What Makes Solar Eclipse on 21 June Special? Know The Reasons & Impact!

Situations amid the Corona Era have completely affected us in every other way, and with the first Solar Eclipse of 2020 occuring during such times, concerns and doubts are likely to rise in our minds. For this, you can click here and consult our expert astrologers to know more about such events and how to get rid of their ill-effects. 

Apart from this, you can get complete information about the impact caused by this eclipse as well as all the astrological events on your life through your personal and detailed Brihat Kundli report. Now, let us move on to the first Solar Eclipse of 2020.

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Solar Eclipse is considered a very important event in both astronomy and astrology. Just like Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse is considered more powerful since the impact of the Lunar Eclipse can be seen for a short period of time, whereas is the opposite in the case of Solar Eclipse, sometimes stretching up to six months at maximum. 

Earlier in December 2019, an occurrence of Solar Eclipse was witnessed. Several scholars believe that this astronomical event was responsible behind the beginning of the global pandemic, Coronavirus. This month will witness another occurrence of Solar Eclipse once again. Let us move ahead and read its effects.

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The Most Special Day Of The Year: Annular Solar Eclipse

This year, the first Solar Eclipse (Annular) is occurring on June 21, which coincidentally is a Sunday. This occurrence makes this event more impactful, which will be visible in India, and as per the Hindu Panchang, will take place on the Amavasya Tithi during the Hindu month of Ashadh in Gemini and Mrigashira Nakshatra. 

The eclipse will begin from 9:15:58 AM, following which it will start becoming a Full Eclipse at 10:17:45 AM. The maximum eclipse will be visible at 12:10:04 PM afternoon, after which the Full Eclipse will come to an end by 2:02:17 PM and the partial eclipse at 3:04:01 PM. In this way, the total duration of this eclipse will be about 5 hours, 48 minutes and 3 seconds, whereas the annular phase will occur for about 38 minutes. This Solar Eclipse will stretch for about 6 hours and make a lasting impact on several locations.

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Solar Eclipse on 21 June & Its Visibility

According to the Hindu Panchang or Calendar, this will be the first and only eclipse visible in India. Apart from India, this eclipse will be visible in the Pacific and Indian Ocean, Central Southern China, Philippines, Burma, Fiji, South Eastern Europe, whole Africa except in the Southern region, Northern regions of Australia, and in Pakistan and Afghanistan i.e. Middle Eastern Asia.

A Total of Six Eclipses Throughout 2020

This year seems to be special as well as unexpected in many ways, because a total of six eclipse occurrences will be witnessed throughout this year. Among them, the first Lunar Eclipse occurred on 10 – 11 January. After that, the second Lunar Eclipse took place on 5 – 6 June. Now, an Annular Solar Eclipse will occur on June 21, followed by the third Lunar Eclipse on 5 July. 

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The last Lunar Eclipse of the year will be visible on 30 November and at the end of the year, another Solar Eclipse will take place on 14 December. Thus, four Lunar Eclipses and two Solar Eclipses will occur this year, making it a total of six events. Of all these, the Solar Eclipse falling on 21 June is the most important.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

From the scientific point of view, Solar Eclipse And Lunar Eclipse are astronomical phenomena taking place when the planets Moon, Earth and Sun change their orbital positions. In this sequence, the Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, thereby making it difficult for the Sun rays to reach the surface of the Earth. 

In the field of astrology, the occurrence of an eclipse has been considered as an important period since it has a profound impact on human life. The planet Moon is said to be the benefactor of the human mind and the Sun denotes the soul. Hence, any eclipse on the Sun and Moon affects every zodiac sign differently.

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Sutak Kaal on Solar Eclipse: Do’s & Don’ts

The Sutak Period for Solar Eclipse is observed 12 hours before the actual occurrence, which is why the Sutak Kaal for this eclipse will begin one day before, i.e. around 9:16 PM on the night of 20 June 2020. During this time, all temples and religious shrines will remain closed. 

Do’s During The Sutak Period

  • Before the Solar Eclipse begins, bathe properly and vow to recite mantras.
  • When the Solar Eclipse will be at its maximum, then invoke your Ishta Devta or Lord Sun and chant any of their mantras.
  • When the Solar Eclipse is about to come to an end, then make donations.
  • After the Solar Eclipse is over, take a bath.
  • During the Solar Eclipse, you must venerate Lord Sun. For that, you can recite the Aditya Hridya Strotam, Surya Ashtakam Stotram or any mantra dedicated to Lord Surya.

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  • You must get rid of any pre-cooked meal, cut vegetables or fruits at the time of Solar Eclipse, since they are said to be impure.
  • If there are any items like milk, curd, ghee, butter, cheese, pickle, chutney, marmalade, etc. in the house that are used frequently, then you must put Tulsi leaves or Kusha in them.
  • Any religious scriptures can be recited during the period of eclipse.
  • Bathing and performing charitable activities in holy rivers and at pilgrimages respectively is considered fruitful.
  • Apart from this, chanting Shri Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is considered to be most useful since it helps to get rid of health-related problems. 
  •  Since this is an Annular Solar Eclipse, its importance has surely increased.
  • If your Birth Lagna or Birth Sign is Gemini or Leo, then you are advised to worship Lord Surya during the period of Solar Eclipse.
  • Any native born in the Mrigashira or Ardra Nakshatra is also advised to venerate Lord Sun during this period and make donations.

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Don’ts During The Sutak Period

  • During the period of eclipse, one should avoid preparing and eating food.
  • Young children and the elderly can consume food well since these rules are not applicable to them.
  • Cover the temple or place of altar at your home with a cloth during the period of eclipse, and avoid touching the idol of any deity.
  • Avoid sleeping or carrying out any sensual activity during the period of eclipse.
  • Avoid sewing, cutting, or weaving during the eclipse period.
  • Pregnant women, in particular, should keep these things in mind as these activities can make a direct impact on the unborn child in their womb.
  • Cutting nails, hair, shaving, hair oil massage etc. just be refrained during the Sutak Kaal. 

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Impact of Solar Eclipse On Zodiac Signs

Solar eclipse is seen as an important and major event since it impacts different zodiac signs. Performing charity, bathing in holy rivers and chanting mantras are considered fruitful on the day of Solar and Lunar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse is taking place in Gemini, which is why Gemini natives will be facing a major impact of this event. Read the impact of this Solar Eclipse on different zodiac signs below:

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For the natives of Aries, this eclipse will take place in the third house. With this, you won’t major side effects but will benefit financially. This eclipse will become the reason for positive changes in your life.


The second house for Taureans will be majorly impacted during this eclipse. Due to this, you may have to face financial troubles and money loss. Therefore, avoid investing your money anywhere during this time. 

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Since the eclipse is taking place in this sign itself, Gemini natives will be majorly impacted. Therefore, you have to take care of your health since there are chances of you suffering from any disease or injury. Stay away from unnecessary worries and try to adopt a positive lifestyle. 


This eclipse will take place in the twelfth house for Cancerians. With this, these natives are likely to suffer from money loss. You will have to take care of yourself during this period because your health will most likely fall and remain weak. You can get your hands on your personalised Health Report to get useful remedies and health tips and understand how planets impact our health.


For Leo natives, this transit will take place in the eleventh house, but since the Sun is the lord of your sign, you will gain average results of this eclipse. Due to this, you will attain monetary benefits and make progress, but on the other side, your health will remain your main concern.


This eclipse will be in the tenth house for Virgo natives. As a result, you will attain success in your endeavours but on the contrary, you may contract any disease and remain stressed due to any unknown fear.


Due to the Solar Eclipse occurring in the ninth house from your zodiac sign, your mental worries will increase and you may have to face some problems regarding your children. Their health may weaken and they may suffer from health troubles. You should take a holy bath at the pilgrimage site


With the eclipse taking place in your eighth house, you will become fearful of your enemies, and remain unnecessarily worried. You may come across average benefits.

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The Solar Eclipse will be occurring in the seventh house from your zodiac sign, which can raise health-related concerns for you. Apart from this, you may suffer from any kind of physical injury. You also have to take care of your spouse’s health. You can also get your hands on Marriage Report to understand the influence of planets and nakshatras on your marital life and know remedies to make your relationship stronger.


Due to the Solar Eclipse occurring in the sixth house for Capricorn natives, you may suffer from any kind of diseases and anxiety. During this time, you must remain aware of your enemies.


Eclipse in the fifth house from your zodiac sign will lead to excessive expenditure and a drop in your income levels. You will witness a delay in your work and worry a lot about your child. There will be problems in love relationships as well.


Solar Eclipse will occur in your fourth house from your zodiac sign. Because of this, you will attain success in your projects. This will boost your confidence and benefit you majorly.

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Outcome of Solar Eclipse & Effects

This is an Annular Solar Eclipse taking place in the month of Ashadh. With the occurrence of this eclipse in this month, there are possibilities of drought and reduced water flow in rivers. India’s neighboring countries, China, Afghanistan and some parts of the Kashmir state of India can witness political disturbances and natural disasters. Due to its impact, crop harvesting and production will slow down. 

This eclipse will occur on Sunday, due to which there may be a scarcity of rain and decrease in production of food grains and war-like conditions between major nations can be visible. Due to the Solar Eclipse occurring in Gemini, this time can be a bit challenging for the central ruling party. Some areas may witness low rains, where conditions will be opposite in other areas. This period seems to be significantly difficult for Pakistan. 

This Solar Eclipse will leave a major impact in the Mrigashira Nakshatra, due to which traders dealing with fruits, flowers and clothes as well as alcohol consumers will face some problems. This eclipse will occur between Gand and Vriddhi Yoga, due to which sadhus, ascetics, doctors, tantrics and people living in the Southern region will get particularly affected.

In this way, this Solar Eclipse will incur different types of outcomes, and its impact can be seen for up to six more months. Because this eclipse will be visible in India, its impact on the country and its different aspects will be witnessed.

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Solar Eclipse in June Makes It A Special Month

The month of June is going to be very extraordinary, because along with Solar Eclipse, the Lunar Eclipse will also take place this month. Not only this, but major planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Rahu, Ketu will be in retrograde motion. Since these planets will become retrograde, the coming time indicates the arrival of a major natural disaster. 

In such a situation, there will be a possibility of power struggle between big nations and increasing internal problems in the country. During this period, we may lose some big leaders and fight disastrous conditions such as floods and earthquakes. Significantly, earthquakes have occured in the National Capital Region in the month of May itself. The impact of this eclipse will last until about January 2021. 

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This Solar Eclipse occurring during the period when the whole world is fighting Coronavirus indicates a decrease in the contamination to a certain extent. But we all should remain aware and take necessary measures for our health and nature.

In this way, this Solar Eclipse occurring during such conditions will churn out impactful. All of us should pray to God to show us the right path and help us remain safe and sound.

Hope you have liked the information given in this article about Solar Eclipse & its impact. Thank you all for being a part of AstroSage.


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