Significance of the Consumption and Donation of Ghee on Singh Sankranti

On August 16, Sunday, the festival of Singh Sankranti will be celebrated. The Sun, who is known as the benefactor of  one’s father, holds immeasurable significance in Vedic astrology. With the positive effects of the Sun, a person earns higher respect and status in life. This year, the Sun is going to transit from Leo to Cancer and it will be called Singh Sankranti. If you wish to know about the presence of the Sun in your Kundli and how it impacts your life, then go ahead, click this link and speak to our esteemed astrologers.  

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The sixth month of Bhadrapada as per the Hindu calendar, during which many festivals are celebrated and amongst all, Singh Sankranti is also considered to be an important one. Very few people know that consumption of Ghee on the day of Singh Sankranti has an immeasuarble significance and therefore, this Sankranti is also referred to as “Ghee Sankranti”. This day, Pujas are performed in remembrance of Lord Vishnu, Lord Sun and Lord Narsimha and after taking a dip in the holy rivers, the Gods are offered coconut water, milk etc.

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When Lord Sun changes its position in Bhadrapada Month, then this day is known as Singh Sankranti. In astrology, the movement of the Sun from one zodiac to another is called Sankranti. The Sun changes its position every month and therefore, there are 12 Sankrantis in a year. The transit of the Sun and its effects have already been explained to you in detail in previous articles but this article is entirely based on the significance of rituals that are performed on this day. Along with this, we will convey to you why the consumption of Ghee is important on this very particular day. 

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When is Singh Sankranti This Year ? 

According to the Hindu Calendar, the Sun enters its own zodiac in the month of  Bhadrapada. This year, the Singh Sankranti is on August 16 as the Sun transit in Leo is going to take place at 07:10 pm on 16 August and will remain in the same zodiac till September 16, 2020 upto 07:10 pm. When Lord Sun enters the sign Leo from Cancer, then that day, the festival of Singh Sankranti is celebrated(the zodiac sign Leo is known as ‘Singh in Hindi). 

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This transit of the Sun into Leo is going to have different effects on all the 12 zodiac signs. You can read the effects on your zodiac by clicking on the link given below:

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Significance of Singh Sankranti

Singh Sankranti is celebrated as a festival in the realm of Hindu culture and religion. On this day, the Sun enters its own zodiac i.e. Leo and due to this,  it remains in a strong state with ‘Bali’ and positive effects. According to astrology, the Sun is the benefactor of all planets. Due to the positive effects of the Sun, a person gets free from prolonged ailments and also cultivates positivity. Worshipping Lord Sun when it remains in Leo zodiac is considered to be auspicious and fruitful and has to be performed for a month during that period on a daily basis. There is a ritual of worshipping Lord Vishnu, Lord Sun and Lord Narsimha and also, the deities are offered Gangaajal, milk etc.

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Importance of Consuming Ghee on this Day

Along with worshipping, meditating etc., there is also a ritual of consuming ghee on the day of Singh Sankranti. According to Charaka Samhita, Cow ghee is considered to be pure and auspicious. It is believed that consumption of ghee on this day boosts memory, intelligence, strength and energy. 

Also, cow ghee is fatty and no ailment occurs related to Vata, Kapha and Pitta with its consumption. During the one month period of Singh Sankranti, the Sun has to be offered water on a daily basis. According to mythological beliefs, if a person does not consume ghee on this day then he/she is born as a snail in the next life. That is why, consumption of ghee on this day is considered to be important and auspicious at the same time.

Cow Ghee Offers Protection from Malefic Effects of Planets

Consumption of Ghee on the day of Singh Sankranti relieves a person from the negative effects of Rahu and Ketu and boosts immunity. According to elderly people, if a person suffers from fever, then the cow Ghee works as a panacea (Rambaan). Overall, consuming cow Ghee is extremely beneficial on the day of Singh Sankranti. It not only benefits a person but also pleases Lord Sun and provides relief from the negative effects of the planets, Rahu and Ketu. That is why, Singh Sankranti has an impeccable significance in the realm of Hindu religion and culture.

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