Sharad Navratri Day 7: Add 9 Items In Your Hawan To Gain Prosperity & Happiness!

Sharad Navratri Day 7: In this special blog series on Sharad Navratri, we are now advancing to the seventh day, referred to as Saptami, which marks the seventh day of Navratri. In this particular blog installment, we will explore the deity linked with this seventh day of Navratri and discover ways to gain their favor.

Additionally, within this dedicated blog post, we will uncover the proper worship rituals for Navratri’s seventh day. We will delve into the preferred offerings and colors associated with the form of Goddess Durga on this specific day. We’ll also explore methods to enhance the significance of this day and learn about the mantras associated with it. Furthermore, we’ll gain insights into the planetary influence on Navratri Saptami and explore specific remedies to strengthen that planetary influence.

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Sharad Navratri Day 7

On the seventh day of Sharad Navratri, we delve into the worship of Goddess Kaalratri. This deity holds an equivalence to Goddess Parvati. The name of this goddess, when dissected, signifies profound meaning – ‘Kaal’ representing death or time, and ‘Ratri’ signifying night. In this essence, the literal interpretation of her name portrays her as the divine force dispelling darkness and illuminating light.

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Sharad Navratri Day 7: Puja Vidhi

  • To begin the worship on this day, after an early morning bath, you should make a solemn pledge (sankalp) to honor Goddess Kaalratri. 
  • Following this, present offerings such as water, flowers, unbroken rice (akshat), incense, a lamp, incense sticks, additional flowers, fruits, kumkum (vermilion), and sindoor to Goddess Kaalratri, marking the commencement of the puja.
  • While performing the Jaap (chanting), recite the mantras dedicated to Goddess Kaalratri with clear pronunciation.
  • As a bhog to the Goddess, present jaggery (gur).
  • Additionally, include the recitation of Durga Chalisa, Durga Saptashati, and the narrative of Goddess Kaalratri in your worship.
  • Conclude the puja with the aarti.
  • If any inadvertent errors occur during the puja, seek forgiveness from the Mother and express your heartfelt desires to her.

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Sharad Navratri Day 7: The Form Of Goddess Durga

Describing the exquisite form of Goddess Kaalratri, she is portrayed riding atop a donkey, and her complexion bears a dark hue, reminiscent of Lord Krishna. Goddess Kaalratri boasts four arms, with her right hand gesturing the abhaya (blessing) and varada (granting wishes) mudras, while her left hand firmly grasping a sword and a khadag (dagger).

The visage of Goddess Kaalratri is awe-inspiring; her tresses are untamed, and she adorns a luminous necklace resembling a cascade of lightning around her neck. She possesses three eyes. It is crucial to emphasize that the worship of Goddess Kaalratri is believed to obliterate demonic forces, and invoking her name alone is said to dispel all forms of impediments, including demons, specters, and malevolent beings. Hence, Goddess Kaalratri, the vanquisher of malevolence, is revered as an emblem of bravery and valor.

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Sharad Navratri Day 7: Significance 

  • Goddess Kaalratri is renowned for bestowing favorable blessings upon her devoted followers. Through the correct worship of Goddess Kaalratri, even time itself is said to become anxious.
  • Kaalratri Devi not only liberates her devotees from fear but also acts as a shield against untimely death.
  • Additionally, if you find yourself facing adversaries in your life, it is advisable to engage in the worship of Goddess Kaalratri, as her worship is regarded as the most effective means to overcome such challenges.
  • Furthermore, paying homage to this particular manifestation of the Mother is believed to bring about increased prosperity.
  • The worship of Goddess Kaalratri is believed to alleviate fear, suffering, and illnesses in one’s life.
  • Conducting the proper worship of Goddess Kaalratri not only safeguards individuals from impending troubles but also mitigates the adverse effects of Saturn in their birth charts.
  • It is believed that worshiping Goddess Kaalratri can provide deliverance from the fear of untimely death.
  • Moreover, this incarnation of the Goddess is renowned for conferring fame and recognition.

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Sharad Navratri Day 7: Goddess’ Beloved Bhog

On the seventh day of Sharad Navratri, when it comes to the favored offering for Goddess Kaalratri, you can win her favor expeditiously by presenting jaggery (gur) as a sacred Bhog. It is believed that this gesture of offering jaggery swiftly gains the blessings of Goddess Kaalratri.

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Sharad Navratri Day 7: Favorable Color

On the seventh day of Sharad Navratri, the importance of the color red in the worship of Goddess Kaalratri is highlighted. Therefore, incorporating the color red into both the Goddess’s attire and your own clothing is recommended. 

Moreover, presenting her with flowers in her favorite color is encouraged. Additionally, it is highly auspicious to offer the night-blooming jasmine (raat rani) flower to Goddess Kaalratri, as this gesture is believed to help you receive the Goddess’s blessings and favor.

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Puja Vidhi For Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami Tithi

While performing a Hawan after the daily puja during Navratri is a common practice, it holds special significance on the seventh, eighth, and ninth days. Furthermore, it is highly advantageous to include nine sacred items in this Hawan, as it is believed that by incorporating these elements, one can receive the blessings of the Goddess and ensure the well-being of their family.

Here is a list of items that can be included in the Hawan ceremony on the seventh, eighth, and ninth days:

  • Black Pepper: Adding black pepper to the Hawan is thought to boost the devotee’s immunity.
  • Honey: The use of honey in the Hawan is considered exceptionally auspicious for bringing sweetness and prosperity into one’s life.
  • Mustard Seeds: Incorporating mustard seeds into the Hawan performed on these days is believed to ward off enemies and protect against the malevolent gaze.
  • Spinach: Spinach, symbolizing greenery, is thought to bring joy and abundance to one’s home when used in the Hawan.
  • Rice Pudding (Kheer): Goddess Kaalratri has a fondness for rice pudding. Offering kheer in the Hawan on the seventh day is believed to please the Goddess, resulting in blessings of wealth and abundance.
  • Lemon: The inclusion of lemon in the Hawan is believed to have purifying effects and can help eliminate diseases.
  • Halwa: Goddess Kaalratri has a particular liking for halwa. Therefore, using halwa in the Hawan performed on the seventh day is said to quickly please the Goddess, ensuring happiness in one’s life.
  • Lotus Seeds (Kamal Gatta): Using kamal gatta in the Hawan is thought to promote the growth of lineage and its positive attributes. Additionally, children born into such families are considered to have religious and generous natures.
  • Pomegranate: Finally, pomegranate is another item believed to have a place in the Hawan, with the belief that it purifies the blood.

We hope that this information has proven to be useful for you, and you will certainly incorporate it into your life to attain happiness and well-being.

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Sharad Navratri Day 7: Mantra For Goddess Kaalratri

Klim Aim Shrim Kalikayai Nama:

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vichchai Um Kalaratri Daivye Nama:

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Sharad Navratri Day 7: Connection With This Planet

On the subject of celestial bodies, it is said in astrological traditions that Goddess Kaalratri governs the planet Saturn. Consequently, observing the prescribed rituals on this day can empower the influence of Saturn in your birth chart, convert its adverse effects into favorable ones, and provide a safeguard against the Saturn Mahadasha.

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