Siddha Yoga On 4 June: These 3 Zodiacs Will Have A Wish Fulfillment!

Siddha Yoga 2023: There are a total of 27 different Yogas based on the 27 nakshatras propounded in Vedic Astrology. The astrological combinations help to decipher different auspicious or inauspicious mahurats. These Yogas are mathematically calculated by adding the longitudes of the Moon and the Sun and dividing the sum by 13 degrees and 20 minutes. 

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Siddha yoga is one of the most auspicious and powerful yogas in vedic astrology. It is formed by the combination of tithi, day and nakshatra at a particular time. Let us see a few combinations which give rise to this auspicious yoga. The activities performed during siddha yoga result in peace, success and prosperity. Siddha means to bless a thing or a person so that he/she succeeds in their endeavors. The name in itself is very positive. 

Siddha Yoga: These Zodiacs Will Be Blessed


In case you’re looking to buy a property or a vehicle then this yoga will definitely support Taurus natives. This yoga is great to start a business deal if you’re looking to get one or signing a partnership agreement. This yoga will bless you in multiple ways and you may even hear some good news that day. 


Are you looking to introduce your partner to your family officially? Or do you want your relationship to move a step further? This seems to be like the right time to do so. Gemini natives can even have good and unexpected financial gains. If you’re a regular job goer then there are chances of new opportunities coming your way or an increment or bonus coming for you. 


Virgo natives will be blessed in their professions and their careers. Virgos will have great projects and good opportunities, even from overseas coming their way. There could be travel abroad on the cards and even settle abroad if your horoscope supports. If you’re waiting for a visa approval you could get your application on this day as this yoga supports your wishes and helps them come true. 

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Siddha Yoga: Lucky Colors & Numbers


Colors- Light Yellow, White
Number- 2, 5


Colors- Light Green, Emerald Green              

Numbers- 3, 7


Colors- Pink, Wine Red
Numbers- 6, 12 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is this yoga formed?

Siddha Yoga is formed by the combination of Wednesdays and Bhadra Tithi i.e, 2nd, 7th, or 12th Tithi. 

Q2. What are the powers of Siddha Yoga?

Siddha yoga bestows a person with courage, financial abundance and intelligence.

Q3. Is this Yoga auspicious?

Yes, it is.

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