Shani Forms Panch-Mahapurush Yoga: Appease Saturn With These Remedies

In astrology, planet Saturn is known for its superior nature. According to astrological beliefs, Saturn turns out to be fruitful for those who do good deeds. Although, some people consider this planet to be a cruel one which is wrong. They believe that they will have to face its wrath and get frightened to hear the name “Shani”. However, Astrologers believe that if you keep doing good deeds then Saturn or Shani Dev will give you auspicious results.

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Today, through this blog by AstroSage, we are providing you detailed information about many important things related to Saturn that will clear all your myths about Shani. First of all, we will discuss the effects of Shani Dev on 3 zodiac signs for the next 140 days. And then we will discuss the Yogas to be formed this Saturday, that can benefit a person. 

Also, we will explain to you in brief about the Panch-Mahapurusha Yoga that is formed due to the recent Saturn transit in April, what will be its effects on the zodiac signs, and the remedies to get auspicious results with the blessings of Shani Dev in your life. For such interesting facts and information, stay with us throughout the blog.

So, let’s begin this blog and shed some light on the recent Saturn transit and the Panch-Mahapurush Yoga that is forming due to this event. Also, let’s understand the impact of Saturn transit on the 12 zodiac signs.

Saturn Transit and Panch-Mahapurush Yoga

Recently, there was an event on 29 April in which Saturn transited in Aquarius, which led to the formation of Panch-Mahapurush Yoga. By getting into its details, the natives of Aquarius ascendant have Saturn as the lord of Ascendant house as well as the owner of the sign. And if Saturn transits in his sign then Panch-Mahapurush Yoga is formed.

More importantly, the auspicious results of this Yoga can be seen mostly on the natives of Aquarius. In this phase, if a person works hard with all his dedication then Yoga will bring positive life changes. Also the working efficiency increases, and if you are looking for a job or waiting for a promotion/increment in your current job, then this time will bring the good news that you wanted to hear.

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What is Panch-Mahapurush Yoga?

According to astrology, the Panch Mahapurush Yoga is formed from the five planets Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury. If this Yoga is present in any horoscope, then the person who works like a good man will achieve success in his work. It is important to note that if the Panch-Mahapurush is present in the horoscope and the same planet (from the listed five-planet) is present at the high position in the horoscope then the impact of this Yoga will get doubled.

Saturn’s Position Changes in Aquarius: Who Will Benefit-Who Should Be Alert?

As earlier mentioned, there was Saturn Transit in Aquarius that happened on 29th April. Following this, Saturn will stay in Aquarius for a while and will retrograde. This will affect all the zodiac signs. For your information, Saturn will remain in Aquarius till 12 July and will retrograde.

Here, we will explain to you about three zodiac signs who will suffer from the retrograde Saturn. If you too are suffering from this state, then there are some remedies for Shani Dev and Shani Dev Puja that are recommended to be done.

These Zodiac Signs Need To Be Aware

  • Aries: Retrograding Saturn will not be favorable for the natives of Aries. During the retrograding phase, even after making an infinite number of efforts all your work done will be if not used. You will also face health issues.
  • Cancer: Saturn gives good or bad results to a person according to the Karma/ deeds. However, retrograding Saturn will not bring good results to Cancer natives, especially when it comes to money. In such a scenario, if you take any important decision related to finance then you need to keep a backup of it.
  • Leo: The third zodiac sign that needs to be careful from retrograding Saturn is Leo. In this phase, you can suffer from a disturbance in the family and can have disputes with family members. Due to this, you can face trouble and stress in your life

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14 May Saturday: Auspicious Yoga for Shani Dev Puja- Know its Importance

When any planet is not in a favorable position in any native’s horoscope then the astrologers advise taking some preventive measures so that the planet doesn’t bring bad results to the native’s life. Similar to what we have just explained to you above that the retrograding Saturn will not bring good results for specifically 3 zodiac signs or those who are suffering from Shani Mahadasha. For such people, this Saturday will be special.

So, by taking maximum advantage of this Saturday, you can also attain the blessings of Shani Dev in your life. Before we discuss the remedies, let’s understand which special yoga is being formed this Saturday and its significance.

  • According to the Hindu Panchang/calendar, on 14 May 2022, there will be Trayodashi tithi of Shukla Paksha in Vaishakh month. Also, on this auspicious day, the Chitra Nakshatra will remain till 5:28 in the evening.
  • On 14 May 2022, Saturday, Moon will remain in Virgo for 6:13 am and will enter Libra where Ketu is already present.
  • Siddhi Yoga will also be formed on Saturday. This yoga is considered to be very important by astrologers. It is believed that any work done in this Yoga will turn out to be fruitful.
  • Remember, the formation of this Yoga on Saturday will increase the importance of worshiping Shani Dev. So, do worship on this day, within the auspicious time, and take maximum benefit of this day.

14 May, Saturday: Panchang

Auspicious Muhurat For This Day:

  • Auspicious Muhurat: From 11:50:30 to 12:44:41
  • Rahu Kaal: From 08:54:25 to 10:36:00 

Saturn Transit to Bring Auspicious Results for These Zodiac Signs

  • Taurus: Saturn will bless the natives of Taurus. If you are looking for any job then work hard for it, as you will get good results. There are also the chances of promotion and increment. The natives of these zodiac signs who are into some business will also get success.
  • Virgo: During this time, there are chances of getting a good job. Also if you want some amendments in your current job then there will be changes according to you. If you wish to start a new job, then you can step forward as this time will be proven to be fruitful for you. Apart from this, traveling will become a source of income and you will see financial stability.
  • Capricorn: During this phase, all your work will get completed. If you wish to start a new work or job then this is the time for you. Your image will improve and you will get success in every work you do.

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These Saturn Remedies Will Bring Good Results

  • If there is Shani Dasha in your life and you are facing problems then you can do Shani Grah Shanti Puja at home.
  • You can also recite Shani Kavach, you need to know that the text of Shani Kavach is taken from Brahma Purana. So, people who have the planetary condition of Saturn are advised to recite the Shani Kavach as armor. Doing this will pacify Saturn and you will get the desired things. However, if you are unable to recite it, then you can also get it narrated by a qualified Brahmin.
  • Also, you can do Chaya Daan, in which you have to take mustard oil in a bowl and see your face in it, and then you have to donate this oil to the Shani Dev temple.
  • One can also avoid the wrath of planet Saturn by donating black things. For this, you can donate black sesame, black gram, 7 types of paddy, mustard oil, and iron to any poor person.
  • Saturn’s wrath can also be avoided by donating black things. For this, you can donate black sesame, black gram, 7 types of paddy, iron, mustard oil, etc. to any poor person.
  • Those who are suffering from Shani Dasha can tie a black thread around the peepal tree which will reduce the ill effects of Shani Mahadasha.
  • The most effective way is to offer fast on Saturdays. You are advised to offer fast on Saturday with complete devotion and dedication.
  • Feeding bread to a black dog will also help to calm down Saturn and the side effects will be less.

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