Shani Trayodashi 2024: Try These Remedies To Get Rid Of Shani Sade Sati!

Shani Trayodashi 2024: In astrology, Saturn, or Shani Dev, is revered as the significator of Karma, bestowing results based on one’s actions. Known as the deity of justice, Saturn ensures that hardworking individuals reap the fruits of their labor, while also imparting the importance of discipline. Those blessed by Shani Dev become responsible individuals, placing their trust in hard work rather than mere fate. 

The date of Shani Trayodashi in 2024 holds significant auspiciousness for seeking the grace and appeasement of Shani Dev. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of this special date.

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Shani Trayodashi 2024: Date & Time

Shani Trayodashi in 2024 falls on Saturday, April 6th. The auspicious time for Pradosh Puja on April 6th is from 6:42 PM to 8:58 PM, with a worship duration of two hours and sixteen minutes. The Trayodashi Tithi begins on April 6th at 10:21 AM and ends on April 7th at 6:56 AM.

From an astrological standpoint, this day holds great significance as two Manglik Yogas are taking shape. Shukla Yoga will be present from 6:14 AM on April 6th to 2:19 AM on April 7th. Additionally, Shubh Yoga will occur from 6:14 AM on April 6th until its commencement at 9:54 AM on April 5th.

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Significance Of Shubh Yoga & Shukla Yoga In Vedic Astrology

On April 6th, a significant event occurs in astrology as a Shubh Yoga forms on the day of Shani Trayodashi. Shubh Yoga holds the 23rd position among the 27 yogas, symbolizing its importance. This auspicious yoga is revered for its ability to bring financial benefits, and endeavors commenced during its influence are likely to prosper.

Individuals born under Shukla Yoga are characterized by their honesty and intelligence. They exhibit a keen interest in gaining knowledge from the Vedas and possess a flair for creativity. Such individuals demonstrate remarkable courage and harbor aspirations for higher education.

Discover more about the significance of Shani Trayodashi and learn how to receive the blessings of Shani Dev on this auspicious day.

The Significance of Shani Trayodashi 2024

This day holds immense auspiciousness for the worship of Shani, granting devotees blessings of peace and prosperity. Performing puja to Shani Dev on this occasion ensures protection from unfortunate events. For those affected by unfavorable Shani placements in their birth charts or undergoing phases like Sade Sati, Ashtama Shani, or Antardasha, worshiping on this Trayodashi is highly recommended to appease Shani Dev.

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What to Do on Shani Trayodashi 2024

  • To counteract the negative impacts of Shani, it is recommended to worship Shani Dev on this Trayodashi.
  • Devotees may choose to observe a fast on this day.
  • Conducting Shani Dosha Puja or Shani Shanti Puja on Shani Trayodashi is beneficial.
  • On this occasion, distribute black-colored clothes to those in need.
  • Provide food to crows and offer meals to underprivileged and impoverished individuals.

Benefits of Worshiping Shani Trayodashi in 2024

Worshiping Shani Dev on this special date grants liberation from sins and mitigates the adverse effects associated with Shani Dev. This day presents an opportunity to seek redemption from past misdeeds. Devotees who perform worship on this day attain excellent health and prosperity, as Shani Dev protects them from illnesses and vanquishes their enemies.

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Astrological Remedies for Shani Trayodashi in 2024

  • On Shani Trayodashi 2024, you can appease Shani Dev and diminish his malefic influence through various astrological remedies. 
  • Anoint the idol of Shani Dev with oil on Shani Trayodashi. 
  • To appease Shani, procure some black sesame seeds, a packet of 100 grams of ginger oil, a kilogram of coal, a black ribbon, 8 iron nails, and offerings to donate to the temple priest. 
  • You can also immerse these items in flowing water. 
  • Avoid purchasing oil, leather, umbrellas, and offerings on this day. 
  • Distribute rice with salt to the poor and chant the mantra of Shani Dev on Shani Trayodashi 2024: “Om Pram Prim Praum Sah Shanaishcharaya Namah.”

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3 Zodiac Signs That Are Saturn’s Beloved!

Among the 12 zodiac signs, certain signs hold a special place in Lord Shani’s heart, and this blog will enlighten you about these fortunate signs. Let’s delve deeper into which zodiac signs are favored by Lord Shani and upon which signs he bestows special blessings.


Individuals born under the sign of Libra are greatly favored by Lord Shani. When Saturn occupies a favorable position in this sign, those with Libra as their zodiac sign consistently experience positive outcomes. They embody qualities of hard work, compassion, and honesty. Through the grace of Lord Shani, they find success in their endeavors, leading lives brimming with happiness, peace, and prosperity.

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The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. Those born under this sign consistently receive Saturn’s blessings and grace. They are ambitious and dedicated to achieving their goals, encountering fortune in their pursuits without encountering obstacles. Saturn molds Capricorns into determined and hardworking individuals.

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The ruling planet of Aquarius is also Saturn. Individuals born under this sign exhibit virtues of honesty, patience, and virtue. They encounter minimal financial hardships in their lives and, with Saturn’s grace, find success in their endeavors. Aquarians garner respect, honor, and prestige within society.

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