Solar And Lunar Eclipse In October; Tables Will Turn For These Zodiacs

Solar and Lunar Eclipse: In Vedic astrology, there is special importance in solar and lunar eclipses. They work as the catalyst to change the lives of natives in both auspicious & inauspicious manner. The Solar Eclipse happens mainly during the New Moon phase and marks the start of new beginnings. Whereas, the Lunar Eclipse occurs at the Full Moon phase and brings intensity to the emotional connection of individuals.

The month of October is special as it will witness both solar & lunar eclipses that will work differently for the natives. This special AstroSage blog focuses on the benefits availed by the lucky zodiacs during the solar and lunar eclipses. 

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Date And Time Of Solar & Lunar Eclipse In October 2023

The Solar Eclipse happens on 14 October and it starts at 08:34 pm and will last till 02:25 midnight. Also, the Lunar Eclipse of the year happens on 29 October at 01:06 pm and ends at -2:22 am. 

List Of Zodiacs Benefitting Due To Solar and Lunar Eclipses 


The Solar and Lunar Eclipse will result in top results for the Gemini natives and fill confidence among individuals for suitable outcomes. Also, the concentration level rises due to it and the career will take new heights. The satisfaction levels in life will rise and the chances of success in competitive exams are prominent. Gain the right kind of wealth with different types of activities and the chances of appreciation at work place high. Get promoted to desirable positions and achieve your goals with relevant types of hard work. Make the investments rightly at specific tasks and increase the overall wealth of individuals. 

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For Leo natives, the Solar and Lunar Eclipse this October will bring critical results in life. The chances of completion of work are high and fulfill the family responsibilities timely. Your financial gains from different sources will rise and get rid of all kinds of debt. Your love life will remain intact and the time is fitting to spend quality time with your life partner. Take the advice of experts to deal with situations specifically and come out of troubled times. There will be peace in the family and the troubles will be resolved with proven steps. 


For Libra people, Solar and Lunar Eclipse will be the best timeline to make the right position in the society with accurate moves. The confidence will rise among natives to lead personal & professional lives in a specific manner. Chances of big deals in your business are prominent and get an appreciation for your work. Keep your emotions under check as it can spoil your hard effort across different activities. The position in society also rises due to different activities committed by the person across varied fields. Attain peace in your family during the period and solve different types of concerns among family members. 

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Q1. Which are the lucky zodiacs in this lunar eclipse? 

Ans. Zodiacs like Aries, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will face good times in the lunar eclipse. 

Q2. How does the solar eclipse affect the zodiac?

Ans. The eclipse will make the natives energetic and will be able to complete different activities timely. 

Q3. What happens to natives in the Solar eclipse?

Ans. A solar eclipse can become the cause of fear and curiosity in the lives of natives. 

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