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Stock Market is such a topic in which many people have interest but it is important to have appropriate knowledge about it. Many times despite having less knowledge in the stock market, people always consult an astrologer. Yes it is true. Stock market analysis is also done in astrology. The calculation of the share market comes under the financial astrology. 

Today, we will learn about the connection of astrology and the share market through this special blog. Along with it, you will also know about the suitable position of planets in the horoscope for success in the stock market. Also, you will know which planet belongs to which sector. So, let’s move ahead and know what is the astrological connection between the stock market and destiny. 

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Profit & Loss Are Based On These Planets In Share Market 

Before stepping in any sector, if we know which planet will be more effective then we can work to make those planets stronger and get assured success in that field. The planets which bring success or failure in the share market are Ketu and Moon. 

Apart from this, if we talk about the houses in the horoscope, the 5th house, 8th house, and 11th house presents casual money. For profit in the share market, the position of Jupiter and Mercury planets is calculated. When these planets are stronger in a native’s horoscope, he gets huge success in the share market.

Planets & Their Relation To Different Sectors

Before moving ahead let’s know about the planets related to different sectors:

  • Sun is related to mutual funds, wood, medicine, and state treasury.
  • Similarly, the Moon is related to glass, milk, aquatic objects and cotton. 
  • The Planet Mars is related to minerals, land, building, tea and coffee etc.  
  • Mercury is related to import export, educational institutions, cooperative, and banking. 
  • Jupiter is related to the yellow colored grains, gold, brass and the economic sector. 
  • Venus is related to sugar, rice, beauty products, film industry and chemicals. 
  • The Planet Saturn is related to factories, iron, petroleum, leather and black things. 
  • Rahu and Ketu planets are related to ups-down, foreign objects and electrical and electronics.

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Naturally, if the share market is affected by the planets then it will definitely affect the variation in the share market. In such a situation, it is quite important to know that whenever a planet retrograde, rises, or combust, then it also affects the share market. Apart from this ,during the eclipse also, the share market gets affected. 

Planets Of Profit And Loss In Share Market  

  • When the 5th house or the lord of 5th house is stronger in the horoscope, those natives get great success in the share market. If you want to know if the 5th house in your horoscope is stronger or not then you can call or chat with our expert astrologer for your horoscope analysation. 
  • Along with it, natives who get auspicious effects of Rahu in horoscopes, they also get success in the share market.
  • Those who have Jupiter in an auspicious position, they get profit in the commodity market.  
  • If Mercury is in a favorable position then such a native can give better advice related to the share market and run a good business. However, they themselves don’t get success in the share market. 

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Planetary Position & Loss Possibility

  • When there is a Yoga of Sun and Rahu, Moon and Rahu, or Jupiter and Rahu is a person’s horoscope, then these natives are advised to stay away from the share market.
  • Apart from that, if Rahu is present in the house of money, those natives are also advised to stay away from the share market or else they might incur financial loss. 
  • Along with it, if Rahu is present in the central location in your horoscope, then once you could get success in the share market, but after that you might face continuous loss. So, in such a situation, these people should stay away from the share market.

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Astrological Remedies For Success In Share Market 

  • As we have mentioned earlier, for success in the share market, it is quite necessary that Rahu is in your favor. In such a situation, to strengthen Rahu, you can install Rahu Yantra Amulet, Rahu Yantra, Rahu Shanti Amulet in your house or wear it. 
  • Apart from this, wearing Hessonite gemstone can bring positive effects of Rahu.  
  • Also, chant Rahu Mantra day and night. It will also make the Rahu stronger in your horoscope and it will help you if you are planning to try your luck in the share market. 
  • Emerald gemstone is also considered to be an auspicious gemstone in the share market.
  • On Wednesday and Friday, feed flour to the fish in the form of small balls. With this, you will get auspicious results related to the share market.

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