Solar Eclipse Soon: Hybrid Solar Eclipse To Take Place After A Decade & Its Worldwide Impacts!

Solar Eclipse 2023: This year the people on the planet earth will get to witness two Solar Eclipses in the year 2023. Both Solar as well as the Lunar Eclipse have astrological importance. In this blog we will discuss the first Solar Eclipse of the year and its implications and the worldwide impacts. This time when the Solar Eclipse will occur the Sun will be placed in its exalted sign of Aries, ruled by the planet Mars. 

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What Is Solar Eclipse

In general terms a Solar Eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the Moon passes in between the Earth and the Sun, and as a result of these natural orbital movements the Sun’s light gets completely or partially blocked by the Moon. As a result the light from the Sun is unable to reach certain parts of the Earth and experience the Solar Eclipse for a specific time period ranging within a few hours.  

However, the astrological impact of an eclipse may vary depending upon the rising sign and the zodiac sign it is taking place in. During an eclipse the ‘Chaya Grah’ Rahu is placed in the same zodiac as the Sun and lessens the positive effects of the ‘King’ amongst the planets. Eclipses may bring about major changes and shifts in our lives. Not only individuals but the impacts of eclipses are felt even on the events taking place worldwide. It is said to be a powerful time for transformations and personal growth.
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Solar Eclipse: Timing

The first eclipse of the year will take place on the 20th of April, 2023 from 07:05 AM- 12:29 PM. This is the first Solar Eclipse of the year and according to the Hindu Panchang it will take place in the month of Vaisakh month on the Krishna Paksha Amavasya. This Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India. Learned astrologers suggest that the impacts of this Solar Eclipse will be seen and felt nationwide as well as worldwide. 

Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2023

The first Solar Eclipse of the year 2023 will be a hybrid Solar Eclipse. Now, we’re sure a  lot of you may be curious to know what a hybrid Solar Eclipse is. Well, a hybrid solar eclipse is a type of mixed eclipse which starts as an annular solar eclipse and gradually moves to being a total Solar Eclipse and then again changes back to an annular Solar Eclipse. The last hybrid Solar Eclipse occurred in 2013. 

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Solar Eclipse: Visibility

The first Solar Eclipse of the year 2023, will occur on 20th April 2023, on a Thursday. This Solar Eclipse 2023 will occur under Ashwini Nakshatra and in the zodiac sign of  Aries. The Mooltrikona sign of the planet Mars and the sign of Sun’s exaltation Aries and the Ashwini Nakshatra associated with it will be under the influence of Rahu. Along with this Saturn will aspect the Sun with its third aspect as it transits the zodiac sign of Aquarius, its own. 

Following are the list of countries where the first Solar Eclipse of the year will be visible. Cambodia, China, America, Micronesia, Malaysia, Fiji, Japan, Samoa, Solomon, Baruni, Singapore, Thailand, Antarctica, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, South Indian Ocean, South Pacific Sea, Timor, New Zealand.

Note: It is to inform our readers that the first Solar Eclipse of the year 2023 would not be visible in the Indian subcontinent, so its Sutak period and religious significance would not be considered valid.

Solar Eclipse: Sutak Period

This year’s Solar Eclipse happens to be on the 20th of April, 2023. Hence,  the Sutak Period typically starts 12 Hrs before the start of the actual Surya Grahan or the Solar Eclipse. Sutak is an inauspicious time and all the guidelines that are to be followed during this period must come into effect immediately, especially if there are elderly people, children or pregnant women in your family. To know more about the Sutak and its guidelines stay tuned for the next blog which is coming soon.

Solar Eclipse: Worldwide Impacts

  • During the Solar Eclipse both the Sun and Rahu will be in Ashwini Nakshatra, therefore the natives ruled by Ashwini Nakshatra may be impacted negatively and feel lethargic or low on energy
  • Sun is the karaka of the eyes and Aries natives specifically may experience reye troubles on the Solar Eclipse or around the time of eclipse.
  • On the other hand, due to the effect of this eclipse, there is a possibility of some violent incidents in many big, metropolitan cities of the country. Many states will also be seen suffering from some kind of infection.
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  • There could be an upsurge in different kinds of fevers, allergies and air borne viruses as a result of this eclipse.
  • If we look at the horoscope during the time of this eclipse the rising sign and the zodiac sign both will be Aries as the Moon will also be transiting the sign of Aries. People may be seen complaining about depression and anxiety more often than not around the time of eclipse.
  • The Government of our nation and the major Governments around the world may face minor or major hurdles depending upon the charts of their leaders as Sun is the significator of the government.
  • As the Sun will be in the sign of Aries and its ruler is the planet Mars, fire accidents could take place around the country and the world.
  • Presence of Sun in Mars’s Mooltrikona sign with Rahu may witness activities of war gaining momentum in some countries that are already war torn.
  • Since Sun and Rahu will be in Aries at the time of eclipse. During this, due to the aspect of Saturn transiting in Aquarius, falling on Aries, the temperature of the Sun will increase in the northeastern states of the country.
  • This Solar Eclipse may impact the prices of necessary items such as grocery items and other household items may rise. Expensive items such as gold jewelry and all other items made of metal such as brass, etc which are already highly priced may rise further.

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