Shatru Hanta & Vipreet Rajyoga Will Make 3 Zodiacs More Powerful!

AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. In this blog we will read about the recent Mars Transit In Virgo and the subsequent rise of the Shatru Hanta Yoga and the Vipreet Rajyoga forming on the 18th of August, 2023 in the sign of Virgo. Let’s find out what impacts it will have on these three zodiac signs. 

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Have you ever heard the term Shatru Hanta Yoga? We’re sure you’re familiar with the latter, Vipreet Rajyoga as you must have come across this term often in many blogs and articles you have read. The term Shatru Hanta Yoga is surely something new for you. In this blog we will discuss both these yogas and how they are formed. We will also read about a few zodiac signs which will benefit from both these yogas forming. 

What is Shatru Hanta Yoga? 

Shatru= enemies and Hanta = To destroy; therefore Shatru Hanta means the one who destroys the enemy. Now in astrology we know that the 6th house rules over the enemies and the placement or aspect of a malefic planet such as Mars or Saturn gives rise to the Shatru Hanta Yoga under certain circumstances. Enemies here not only talk about human enemies but enemies can also mean loans,(which you’re unable to pay), debts, financial difficulties, litigation cases etc. The point to remember here is that if a Shatru Hanta Yoga is forming in anyone’s horoscope then that person will always have enemies but he/she will be able to win over them and come out victorious. 

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What is Vipreet  Rajyoga? 

Vipreet Rajyoga on the other hand is formed when the 6th house lord goes to the 8th house or the 12th house. Generally, Mars placed in the 6th house can destroy the enemy in litigation, debt, enemies, etc. Such an individual whose 6th house lord is placed into the 8th or the 12th house can get into some problems emotionally or be trapped in some other issues. Vipreet Rajyoga is a guarantee that an individual with this yoga in their horoscopes will have to face troubles or an adverse situation first to actually gain benefits out of a negative situation. Vipreet Rajyoga is said to be stronger if the lords of all the 3 houses (6th, 8th and the 12th) are placed together. 

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Effects of Shatru Hanta & The Vipreet Rajyoga

The benefits of both these yogas are many and varied. These yogas confer success in almost every area of life. 

  • Both the Shatru Hanta and the Vipreet Rajyoga  provide the natives the willingness to work hard and overcome obstacles. 
  • These yogas give the native the strength and determination to succeed despite all odds.
  • Some of the specific benefits include success in politics, sports, business, media, acting, writing, etc.
  • Additionally, it also gives good health, wealth, and financial stability. 
  • Furthermore, those who have either one of these yogas will enjoy honor and respect from others.
  • Such individuals are hard working and never give up on their dreams. 
  • With perseverance and dedication, they will succeed in whatever field they choose to pursue.

Shatru Hanta & Vipreet Raj Yogas With Mars Transit In Virgo: These Zodiacs Would Benefit  


The planet Mars rules the 1st house or the Lagna and the 8th house for Aries natives. With Mars’s transit in Virgo, Mars will be placed in the 6th house creating a strong Vipreet Rajyoga. Mars placed in the 6th house in good dignity will present the Aries natives with the opportunity to win over their enemies. If there are any pending legal cases, then chances are that the result will come out in your favor. 

Mars in the 6th house will prove to be exceptionally beneficial for lawyers and judges as it will highly support their careers and profession. These individuals may win prestigious cases during this time even under adverse conditions and these tough times will present an opportunity for their Vipreet rajyoga to activate and earn them name, fame, prestige and accolades in career and raise their social status as well. 

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Mars is a mighty planet as we all know and is known for Valor & courage. Mars’s aspect on the 6th house also gives rise to the Shatru Hanta Yoga. Mars being the lord of the 5th house and the 10th house will be placed in the 3rd house of Virgo for Cancer natives and from there it will aspect the 6th house for Cancer natives. During this period Cancer natives will come face to face with their enemies and will be able to defeat them. 

Point to remember is that you will for sure make enemies but will be able to defeat them with the courage, valor and self belief that the planet Mars will present you with, here placed in your 3rd house. This Shatru Hanta Yoga’s strength will depend on how strong Mars is in an individual’s horoscope and other factors such as the degree of the planet and other aspects on it. 


Mars rules the 2nd and the 7th house for libra natives and will be placed in the 12th house of Virgo. Though the 2nd house lord in the 12th house is sure to increase your expenditure and you will find it difficult to manage your finances. Being the 7th house lord placed in the 12th house could also create minor disturbances for you but Mars’s aspect on the 6th house would give rise to the Shatru Hanta Yoga. This yoga will provide the Libra natives with the strength to fight their enemies. 

This yoga can take you high up in your profession as well because you have or get the power to destroy competition and move ahead of everyone else, climbing the ladder of success with ease even after encountering enemies at every step. This Mars transit will prove beneficial for you. 

Shatru Hanta Yoga & Vipreet Rajyoga: Impactful Remedies 

  • On every Tuesday and Thursday recite the Hanuman Chalisa
  • Feed Jaggery and grams to monkeys on every Tuesday
  • Practice meditation to control your anger
  • Plant trees or plants with red flowers
  • Chant the mantra ‘Om Bho Bhomay Namah’
  • Donating red colored clothes, copper utensils, jaggery, masoor dal and batasha is also an effective remedy to strengthen the planet Mars.

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