Sharad Navratri To Commence Soon: Venerate Nine Divine Incarnations Of Maa Durga For Nine Days!

Navratri, one of the most important festivals in Hinduism, celebrates the glory of Maa Durga, the Goddess of Power. This year, Sharad Navaratri is going to begin from October 17, Saturday. The Sanskrit word Navratri means ‘nine nights’. During these nine days of Navratri, nine different forms of Maa Durga are worshipped. Although Navratri falls five times in a year, among all, Chaitra and Ashwin i.e. Sharad Navratri is considered to be the most important. Sharad Navratri is celebrated from Pratipada (the first day) till Navami during Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month.

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It is called Sharad Navratri due to the arrival during the winter season. As per religious beliefs, it is said that Maa Durga visits her parents’ house on Earth from Mount Kailash during Navratri. As per astrology, Monday will fall twice during the nine days of Navratri, which is considered to be highly sacred. It is believed that by worshipping Maa Durga on Monday, one is blessed with manifold fruits. Through this blog, let us give you all the information pertaining to Sharad Navratri of this year. 

Importance of Navratri

The festival of Navratri is considered to be highly significant for venerating Maa Durga. This ritual has been taking place since prehistoric times, which is mentioned in the Puranas. During Navratri, festivals are held at the Shaktipeeth and Siddha Peeth dedicated to Maa Durga. All the Shakti Peethas of Maa Durga have their own significance, but Maa Shakti is only One. 

At some places, people worship her as Maa Vaishno Devi, while at some other places, they worship her Chamunda form. Navaratri is one such festival, which is celebrated with immense grandeur in India. It is celebrated differently in different parts of India. This festival is celebrated on a large scale in Gujarat. There, Dandiya and Garba are performed every year during Navratri. In West Bengal, Durga Puja is one of the main festivals of Bengalis. 

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Sharad Navratri 2020 Dates 

DayDateForm of Maa
Navratri Day 1 – PratipadaOctober 17, SaturdayMaa Shailputri
Navratri Day 2 – DwitiyaOctober 18, SundayMaa Brahmacharini
Navratri Day 3 – TritiyaOctober 19, MondayMaa Chandraghanta
Navratri Day 4 – ChaturthiOctober 20, TuesdayMaa Kushmanda
Navratri Day 5 – PanchamiOctober 21, WednesdayMaa Skandamata
Navratri Day 6 – ShastiOctober 22, ThursdayMaa Katyayani
Navratri Day 7 – SaptamiOctober 23, FridayMaa Kalratri 
Navratri Day 8 – AshtamiOctober 24, SaturdayMaa Mahagauri 
Navratri Day 9 – NavamiOctober 25, SundayMaa Siddhidatri
Navratri Day 10 – DashamiOctober 26 MondayDurga Visarjan

Every Day is Significant During Navratri

The starting three days of Navratri have been dedicated to different forms of Maa Durga. These days, the glory and power of Maa Durga are worshipped. On the fourth, fifth and sixth day of Navratri, Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity and peace, is worshipped. On the seventh day, Saraswati, the goddess of art and knowledge, is worshipped for the purpose of seeking spiritual knowledge. The ninth day is the last day of Navratri, which is also known as Mahanavami. Kanya Pujan is performed on this day. 

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Mythological Legend of Navratri

Let us enlighten you with the famous story pertaining to Navratri. Once, the fight between Ravana and Lord Shri Ram was at its peak during the Lanka battle. Ravana was equally valiant and facing the Vanar Sena bravely with all his powers. Then, Lord Brahma advised Lord Shri Ram to please Chandi Devi in order to kill Ravana and win the battle. As per the advice of Lord Brahma, one hundred and eight rare Neelkamals were arranged for Havan and the puja rituals dedicated to Chandi Devi. On the other hand, Ravana also started reciting the Chandi Path with the intention to win the battle.

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When Indra Dev came to know about the Chandi Path being recited by Ravana, he conveyed it to Lord Shri Ram through Pawan Dev. Here, one Neelkamal disappeared from the items prepared for Havan through the mysterious power of Ravan and only one hundred and seven Neelkamals were left. Lord Shri Ram’s determination seemed to be fading away and he began to think that Chandi Devi may get annoyed. 

Immediate replacement of the missing Neelkamal seemed to be impossible. Then, at that moment, it struck Lord Shri Ram that people address him as ‘Kamalnayan Navakancha Lochan’ and therefore, he should sacrifice one of his eyes to fulfil the resolve (Sankalp) i.e. the replacement of missing Neelkamal. As soon as Lord Shri Ram drew an arrow to take out one of his eyes, then all of a sudden, Maa Chandi appeared over there and said while taking the arrow away from his hand that she was pleased with his worship and blessed him with his victory in the battle.   

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On the other hand, Ravana was also reciting Chandi Path to please Maa Chandi. Many brahmins were constantly focussing on the completion of his Yagya. At that very moment, Hanuman Ji incarnated himself as a Brahmin child and started taking care of the Brahmins present there. Seeing the selfless service of Hanuman Ji, the Brahmins asked what he desired. Hanuman Ji said humbly that if Brahmins were pleased with his selfless service, then only one letter of the Mantra should be changed. Brahmins did not understand the mystery behind this and agreed with him.

Hanuman Ji requested to replace Bhurtiharini with Bhurtikarini while reciting the Mantra i.e. Jayadevi…Bhurtiharini. Bhurtiharini means the remover of ills of human beings while with the change to Bhurtikarini means inflictor of pains. Maa Chandi got annoyed with the recitation of the wrong Mantra in the Yagya of Ravana and destroyed him. Thus, with the change of the word from Harini to Karini, the entire conception of the Yagya changed and Lord Shri Ram won the battle.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Performing Puja Rituals During Navratri

  • Observe the fast of Maa Durga during all the nine days of Navratri. If it is not possible due to certain reasons, then observe fast on the first, fourth and eight day of the Navratri.
  • During these nine days, the devotees must light a Diya or Jyoti dedicated to Maa Durga.
  • Place the photos of Maa Durga, Maa Laxmi, and Maa Saraswati at the place of worship and adore them with flowers.
  • Must keep in mind to avoid the offerings of Tulsi Dal and Durva in the worship of Maa Durga.
  • Must offer cloves and Batashe during performing the Puja Rituals dedicated to Maa Durga.
  • Recite the Path of Durga Saptashati during these days.
  • Do not recite the Devi Kavach, Keelkam and Argalastotram just like that. One additional Path should be recited as well. 
  • For nine days, chant the mantra ‘ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चै’ /  ‘oṃ aiṃ hrīṃ klīṃ cāmuṇḍāyai viccai’.
  • Always use a red mat while worshipping. Along with this, wear red clothes and apply red Tika on your forehead. 
  • Perform Kalash Sthapana/Ghatasthapana during the auspicious hours on the first day of Navratri and its mouth should not remain open.
  • It is believed that one is blessed with the strength in soul and body if milk mixed with honey is offered to Maa Durga.

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