Shift In Five Planets Happening After 100 Years! These Natives Will Prosper!

In this unique AstroSage blog, you will learn about the special event which is occurring after many decades i.e. five major planets are changing their zodiac signs in a Lunar month. Five notable planetary transits will make the November 2022 month more significant. Every transit, according to astrology, has an effect on everyone’s life.

Therefore, this planetary shift will benefit the three zodiac signs to whom it will bring success and prosperity in their life.  In addition to this, we will discuss the time and date of the 5 planetary movements into different zodiac signs along with the lunar eclipse 2022 and how these eclipses impact people’s lives. If you really want to learn more, keep reading this blog till the end!

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Every time there is a lunar or solar eclipse, it directly affects human life, claims Vedic astrology. Let us inform you that the Lunar Eclipse 2022 will occur on November 8  i.e. today at 5:28 pm and last until 7:26 pm. This eclipse will occur in the astrological signs of Aries and Bharani. Five planets will move differently after this eclipse, which will happen simultaneously. This synchronicity just happened after many years. It will have an impact on all astrological signs, but there are three zodiac signs that can currently receive favorable outcomes in terms of wealth and money. 

Shift In Five Planets Happening After Several Decades! 

After centuries, a situation is emerging when the movements of five main planets will change during a single Lunar month. From a religious and astrological perspective, November will be a crucial month. Actually, this month will see the transit of a number of large planets in different zodiac signs. Venus will first pass through Scorpio. Mars will travel through Taurus following this retrograde. Additionally, Mercury and the Sun will both transit in Scorpio at the same time. Jupiter will direct in Pisces before the month’s end. There are some zodiac signs that this change in the zodiac will have a particularly fortunate influence on. The zodiac signs of important planets like Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter will shift this month. 

While Jupiter’s movement is changing in November, five planets are changing their zodiac signs. In this month, there was also a lunar eclipse. From an astrological perspective, the month of November will be crucial in this situation. The final lunar eclipse of the year occurred in Aries. 

In terms of planetary movements, Venus will transit through Scorpio on November 11. Following this, on November 13, when Mars is in its retrograde motion it will transit in Taurus. Also on the same day, Mercury is going to transit in Scorpio. Just after three days, on November 16, 2022 the Sun will enter Scorpio. After that there will be one more planetary movement in the month of November, which will occur on 24 November, 2022 i.e the Jupiter planet will turn direct in Pisces.

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5 Planetary Changes After Lunar Eclipse In November 2022

  1. Venus Transit In Scorpio:  Venus will transit Scorpio on November 11, 2022, at 19:52.  
  2. Retrograde Mars Transit In Taurus: On November 13, 2022, at 13:32, there will be a retrograde Mars transit in the sign of Taurus and it will continue to stay in this sign and motion until next year i.e January 13th, 2023.
  3. Mercury Transit In Scorpio: Now on the same day i.e on 13th November, 2022, Mercury will also transit in Scorpio at 21:06.

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  1. Sun Transit In Scorpio: On November 16th, 2022, at 6:58 PM on Wednesday, the Sun will transit into the sign of Scorpio from its weak sign of Libra. After the lunar eclipse, the majority of individuals will experience favourable effects from this transit of the Sun. Such people can profit from respect, reputation, good health, and riches. Let us inform you that after a month, the Sun changes its zodiac sign.
  2. Jupiter Direct In Pisces: Jupiter will direct in Pisces on November 24, 2022, at 4:36 AM. Saturn is currently in Capricorn and aspects Jupiter, which is in Pisces. Additionally, the Sun is in the Scorpio sign during this time and is being aspected by the heavenly Jupiter. Due to this, there will be a fortunate impact present, and natives will generally flourish in their careers, income, relationships, and health.

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Three Zodiac Signs Who Will Benefit From The Motion Of Five Planets 

Libra:  A beneficial outcome for you may result from changes in the motion of five planets. Venus is influencing you at this time, so it appears that luck is on your side. Additionally, opportunities to travel internationally are increasing. Competition success is possible in any academic endeavor if you are a competitive student. Additionally, this is the perfect opportunity to finish any halted work.

Capricorn: You may benefit from changes in the motion of five planets. At this point, you can receive a fresh employment offer. You can now also make plans to travel with family or friends. The entry of fresh orders into the business can result in high profit. Every plan has a chance of working.

Aquarius: Five planetary motions can be advantageous for you. Additionally, you can currently make good money on the stock market, betting, and lotteries. You can develop new sources of income at the same time. The company can also grow. You can now rely on both junior and senior employees for support at work.

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