Shool & Khappar Yoga After 48 Years: These Zodiac Must Beware

Shool & Khappar Yoga: The movement of the planets, their transits and the combination have always affected human lives and our mother earth. A lot of them are auspicious while the others are inauspicious as well. And, this blog  is about the inauspicious yogas which have come to trouble the lives of some zodiac’s natives. 

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48 years later, here we are, going to witness the formation of Shool & Khappar yoga. The time from 7th January till 7th March is registered for trouble as in this period falls 5 Saturdays, 5 Tuesdays, and 5 Sundays which forms the two unfortunate yogas; Shool & Khappar Yogas. 

As per Vedic astrology, both of the yogas are considered inauspicious as the formation of the two leaves many bad effects and various bad things take place such as accidents, war, railway accidents, etc. Today, we have come to disclose which zodiac signs are under the eye of the two yogas and to advise them to be careful. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

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These Zodiac Should Beware Of The Shool & Khappar Yoga


The formation of both the yogas can be harmful to the natives of Gemini zodiac signs as the four planets; Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Sun are coming to the place of death in Gemini. Now you need to be very careful in the matters related to health and finances as both; your ruling lord, Mercury, and the lord of profit, Mars are in the place of death. The formation of Shool & Khappar Yoga may burden you with tension or lead to some losses. Also, it is advised that you need to be careful whenever you travel or if possible, stay away from traveling during this time. 

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The formation of Shool & Khappar yoga may create troubles for the Leo natives in various aspects of life. There are even chances of getting poor as your lord of finances, Mercury is at the place of debt. The poor position of Mercury shows the loss may occur and a lot of finance-related problems can come. Also, because of the lord of your career in the 6th house, there are chances that the natives may come across as non-intelligent. It would be best if you keep control of your anger as it may become the reason for fights and arguments. You are also advised to take care of your health as well. 

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The Shool & Khappar yoga is coming across as very unfortunate for the Scorpio natives. The lords of your zodiac, Mars, Mercury, and Venus will be present in the 3rd house, Jupiter and Moon are going to be in the 6th house, while the Sun and Saturn will be in the 4th house. Because of the position of the planets, you may be under stress. You are advised to not lend money to anyone otherwise you may happen to lose that money. You may have disputes with any of your family members and there are even chances of discord with your wife. 

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