Durga Visarjan: The End Of Navratri! Know How & When Maa Durga’s Farewell Will Be!

The Hindu calendar states that Goddess Durga is immersed on the tenth day of the Shukla Paksha of the Ashwin month, marking the end of the Sharad Navratri. Her worshippers keep a fast throughout these nine days of Navratri, perform havan, engage in girl worship, and immerse the mother on the ninth day in order to appease the mother.

The Durga idols are installed in huge, majestic Pandals for Sharad Navratri. Following this, during Dussehra, these idols are respectfully submerged. In Bengal, this event is observed in a different color. After the Durga immersion, women play the game of “vermilion,” in which they douse one another in the color to mark the occasion.

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So let’s move forward and learn more about Durga Visarjan through this particular blog, including its significance, the proper way to celebrate it, when it will be auspicious to celebrate this year, and other significant details.

Importance Of Durga Visarjan

Durga Visarjan is a depiction of how, on the day of immersion, Mother Durga departs from our home after nine days and returns to her abode on Mount Kailash. Because of this, this day has a significantly greater religious value for Maa Durga followers. On this day, a lot of people also break their fast. 

If we discuss the significance of Goddess Durga being submerged in water, then according to Sanatan Dharma, water is regarded as Brahma. In addition, it is said that before and after the entire creation, there will only be water. That is, the universe’s origin, middle, and end are all represented by water. It is regarded as a constant element. 

Because of this, Hinduism practises the sanctification of water in all forms of worship because it is believed that water is where the Trinity resides. Due to mythological beliefs, it is stated that if idols of goddesses and gods are submerged in water, their souls do not emerge from the idol but directly merge into the Supreme Brahma.

Maa Durga Will Depart On Elephant

Talking of the mother’s departure means that she will ride the elephant itself this year. In reality, Vijayadashami falls on a Wednesday, and anytime Vijayadashami, or just the mother’s goodbye, falls on a Wednesday or Friday, the mother rides back in the elephant’s carriage. When Maa Durga rides off on an elephant, it is extremely lucky and also predicts good rainfall.

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Durga Visarjan 2022 Date And Muhurat

5 October, 2022 (Wednesday)

Durga Visarjan Time : from 06:15:52 to 08:37:18 

Duration : 2 hours 21 minutes

More Information: The above-mentioned Muhurat is valid for New Det.  To know the Muhurat for your city, click here.

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Durga Visarjan Preparations 

  • After Durga Visarjan, the festival of Vijayadashami is observed.
  • According to mythology, Lord Rama and Goddess Durga both killed Mahishasura on this day.
  • On the day of Dussehra, worshipping the Shami tree is extremely special.
  • Additionally, on this day, members of the Bengali community celebrate Sindoor Khela. Married women apply vermilion to one another during this time and send each other wishes for the day.
  • According to mythology, Mother Durga visits her maternal house on earth during the nine days of Navratri, and on the ninth day with Durga Visarjan, she departs for her home on Mount Kailash close to Lord Shiva.
  • For this reason, just as the daughters are typically offered food and other amenities during the departure, so too are Maa Durga’s cosmetics and food items kept together during the immersion.

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Durga Visarjan Mantra

gacha gacha suraśreṣṭhe svasthānaṃ parameśvari।

pūjārādhanakāle ca punarāgamanāya ca।।

Correct Method Of Durga Visarjan 

  • After worshiping the girl on this day, make a resolution while holding some flowers and rice in your hands.
  • Following that, ask your family to take the holy water of the Kalash as prasad and sprinkle it all over the house.
  • The coins that are in the pot can be stored in your safe.
  • Additionally, give this betel nut to the family as prasad.
  • Keep Mata ki Chowki in its rightful location in your home’s temple.
  • Housewives can wear saris and other clothing, as well as makeup.
  • Keep the Ganesha idol in the temple.
  • As prasad, distribute desserts and other items among all family members.
  • Install the pot’s lid and the rice birds that were kept on the chowki.
  • After that, submerge the Maa Durga statue, the barley that was sowed in the pot, and the worship items in any ocean, river, or lake. If you use a green idol, you can even submerge it in clean water at home. 
  • After that, offer a qualifying Brahmin a coconut, dakshina, and the post’s clothing.

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Kalash Visarjan On The Same Day…Learn The Method!

The Kalash is immersed as Navratri comes to a end. You do this by sprinkling the Kalash water at all the sacred spots in your house. The Kalash coins should never be spent because they bring wealth to the grain. Keep them in a safe place. You can wear an Akhand Jyot and a Kalawa tied to your Kalash. You can apply this formula to any family member.

You will profit if the Kalash is submerged on Ashtami or Navami, the day of breaking the fast. Nevertheless, it is advised to maintain the Akhand Jyoti lit until Vijayadashami day. Let us notify you that Lord Rama offered adoration to Aparajita Devi on the day of Vijayadashami.

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