Sita Navami 2020: Seek The Blessings Of Maa Sita & Lord Ram!

The auspicious festival of Sita Navami is celebrated on the Navami date during Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh. As per religious scriptures, Maa Sita descended on the Earth in Pushya Nakshatra on this auspicious day. Sita Navami is also known as Janaki Navami in several parts of the world. This year, this festival will be celebrated on 2 May, Saturday. On this day, Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram is also venerated along with Maa Sita on this day. Maa Sita is also hailed by the names Janaki and Mithilesh Kumari.

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On the day of Sita Navami, married women observe fast for the longevity of their husbands. It is believed that by observing a fast and worshiping the deities on this day, one attains the fruits that can only be obtained by making sixteen significant donations and visiting pilgrimages. Apart from this, one gets rid of all kinds of sorrows and diseases as well and must pray for this worldwide pandemic, i.e. Coronavirus, to come to an end.

This day is said to be very rewarding. In this blog, we will reveal you the auspicious Puja muhurat and tell you about proper rituals to be followed on this day when conducting Puja. 

Sita Navami 2020 Puja Muhurat

Sita Navami 2020 Date May 2, 2020, Saturday 
Sita Navami Puja Muhurat From 10:58 To 13:38 
Duration  02 Hours 40 Minutes
Navami Tithi Begins May 1, 2020, Friday, From 13:28
Navami Tithi Ends May 2, 2020, Saturday, at 11:37

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Importance of Sita Navami

Although the birth anniversary of Mata Sita is celebrated on the Navami tithi in Shukla Paksha during the month of Vaishakh, but in some parts of India, this event is also celebrated on the Phalgun Krishna Ashtami. However in Ramayana, both the dates are considered correct in regards to the incarnation of Maa Sita. Not only in India but also in Nepal, Sita Navami is celebrated with great pomp. 

Lord Sri Rama himself is considered as the embodiment of Lord Vishnu, whereas Sita Mata is known to be the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. This is why just like Ram Navami, Sita Navami is also observed with great fervour as an auspicious event. Anyone worshipping Maa Sita and Lord Shri Rama together on this day attains the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi as well.

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Sita Navami Puja Rituals To Follow 

Along with worshiping Lord Ram and Goddess Sita on the day of Sita Navami, some people observe a fast. Preparations for the Sita Navami puja begin a day before, i.e. on the day of Ashtami.

  • On the morning of Ashtami, wake up early in the morning and clean the house.
  • Clean the altar/puja ghar or any specific place of the house and sprinkle Gangajal.
  • After cleaning and purifying the place, build a mandap or small pavilion there.
  • Place the idol or picture of Shri Ram-Janaki on a pedestal in the center of the pavilion.
  • Take a bath early in the morning on the day of Navami, place a Kalash or Urn in front of the idols of the deities and pledge for a fast.
  • After this, worship Shri Ram-Janaki duly together.
  • Offer them fruits and offerings.
  • Immerse the Mandap on the day of Dashami as per the rules. 
  • With this, the grace of Shri Ram and Mata Sita remains.
  • Chanting the mantras ‘श्री सीतायै नमः / śrī sītāyai namaḥ‘ and ‘श्री सीता-रामाय नमः / śrī sītā-rāmāya namaḥ‘ offers beneficial results.

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Kirtans are performed in temples etc. on the day of Sita Navami, but due to the nationwide lockdown this year, everyone is requested to worship Mother Sita at home.

We hope you will like this blog written on Sita Navami. Thank you for being with us.

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