Navratri Day 7: Do Duly Worship On This And Get Rid Of Shani Dosha!

The seventh day of Sharad Navratri has come, and on this day the seventh form of the mother, Maa Kalratri, is worshiped. Goddess Kalratri is said to prevent untimely death. This is why the Goddess’s name is Kalratri. In addition, the seventh day of Navratri is also known as Durga Saptami, and worshiping the Kalratri form of the Mother on this day brings the desired results.

According to the interpretation of the nature of the Goddess given in the Vedas, Maa Kalratri’s form is horrendous. There is also a name for mother called Shubhankari because Maa Kalratri bestows favorable results on her devotees. Maa Kalratri has four arms, with the first holding a sword, the second an iron scroll, the third in the Varad Mudra, and the fourth in the Abhaya Mudra. Apart from this, the mother rides on the neck.

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Let’s continue to learn all there is to know about the religious rites, rites, and big measures carried out on the seventh day of Navratri through this special blog. Know the proper form of worship as well as the significance of the seventh day of Navratri.

Significance Of Maa Kalratri Worship

Worshiping Maa Kalratri, a very fierce yet extremely holy form, destroys enemies, eliminates sudden barriers in a person’s life, and improves a person’s strength. In addition, by worshiping the mother, fear, accidents, and illnesses are banished from a person’s life, and negative energy has no impact on that person’s life.

Astrologers believe that Maa Kalratri and Saturn have a connection. In this case, if Maa Kalratri is correctly worshiped on the seventh day of Navratri, the Shani dosha present in the horoscope is removed, and if the planet Saturn is afflicted in the horoscope of a person, he gains power.

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Correct Method Of Maa Kalratri’s Worship

  • On this day, after having a bath and other preparations, light a ghee lamp in front of the mother and offer her red flowers.
  • After then, offer jaggery in the worship on this day.
  • Recite Maa Kalratri Mantras.
  • Chant the Durga Saptashati.
  • Keep in mind that worship should not be performed while wearing black clothing or with the intent to cause harm to others.
  • Apart from this, clearly chant the Navarna Mantra: Om aim hrim klim chamundaye vichche.  
  • Finally, perform the mother’s Aarti and convey your desires to her.
  • Distribute the jaggery as a Bhog among everyone after the worship.

More Information: It is believed that the finest time to worship Maa Kalratri is between the hours of 4 and 6 in the morning.

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Maa Kalratri Mantra –

yā devī sarvabhū‍teṣu mā~ kālarātri rūpeṇa saṃsthitā।

namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaḥ॥

Maa Kalratri Mythology 

The myth says that a demon by the name of Raktabeej’s anger had reached an all-time high. He had become so dangerous that not only people but also the gods were becoming concerned about him. Raktabeej was a demon that had the unique ability to create another Asura if even a trace of his blood touched the ground.

All the gods came to Lord Shiva to seek help in this situation after becoming angry with this monster. Only mother Parvati has the power to vanquish the monster, according to Lord Shiva. He then made a request to Maa Parvati, who then created Maa Kalratri with her own power and brilliance.

Following this, when Maa Durga put an end to Raktabeej, Maa Kalratri drank the blood that was gushing from her body, giving the mother her new name of Kalratri. 

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Remedies To Be Performed On 7th Day  

  • On this day, Aries natives should offer   jaggery pudding to the goddess.
  • Taurus natives should perform Havan for the goddess and use black sesame seeds.
  • Gemini natives should offer eight bananas to Goddess Durga.
  • Chanting Om du Durgayi Namah is recommended for those born under the sign of Cancer.
  • On this day, Leos should offer a res apparel to goddess Durga.
  • While worshiping the mother on this day, Virgo natives must dress the goddess in red dress.
  • Libra natives must offer a dessert or something sweet to the goddess. 
  • On this day, those born under the sign of Scorpio should properly worship and convey their wishes to the mother.
  • Sagittarius natives must present curd to the mother during the worship on this day.
  • In such a worship, the Capricorn natives should offer Laddus to the Goddess.
  • Aquarius natives should offer some delicious curd.
  • During this day’s worship, Pisces natives should recite the Durga Chalisa.

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Navratri 7th Day Maha Upay 

The Narvana mantra should be chanted 108 times during worship on the seventh day of Navratri as a powerful remedy. You should offer Maa Kalratri one long during this time. In the end, collect all 108 of the cloves and burn them. Your rivals and enemies are removed from your life by using this wonderful remedy.

Narvana Mantra: Om aim hrim klim chamundaye vichche

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