appear as a luminous ring in some regions, while in others, it will resemble a tubular or bangle shape. 

Visibility Of Solar Eclipse 2020

  • As per astrology, wherever the Solar Eclipse is visible, its sutak is also valid in those areas. According to the Hindu Panchang, this event will be visible in India as well as in the middle and southern part of China, throughout the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, in Burma, Fiji, Philippines, northern parts of Australia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Moreover, the Solar Eclipse 2020 will be seen in south-east Europe, Ethiopia, Congo, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nepal, and parts of Africa as well.

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  • Talking specifically about India, the Annular Solar Eclipse will be visible in Tehri, Dehradun, Sirsa, and other such famous cities of the country. On the other hand, citizens of Chandigarh, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Shimla, Lucknow, etc. will be able to witness a Partial Solar Eclipse.
  • This Solar Eclipse will look like a ring of fire and will make even day seem like night. 
  • The sutak period of this Eclipse will begin 12 hours prior to the event. Therefore, it will commence from the night of 20 June and will end with the conclusion of the Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse of 21 June – These Zodiac Signs Need To Beware

The Solar Eclipse is a celestial event in which the Moon’s shadow covers the Sun’s surface. As a result, the Sun’s light is unable to reach the Earth. Thus, it seems as if the day has turned dark. The Solar Eclipse of 21 June is a major event. It is believed that the influence of negative energies increases during an Eclipse period. Additionally, the two significant planets of astrology – the Sun and the Moon fall weak. Such a situation is not considered auspicious. This is why numerous remedies are observed during the Solar Eclipse. 

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The influence of this astronomical event remains effective for almost six months. The Solar Eclipse of 21 June will be quite influential for some specific zodiac signs that need to be wary because this will not be an auspicious duration for them. Let us take a glimpse at these signs:

  • Since the Eclipse is taking place in the zodiac sign Gemini; therefore, the occurrence will affect the natives of this sign most. You should not watch the Eclipse at all and instead, spend the day chanting the mantras of the planets.
  • Physical problems are on the cards for Gemini natives at this time. Your health can falter now, and an injury may also occur. Staying away from unnecessary worries and trying to adopt a positive lifestyle will be beneficial for you.
  • In addition to Gemini natives, those born under the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Capricorn also need to remain especially careful during the Solar Eclipse.

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  • On the one hand, Taurus natives are likely to incur monetary losses during this astronomical event. On the other, Cancerians can expect an increase in their expenses. Along with their finances weakening, they can also suffer from some health issues.
  • Sagittarius natives can also expect some problems concerning their wellbeing, as well as face some tensions in their marital life.
  • Those born under the sign of Capricorn will also suffer from physical problems. These natives need to remain especially careful, considering that this is the duration of a widespread coronavirus. Therefore, you should accomplish all your tasks while following a proper routine. This will save you from many physical problems as well.

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Remedies For Those Affected By The Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse is an essential event astronomically, and its effect is evident in the natives of each zodiac sign. This is why astrological and religious scriptures often mention the significance of Solar and Lunar Eclipses with much prominence. Doing charity, giving donations, and bathing in the water of holy rivers will be rather auspicious at this time.

This Eclipse will offer average results for the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, Virgo, and Libra. For all the other Zodiac Signs, yogas of favourable outcomes are forming.

Since this Solar Eclipse is occurring in the zodiac sign Gemini; therefore, these natives need to especially remain careful of any malefic effects. They are the ones this occurrence will affect acutely. This event will be most influential for various herbalists or physicians, doctors, and astrologers.

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Why Is The Solar Eclipse Of 21 June So Special

When the Solar Eclipse of 21 June occurs, certain very prominent planetary situations will also be forming at the same time. This will be due to the retrograde motion of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Rahu, as well as Ketu. Although, Rahu and Ketu always remain in retrograde motion. However, the retrogression of six planets at the same time will make this Solar Eclipse even more influential.

  • As per the birth chart of independent India, this Solar Eclipse is taking place in its second house. This will profoundly impact the economy of the country, and major upheavals in the Banking Sector will occur. 
  • This Eclipse can become the cause of several natural calamities. Thus, yogas of earthquakes, landslides, droughts, strong winds, and storms can form. 
  • The Solar Eclipse of 21 June is also indicating a power struggle between several major countries, as well as a swift rise in the internal problems of the country. 

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  • On a positive note, business personnel can expect some favourable results due to the influence of this Solar Eclipse. 
  • There may be a slight decline in the production of wheat, rice, and other grains. The same may be true for the manufacturing of milk as well. 

In such a situation, when Coronavirus is steadily spreading throughout the country, this Solar Eclipse is here to give us a sign. It is telling us that we need to follow some strict rules and regulations to remain healthy. Only after following them will we be able to get rid of this pandemic sooner. 

(For more information on the Solar Eclipse falling on 21 June, connect with us, and read the various blogs and articles on our website carefully. We will continue writing on this topic more elaborately.)

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