Solar Eclipse 2022: Impact, Prediction, & Remedies

A huge significance is given to the eclipse in Vedic astrology, and if it is a solar eclipse then it doubles its importance. This is because the sun is known to be the creator, father, and soul of the universe. In this way, an eclipse on the Sun is like an eclipse on the light of the universe and its impact on all living beings is only natural. In such a situation, we will tell you when the first solar eclipse will take place in 2022, what will be its time, where it will be visible, and what will be the effect of that eclipse on your zodiac sign. Stay with us till the end to get every single detail on it.

First Solar Eclipse of 2022

The Solar Eclipse in 2022 is the first solar eclipse of this year, which is going to occur on 30 April 2022 at night (early morning of 1 May 2022) at 00:15:19, and will end at 04:07:56 in the morning. This Solar Eclipse 2022 will be a partial solar eclipse.

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According to astrology, this solar eclipse will occur in Aries and Bharani Nakshatra. As a result, it will be especially effective for the natives belonging to Aries and Bharani Nakshatra and such natives may have to face more trouble. This will be the first solar eclipse of the year 2022.

Solar Eclipse (April 30 2022): Visibility

Apart from Antarctica, this solar eclipse will be visible in the Atlantic region, Pacific Ocean, and southwestern parts of South America. This solar eclipse will not be visible in India, so the religious effect and sutak of this solar eclipse will not be valid in India.

Sutak of Solar Eclipse

The Sutak of the solar eclipse that is about to happen on 30 April 2022 will start one day from 12 hours before the eclipse starts and will end with the end of the eclipse. Therefore, from this time, all the guidelines related to the Sutak will be effective and if you are old, sick, or not a child then eating and sleeping, etc. should not be done during the Sutak and this time should be devoted to the devotion of God.

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Eclipse & Pregnant Women

In the areas where the solar eclipse will be visible, pregnant women should take special care at the time of the eclipse and should pay close attention to the precautions that are to be taken during this period, and considering these precautions, one should live the same normal life.

And it is considered that if there are no precautions taken at this time then there will be a negative impact on the unborn baby of the pregnant woman. That is why some activities should not be done during a solar eclipse like sewing, embroidering, cutting, knitting, etc. Moreover, one should not go out. And if possible, one should read religious books that should be read during this period and avoid sleeping.

Do’s & Don’ts During Solar Eclipse

Some activities should not be done during the solar eclipse, however, some activities are considered to be auspicious. Lets, let’s know some important things that are related to a solar eclipse:

अन्नं पक्वमिह त्याज्यं स्नानं सवसनं ग्रहे। 

वारितक्रारनालादि तिलैदम्भौर्न दुष्यते।।   

annaṃ pakvamiha tyājyaṃ snānaṃ savasanaṃ grahe। 

vāritakrāranālādi tilaidambhaurna duṣyate।।   

—( Manvarth Muktavali) 

During the solar eclipse, Lord Surya should be worshiped by various sun sources, and reciting Aditya Hriday Stotra can give very good results. Cooked food and chopped vegetables should be discarded as they become contaminated. However, keeping kusha in things like ghee, oil, curd, milk, curd, butter, cheese, pickle, Chutney, and marmalade does not get contaminated during the eclipse period. If there is any dry food item, then there is no need to keep Kusha in it.

स्पर्शे स्नानं जपं कुर्यान्मध्ये होमं सुरार्चनम। 

मुच्यमाने सदा दानं विमुक्तौ स्नानमाचरेत।।

sparśe snānaṃ japaṃ kuryānmadhye homaṃ surārcanama। 

mucyamāne sadā dānaṃ vimuktau snānamācareta।।

— (J. Ni.)

This means, bathing and chanting should be done at the beginning of the eclipse period, and in the middle of the eclipse, it is better to do Homa, i.e. Yagya and Dev Puja. Donations should be done at the time of eclipse salvation and after complete Moksha (Salvation) of the eclipse, one should purify themselves by bathing.

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चन्द्रग्रहे तथा रात्रौ स्नानं दानं प्रशस्यते। 

candragrahe tathā rātrau snānaṃ dānaṃ praśasyate। 

Whether it is a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse, Snan Daan (Bath Donation) during the night is considered auspicious.

Solar Eclipse Horoscope 

This solar eclipse is happening under the Bharani Nakshatra in the Aries sign, so it will be more effective, especially for Aries. The natives of Aries will have to take special care of themselves. The solar eclipse horoscope will help you to know how this eclipse is going to be for different zodiac signs:

Aries: For the natives of Aries, this eclipse will fall in the first house, due to which you will need to take special care of your health. Be careful while driving, as there are chances of a physical accident happening. Mental stress will dominate you. To avoid this, daily meditation or Pranayama and exercise should be done. Pay special attention to your body because the chances of having physical problems will be maximum.

Taurus: The solar eclipse will take shape in the twelfth house in your zodiac, due to which, this time will be full of ups and downs financially. You will get an opportunity to spend on religious activities and you will also feel like spending on them. Money will be spent on this, but not on bad deeds. There will be chances of making unwanted journeys. Before going on the journey, you should prepare well so that any kind of inconvenience can be avoided. To avoid physical problems, it is recommended to exercise daily. 

Gemini: Due to the effect of this eclipse in the eleventh house of your zodiac, this time will prove to be beneficial for you. You will have a strong chance of getting financial benefits. The desires which were stuck for a long time will be fulfilled, which will make your mind happy and you will enjoy this time with your friends to the fullest. Financially, this time will give you achievement and progress. Your ambitions will be fulfilled. Along with this, investment of money will also prove beneficial. There will be intensification in personal relationships.

Cancer: There will be the effect of the solar eclipse in the tenth house of your zodiac, due to which this time is going to be good for you. You will get benefits in business agreements. You will meet some new people which will strengthen your business relationship. This time will be good for people doing jobs. You will get the fruits of your hard work and your performance will bring success.

Leo: Due to the effect of the eclipse in the ninth house of your zodiac, you can see the effect on the health of the father. Your relationship with him may deteriorate, so you should take some care. There can also be a possibility of defamation, so wherever you go, just talk thoughtfully and keep your behavior balanced. There will be some sort of bad luck, due to which the work you have already done may get spoiled. Problems related to children can also worry you. It would be beneficial to stay away from unnecessary worries.

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Virgo: Solar eclipse will be in the eighth house from your zodiac, due to which you need to be very careful about physical problems because during this time, physical problems may occur. Some kinds of accidents can also happen with mental stress, so be careful. During this, take care of your health. If you will increase your interest in spiritual activities, then this time will give you a lot of benefits. There will be some issues with your material pleasures and the worries of family members may bother you.

Libra: There will be an effect of the solar eclipse in the seventh house from your zodiac, due to which there can be ups and downs in married life. The spouse’s health may be affected and you may have to take them to the doctor. This time will be a little weak for business partnership. Relations with your partner may continue to deteriorate. There may be problems in married life during this period. It would be better to make any new investment thoughtfully, otherwise, there may be loss instead of profit. Take care of the health of your siblings and try to persuade your life partner because if they are angry then your work will also get delayed.

Scorpio: There will be an effect of the solar eclipse in the sixth house from your zodiac, due to which you will get good results during this period. If you are looking for a job and are currently unemployed, then there are chances to get a good job. If you are already doing a job and want to change your job then you can get success in changing jobs. During this time. Your work will decrease. You will be able to repay the loan. Your opponents will stay calm and you will conquer them. This time will increase your expenses and give you some mental stress but despite this, you will be benefited in many important areas of life.

Sagittarius: This eclipse will take shape in the fifth house from your zodiac, as a result, you will be very worried about the children. Their health and their groups/ circle will be a cause of special concern for you. You will have to put in a lot of effort to get money. You will get success only after a lot of effort. Take care of your health and be careful about stomach diseases. During this time, do not slap/ fight anyone for respect, otherwise, it can become a reason for your defamation.

Capricorn: Due to the effect of the solar eclipse in the fourth house from your zodiac, there will be less harmony between the family members. During this time, your relationship with your mother may deteriorate or any health problem may trouble your mother-in-law. You will feel low on family happiness. Household expenses will increase. You may feel mentally unstable in some matters. There may be some tension regarding the property and there will be a lack of peace and happiness in the house.

Aquarius: This solar eclipse will take shape in the third house from your zodiac, due to which your family members, especially your siblings, will likely suffer from some problems. They may also face delays and hurdles in their work. Their health may also be affected. Your risk-taking tendency will also decrease. Relations with friends may deteriorate. However, on the other hand, there will be chances of you getting money. The government sector can also benefit. Your happiness will increase by getting income from foreign sources. The effect of the eclipse will be good for people who are working in multinational companies and they will get promotions.

Pisces: Solar eclipse will happen in the second house from your zodiac, due to which some problems will arise regarding your family. Disputes between family members may increase, due to which problems may arise in front of you as well. Financially, this time will be a bit weak. There will be chances of minor damage. There will be problems in saving money. Due to harshness in speech, work can get spoiled and you can get angry with yourself. Pay attention to all these and take special control over the food.

Solar Eclipse Remedies

Generally, the effects of a solar eclipse stay for about 6 months. There are some remedies, which when followed with all heart and dedication,  can protect you from any harm that can occur during a Solar eclipse. Here are the remedies listed below: 

  • Those who are born in Aries or Bharani Nakshatra are recommended to chant the mantras of Sun and Mars.
  • Planting a Shwetark tree and nurturing it regularly with water is recommended.
  • Apart from this, you can donate during the eclipse phase, and you will get positive results.
  • If the planet Sun is considered auspicious in your Horoscope, then recite Surya Astak Stotra.
  • As per the Smriti Nirnaya, chanting Mantras of the Sun during a solar eclipse is considered to be auspicious.
  • Be obedient and respectful to your father from the heart.
  • To avoid the adverse effects of Eclipse, it is suggested to recite Aditya Hriday Storta at a regular interval of time.

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