Siddha- Sadhya Yoga & Shravana Nakshatra To Bring Positive Changes For 5 Zodiacs!

April 4: Today happens to be the lucky day for some of the zodiacs as this day is honored by various phenomena that are going to bring positivity and prosperity to certain zodiacs. The Moon has already moved to Saturn’s zodiac sign, Capricorn. So, today is the tenth day of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month. On this auspicious day, Siddha yoga, Sadhya yoga, and Shravana Nakshatra are also going to form a union which has simply increased the significance of April 4.  

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According to Vedic Astrology, some zodiacs are going to witness a significant positive change in their life. Right now, we are going to unravel those zodiacs and some astrological remedies to enhance the position of Jupiter in the birth chart and get the special blessings of Lord Vishnu. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the zodiacs who are having a gala time today and check if you are one of them or not. 

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Siddha Yoga 

The conjunction of the Purna Tithi (which is, a Tithi ruled by Vayu, for example, the fifth tithi, tenth tithi, New and Full Moon days) and a Thursday. It is considered one of the most auspicious yogas in Vedic Astrology. The locals born under the Siddha yoga are known to be genuine, committed, and all-rounders. They are perfect in almost everything and perform all their tasks with dedication and sincerity.

Sadhya Yoga

Sadhya Yoga occurs when the lord of the 12th house is positioned and combines with other auspicious planets, and it is ruled by Savitri and considered to be a benefic one. Usually, the people born under the Sadhya yoga accomplish the objectives they set because Sadhya means accomplishment. One who is born during this yoga is clever and action-oriented but at the same time, humble, soft, and kind.

Shravana Nakshatra

Shravana Nakshatra, also known as Sravana, Shravan, Thiruvonam. It is the 22nd Nakshatra among the 27 which is spread across the Capricorn zodiac, and Lord Vishnu is the ruling lord of this nakshatra. Shravan Nakshatra is the star of listening and learning. The locals who are born under the Shravan Nakshatra travel abroad to seek intelligence, wisdom and pursue higher education. They are best known for setting their goals and accomplishing them. 

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The Zodiacs Who Are Going To Have An Amazing Day 


The Taurus natives are going to spend their day doing the charity work. The natives will see an increase in their luxuries and will be ready to help others. The people who are running their business will be able to earn profit and achieve their goals easily. Good returns can be expected through the investments and the natives will actively participate in charity and religious activities. If any of the natives borrowed money in the past, they will be able to pay them off today and the relationship with the neighbors will be enhanced. They can hear some encouraging words from your kids, which will indirectly lighten the burden off their shoulders. The conversation between the Taurus natives and their parents can be proven fruitful for them and their parents’ advice can come in handy as well. 

Remedy: For professional growth, hang turmeric garland in your Pooja room, wear yellow clothes on Thursday, and offer Ladoos to Laxmi Narayana. 


Today is one of the best days for Virgo natives. The blessings of Lord Vishnu are going to be enhanced and whatever work you will do today will be a success. If you were suffering from a health issue, then today, you can expect to get it resolved. A guest may arrive at your place which will enlighten the atmosphere at home and new dishes or snacks will be prepared as well. The relationship between you and the elderly people at home will get enhanced and there are strong chances of buying land or property. The careers of employed natives will make good progress and they will set up a connection with influential people which will benefit them in the long run. The single Virgo natives can also meet their “special someone” today. 

Remedy: Donate saffron, yellow sandalwood, and turmeric on Thursday for happiness, peace, and prosperity at home. Also, apply its tilak. This also strengthens the position of Jupiter in the birth chart. 

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Today is the day of progress for Libra locals. There are strong chances of getting new property today and with the blessings of Lord Vishnu, they can get wealth from more than one route. You will be blessed with the support of your family today at every step and your health will also remain favorable. You will have the complete support of luck on your side in whichever field you work and your health will also remain favorable. Your business plans will be successful and you will stand strong in front of your competitors. If you invest in any land or property today, there are chances of getting good profit from it later. Also, there can be a good increase in your bank balance as well. The Libra natives will be happy to see the progress of the children at home and will also plan to go on a pilgrimage with your spouse. 

Remedy: For employment-related problems, worship a banana tree and donate yellow items like fruits, clothes, etc, however, avoid eating bananas. 


Today means April 4 is an extremely fortunate day for the Sagittarius natives. They will be very happy because their financial condition will get strong and there are strong chances of someone in their family getting a government job. The natives who are running a business will notice a steady growth in it, and will get good profit and new orders as well. On the other hand, there will be good progress in the Sagittarius natives’ careers, and due to the blessings of Lord Vishnu, the employed natives will get several golden opportunities as well. If a rift is going on with a family member, then it will end today and relationships will become strong again. Your relations with your in-laws will be good and they will be ready to help you as well. For unmarried people, good marriage proposals may as well come today, which can even get approved by their family members. 

Remedy: Get Kuber Yantra or Shri Yantra engraved on a copper vessel and keep it in your purse. Along with this, keep a piece of Gomthi Chakra, Saffron, or turmeric along with you. 


April 4 is the most auspicious day for Capricorn natives. There will be a good increase in the respect and prestige of the natives and your incomplete government work will be completed today without any hindrance. An old friend of the natives can now meet them after a long time. If any of the natives have previously lent their money to someone, then today they can get it back. Their life partners will support and accompany them through thick or thin and the two can even purchase a property together. The natives may also happen to go on a short trip with their friends and loved ones. As the income increases, the natives can pay off their debt to a great extent. 

Remedy: Worship the banana tree on Thursday and perform the ritual by lighting a lamp of desi ghee. Along with this, wear yellow clothes and eat yellow things. 

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