Navratri 8th Day: One Auspicious Task On A Right Day Can Make You Prosperous!

Mahagauri, the eighth manifestation of the mother, is worshiped on the eighth day of Navratri, which is tomorrow. Maa Shvetambara rides a bull and wears Dhari, or white clothing. Maa has four arms, and it is believed that this form of the goddess bestows joy and happiness. Because of this, the Goddess is also known as Shambhavi.

According to the myths, if Maa Mahagauri is worshiped on the eighth day in accordance with the rules, a sacrifice is offered, the girl’s banquet is provided, and the needy are served, then the person’s intellect sharpens and the planet Mercury strengthens. The mother’s blessings remain in one’s life for all time, and financial and psychological difficulties are eliminated.

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So let’s move forward and learn everything there is to know about the religious practices, rites, and significant actions carried out on the eighth day of Navratri through this particular blog. Additionally, be aware of the proper worship practices and the significance of the eighth day of Navratri.

Significance Of The Worship Of Maa Mahagauri

The mother’s nature is so fair that conch, moon, and jasmine flowers have all been used to describe her. If we interpret the phrase Mahagauri correctly, Maha means “great” and Gauri means “white.” According to mythology, the mother bestows blessings onto her worshippers as well as banishes all forms of dread and grief from their life. Apart from this, a person advances in life, succeeds, and vanquishes his enemies thanks to the wisdom the mother imparts to her worshippers.

Maa Mahagauri is believed to be the unmarried, 16-year-old version of Goddess Parvati. In addition to this, the mother is said to be Giri Parvat’s daughter. Mother’s sight is her only weapon against wicked forces. Mahagauri Devi also stands for beauty and grants all of one’s wishes.    

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Correct Method Of Worshiping Goddess Mahagauri

  • On this day, rise early and, after taking a bath, put on clean clothing.
  • Apply Gangajal to the mother’s idol to purify it.
  • After that, offer the mother some white clothing because she loves that color so much.
  • Make sure the worship includes white flowers.
  • Apply Roli, Kumkum, etc. to the mother after that.
  • Offer the mother some sweets, five dried fruits, and some fruits.
  • After that, offer the mother some black gram.
  • Do meditation on the goddess.
  • Recite the Durga Saptashati.
  • In the end, do Aarti of the goddess.

Note: Special emphasis has been placed on the worship of the girl child on the 8th day of Navratri. In this case, this day must be dedicated to girl worship.

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Maa Mahagauri Mantra –

shvete vrrishe samarudha shvetambaradhara shuchih |

mahagauri shubham dadyantra mahadeva pramodada ||

Mythology Related To Maa Mahagauri 

In this article, we are going to discuss the two mythological stories related to Maa Mahagauri. According to the first story, it is believed that the Goddess Mahagauri did severe penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband when she was sixteen years old. She continued doing the severe penance for many years and due to this, the dust settled on her skin which made it look black.

As a result of the mother’s strict penance, Lord Shiva vowed to marry her. After this, Mother Parvati’s dirt and dust were washed away with Ganges River water, restoring her original white complexion and earning her the name Mahagauri.

According to the second myth regarding the mother, two demons by the names of Shumbha and Nishumbha allegedly began causing havoc on the earth. Only the goddess had the power to end them. The skin of Goddess Parvati was then blackened by Lord Shiva on the advice of Lord Brahma. In order to recover her shape, Goddess Parvati performed a severe penance and appealed to the Lord.

When the Lord was satisfied with his repentance and supplication, he was told to take a bath in Mansarovar. When Goddess Parvati took a bath in the sacred water of Lake Mansarovar, her black figure once more became white. This mother’s form was known as Kaushiki, and she later killed Shumbh Nishumbh.

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Remedies To Be Performed On The 8th Day Of Navratri 

  • On Durga Ashtami, those born in the sign of Aries should recite Maa Durga Kavach and offer vermilion.
  • The Taurus zodiac sign natives should offer meals to married women as per their capability and gift them cosmetics. 
  • The Gemini zodiac sign should properly worship Maa Durga and recite her Beej Mantra.
  • On this day, those born under the sign of Cancer should worship young girls and make them happy by offering them gifts and other things.
  • On the day of Maha Ashtami, Leos are obligated to offer red-colored flowers to their mothers.
  • Virgo natives should offer Goddess Durga with their favorite items as well as cosmetics.
  • On this day, those born under the sign of Libra should worship both their mothers and Lord Ganesha.
  • Scorpions must recite Durga Saptashati.
  • Sagittarius natives should serve fasting women, feed them, and give them gifts, especially on this day.
  • Capricorns should do Havan at their homes and worship Maa Durga. 
  • Aquarius natives should offer cosmetics to women and make sure to include some gifts for the little girls as well.
  • The Pisces zodiac sign should do Havan and observe a fast in the honor of Maa Durga.

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The Maha-Upaya Of Navratri Day 8

Many measures can be taken on the eighth day of Navratri to obtain the mother’s blessings, including Yagya, Vrat, Kanya Bhoj, Sandhi Puja, and giving the mother a red Chunari or a red flag in a temple. Additionally, because of Shani’s influence on Ashtami and Navami Tithi, properly worshiping the mother on this day also removes the Shani Dosha. Apart from this, you can also offer cosmetics to women, according to your capacity which will grant you the benefit of continuous good fortune.

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