Sharad Navratri Day 8: Things To Remember Performing Kanya Pujan On Durgashtami!

Sharad Navratri Day 8: During Sharad Navratri, the eighth day, referred to as Ashtami, Maha-Ashtami, or Durgashtami, is significant for the worship of Goddess Mahagauri. In this dedicated Navratri blog, we will delve into the portrayal of Goddess Durga and explore intriguing details about her.

Furthermore, within this special article, we will unveil insights into offerings that can please Goddess Mahagauri on this day, the colors suitable for the worship, the advantages of Goddess worship, the celestial bodies that can be fortified through her reverence, and the various mantras associated with the Goddess. This comprehensive information is provided here for your benefit.

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Sharad Navratri Day 8: Ashtami Or Maha Ashtami

To begin with, let’s delve into the significance of the eighth day of Navratri, commonly known as Ashtami. It is on this day that the Goddess Mahagauri is revered. According to mythological accounts, Goddess Parvati underwent rigorous penance, regardless of the harsh conditions, to win Lord Shiva as her husband. This ordeal resulted in her skin darkening. 

Subsequently, Lord Shiva, pleased with her dedication, purified her by bathing her in the sacred waters of the Ganga River, which restored her complexion to fairness, and she became known as Mahagauri. There is a special significance given to the Ashtami and Navami Tithi of Sharad Navratri.

Sharad Navratri Day 8: Date & Time

Wondering about the timing for the Durga Maha Ashtami Puja in 2023? Well, it falls on October 22, 2023, which happens to be a Sunday.

Ashtami begins on October 21, 2023, at 21:55:15.

Ashtami ends on October 22, 2023, at 20:00:57.

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Sharad Navratri Day 8: Maha Ashtami Puja Vidhi

  • Begin your observance of Ashtami Tithi during Navratri by waking up early and bathing. Take a solemn vow to worship Goddess Mahagauri in her eighth form.
  • Adorn yourself in clean attire and commence the worship.
  • Include essential offerings in the puja such as Chandan, Roli, Mauli (sacred thread), Kumkum, Akshat, Mogra flowers, and other requisite items.
  • Ensure the proper and devoted recitation of the Goddess’ mantras.
  • For this particular day’s puja, present coconuts as they are her favored offering.
  • Recite the Durga Saptashati, Durga Chalisa, and other pertinent prayers.
  • Conclude the ritual with an Aarti, the ceremonial waving of a lamp before the deity.
  • In case of any inadvertent mistakes during the worship, humbly seek forgiveness from the Goddess and express your heartfelt desires to her.
  • On this day, also perform the Kanya Puja, worshipping nine young girls, and during the Sandhi time, observe the mandatory puja of the Goddess.

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The Form of Goddess Mahagauri on Sharad Navratri Day 8

When discussing the appearance of Goddess Mahagauri, it is remarkably simple, elegant, and enchanting. Goddess Mahagauri is described as having an incredibly fair complexion, to the extent that her garments and ornaments are pure white. 

The Goddess possesses four arms and is mounted on a bull. In her right hand, she wields a trishul (trident), while her left-hand takes the form of the abhaya mudra (gesture of fearlessness). In her other left hand, she holds a damaru, while her other hand is extended in the Varada Mudra. The Goddess’ form exudes profound serenity and captivation.

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Sharad Navratri Day 8: Significance

  • On the eighth day of Navratri, known as Ashtami, the worship of Goddess Mahagauri’s eighth form is regarded as exceptionally propitious.
  • This act of venerating Goddess Mahagauri on this day is believed to relieve physical and mental afflictions, ushering in prosperity, wealth, and abundance in one’s life.
  • Goddess Mahagauri is also recognized as Annapurna, the bestower of riches and a source of consciousness, among other attributes.
  • During the puja on this day, offering coconuts to the Goddess is a customary practice. Moreover, observing the Kanya Puja ritual (worship of young girls) is also recommended.
  • Furthermore, participating in the puja on the eighth day of Navratri is thought to bring joy and tranquility to one’s married life.
  • Engaging in the puja of Goddess Mahagauri with the proper rituals is believed to lead individuals onto the path of righteousness.
  • This worship of the Goddess is thought to cleanse one’s life from impure and unethical thoughts, enhancing spiritual purity.
  • Moreover, individuals who struggle with concentration are encouraged to perform Goddess Mahagauri’s puja.

In Sharad Navratri, the eighth day holds special significance for Kanya Puja. While many people perform Kanya Puja on the ninth day, conducting it on Maha Ashtami is considered even more auspicious. It’s crucial to note that without Kanya Puja, the nine-day worship of Goddess Durga remains incomplete.

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Sharad Navratri Day 8: Goddess’ Favorite Bhog

Regarding Goddess Mahagauri’s preferred offerings, as per tradition, it is believed that Goddess Mahagauri has a strong liking for coconuts. Therefore, when conducting the puja on this day, it is essential to incorporate coconuts. Furthermore, any coconut-based dish can also be presented as an offering to the Goddess. This gesture pleases the Goddess promptly, leading to her blessings being bestowed upon her devotees.

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Sharad Navratri Day 8: Favorable Color

Speaking of the auspicious colors associated with the eighth day of Navratri, it is thought that Goddess Mahagauri has a special affinity for the deep purple color, commonly known as “Jamuni.” 

Hence, during the puja on this day, it is recommended to predominantly wear clothing in this shade and include items of this color in the offerings. The Goddess finds joy when you adorn yourself in deep purple attire and incorporate such items in the puja. In addition, incorporating maroon colors and offering Mogra flowers during the puja is also considered propitious.

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Remedies To Perform On Sharad Navratri Day 8

  • On Durgashtami, if you present Devi with a red scarf, five varieties of sweets, candy, and coins, and then kindle a ghee lamp during her puja, seeking prosperity and a blissful married life, and subsequently store the coins in your treasury, it will ensure a life brimming with wealth and abundance, and marital issues will gradually fade away.
  • Moreover, on Maha Ashtami, students aspiring for academic excellence can enhance their focus by offering Devi a garland of cloves and hoisting a flag at the temple. This will lead to a substantial increase in their knowledge and intellectual capabilities.

These are simple remedies accessible to everyone. We hope that by implementing these solutions, you will further enrich your life with happiness and prosperity.

Sharad Navratri Day 8: Kanya Pujan

Now, let’s delve into the topic of Kanya Puja specifically on Maha Ashtami. While many people observe Kanya Puja on the ninth day of Navratri, it’s essential to highlight the significance of performing this ritual on the eighth day, known as Ashtami. It is recommended to extend invitations to girls between the ages of two and ten for this ceremony, as they symbolize the divine form of Goddess Durga. 

Following the Ashtami puja, it is customary to welcome these young girls into your home, respectfully serve them a meal, seek their blessings by touching their feet, and present them with some tokens of goodwill as they leave. By doing so, you not only bring joy to the Goddess but also ensure that her blessings remain a constant presence in your life.

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Sharad Navratri Day 8: Goddess Mahagauri Mantra

Shri Klim Hrim Varadayai Nama:

Lalatam Karno Hum Bijam Patu Mahagauri Mam Netram Ghrano| Kapota Chibuko Phat Patu Svaha Ma Sarvavadano||

Ya Devi Sarvabhu{}Teshu Mam Gauri Rupena Samsthita| Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Nama:||

Shvete Vrrishe Samarudha Shvetambaradhara Shuchih| Mahagauri Shubham Dadyanmahadevapramodada||

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What makes Kanya Puja significant during Navratri?

According to religious beliefs, it is emphasized that the worship of Goddess Durga remains incomplete if Kanya Puja isn’t conducted after the nine-day worship. Furthermore, it’s considered essential to involve a young boy in Kanya Puja because, in this ceremony, the nine young girls are seen as representations of Goddess Durga, while the young boy symbolizes Bhairav Baba.

You may have observed that some individuals include two young boys in Kanya Puja, where one is viewed as Bhairav Baba incarnate, and the other is recognized as Lord Ganesha. This practice is rooted in the understanding that the worship of Lord Ganesha is integral to any Hindu ritual, and Bhairav Baba is regarded as the protector of Goddess Durga.

Hence, to conclude your Navratri worship and ensure its efficacy, it is crucial to perform Kanya Puja on the eighth or ninth day.

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Gift These Items Durin Kanya Pujan As Per Your Zodiac

Aries: Those born under the Aries sign can offer red-colored items as gifts, such as red clothing, hair accessories, clips, or educational materials.

Taurus: Individuals of the Taurus sign can gift girls something white or shiny, including sweets like Rasgulla or Sandesh.

Gemini: People with the Gemini sign can choose green-colored items as gifts, like green clothing, clips, bands, or play-related items.

Cancer: Those belonging to the Cancer sign can provide girls with silver items, such as silver coins or anklets (payals).

Leo: If you’re a Leo, giving girls something made of gold is considered highly auspicious. If gold isn’t an option, brass items like utensils or toys are also suitable.

Virgo: Virgo sign individuals can offer study-related items to the girls during Kanya Puja.

Libra: Those with the Libra sign can present girls with glass or lac bangles or choose decorative items made of bright metals as gifts.

Scorpio: People born under the Scorpio sign can gift girls items related to sports and play during Kanya Puja to bring them good fortune.

Sagittarius: Those with the Sagittarius sign can offer girls items in yellow or blue colors, such as a yellow bag, clothing, sweets, or anything within these color options.

Capricorn: People of the Capricorn sign can provide girls with black or blue items or decorative objects as gifts during Kanya Puja.

Aquarius: Individuals with the Aquarius sign can choose gifts in black or blue colors for the girls.

Pisces: Those born under the Pisces sign can give girls creative or craft-related items as gifts during Kanya Puja.

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Sharad Navratri Day 8: Strengthen This Planet

In astrology, it is a commonly held belief that Goddess Mahagauri has an association with the celestial body known as Rahu. Consequently, the observance of the prescribed rituals on the eighth day of Navratri can effectively strengthen the influence of the Rahu planet within your astrological chart. This practice is thought to be particularly beneficial in counteracting and diminishing any potentially negative or unfavorable effects that Rahu might otherwise exert.

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