Feng Shui Tips: Keeping One Of These 8 Showpieces At Home Can Change Your Life!

his Feng Shui Tips blog by AstroSage will provide you with 8 Feng Shui Tips that are easy to implement but extremely effective for bringing happiness and peace in your family life. These tips are related to showpieces that when placed in your home, bring positive outcomes. For your information, this blog is prepared by our Feng Shui experts, especially for our readers.

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In simple words, Feng Shui is Chinese Vastu Shastra and the remedies mentioned by Feng Shui can enhance the quality of your life in various ways. Today, we are telling you 8 Feng Shui showpiece tips that are easy and powerful in bringing a positive change in your marital life. So without further ado, let’s begin!

These 8 Showpieces Bring Auspiciousness In Marital Life

1. Crystal Tree: According to Feng Shui, keeping a crystal tree at home brings peace and harmony at home and increases respect, reputation, and good will in the society.

2. Statue Of A Horse: If you install a statue of a horse in your house or workplace, it brings happiness and prosperity to life. It is believed that if you keep a pair of white horses, you can enhance your relationship with your husband or wife, and it adds sweetness to your bond.

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3. Three-legged Frog: In Feng Shui, keeping a three-legged frog at home is regarded as highly auspicious. It is said that by keeping this statue, a person’s luck shines as bright as the sun. You must keep it close to a magnet at home. 

4. Butterflies: As per Feng Shui, you must put the pictures of flying butterflies in even numbers. This is because it is believed that butterflies bring happiness to home, and strengthen relationships.

5. Golden Fish: Golden Fish is regarded as the Karka of success and good fate. It is believed that keeping its statue in the house brings happiness and prosperity in the family life. This fish must be kept in the hall of the house.

6. Dragon Statue: Dragon represents protective powers and is known to control the negative energies in the house. You must place the Dragon statue in the East direction of your home.

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7. Laughing Buddha Statue: We see many people keep Laughing Buddha statues in their houses. This is because it brings happiness and prosperity to the house and eliminates worries, melancholy and troubles. This statue is also the symbol of wealth and joy.

8. Charging Bull Statue: As per Feng Shui, Bull represents speed, power and strength. This statue generates positive energy and improves the financial situation and overall condition of the house. 

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