Shani Jayanti 2024- Note Down The Correct Date & Muhurat Of This Day

Hindus believe that the celebration of Shani Jayanti has special significance. Saturn is duly worshiped on this day. For your knowledge, Shani Jayanti is observed twice a year, once in the month of Jyeshtha and once in the month of Vaishakh. This blog post will provide you with information on this year’s Shani Jayanti celebration date, as well as what actions, even if unintentional, should be avoided on this auspicious day. You will also learn about the zodiac sign-based remedies that can help you achieve Shani Dev’s happiness. Get details about some really fascinating and amazing topics.

When Is Shani Jayanti 2024?  

As previously mentioned, Shani Jayanti is observed twice a year. Some locations commemorate Shani Jayanti on the day of Vaishakh Amavasya, while other locations celebrate it on the Jyeshtha Amavasya month. This year, May 8th is Vaishakh Amavasya and June 6th is Jyeshtha Amavasya. Because of this, Shani Jayanti will be observed on these two days in various locations.

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Shani Jayanti Significance 

The scriptures hold that the celebration of Shani Jayanti has special importance. On this day, the birth anniversary of Sun‘s son Shanidev is celebrated. According to astrology, Shani Dev is known as the deity of justice since he rewards people based on their good acts. People whose deeds are good do not need to fear Shanidev at all. Instead, Saturn multiplies their efforts and raises them from the lowest classes to the positions of royalty. On the other hand, those who have committed bad deeds must fear Shani Dev in all respects. Those people needs to be terrified, as they will undoubtedly face Saturn’s wrath.

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Let’s now explore the best way to worship Shani Dev on Shani Jayanti in order to reduce Shani’s negative effects. In addition, on the day of Shani Jayanti, a lot of people fast in honor of Shani Dev. One should fast on the day of Shani Jayanti, visit the temple of Lord Shani, and offer mustard oil, black sesame seeds, blue flowers, and shami leaves, especially if one has Shani Dosh in their horoscope or if Saturn is in a weak position. 

The Shani Jayanti celebration is highly significant in Sanatan Dharma. On this day, worshiping Shani Dev provides relief from the negative effects of Shani’s Dhaiya and Sadesati. In addition, worshiping Shanidev brings prosperity and advancement in one’s career and business.

Shani Dev Jayanti 2024: Auspicious Muhurat 

Let’s talk about the auspicious time first. Vaishakh Amavasya in 2024 will begin at 11:40 am on May 7 and end at 8:40 am on May 8. This is the reason behind the celebration of Shani Jayanti on May 8. Regarding the timing of the Shani Puja, it will take place in the evening from 5 pm to 7 pm. 

The fortunate period will change if we discuss Shani Jayanti of Jyeshtha month, or Shani Jayanti on June 6. June Amavasya in 2024 will begin at 7:54 on June 5 and end at 6:07 on June 6.

Shani Jayanti Folklore 

Sangya, the daughter of King Daksh, was Sun’s wife. Manu, Yamraj, and Yamuna are the three children of Sun God. Mythology states that Sangya once brought up the issue of the sun’s brightness with her father Daksh. Then, King Daksh disregarded what his daughter had said. You are now the superior half of Sun God, he said. When her father said this, Sangya used the strength of her penance to disclose her shadow and gave her the name Savarna.

After that, Surya Dev’s wife Sanjya Chaya gave birth to Shani Dev. Shani Dev has a very dark skin tone. Surya Dev refused to accept Shani Dev as his son after realizing that Savarna was not his better half. As a result, Shani Dev became enraged and casted his eyes at the Sun God, turning him black and causing darkness to spread throughout the entire universe. The Sun God, troubled, went to Lord Shiva. After Lord Shiva asked him to say sorry to the shadow, the Sun God had to ask the shadow for forgiveness so Shani’s rage could free him.

Shani Jayanti Correct Puja Ritual

If we talk about Puja ritual

  • On the occasion of Shani Jayanti, after taking bath in the morning, visit Shani temple and offer mustard oil to Shani Dev.
  • Offer Shani Dev some black clothing on this specific occasion.
  • Following that, offer iron, urad dal, and black sesame.
  • Donate shoes, umbrellas, or even clothing to the underprivileged if possible. 

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Strictly Avoid These Activities On Shani Jayanti 2024

  • When worshiping Shani Dev, never use copper utensils. In reality, the Sun and Saturn have a hostile connection, and copper is connected to the Sun. Use of copper utensils in their worship is forbidden, despite the fact that they are rivals in spite of being father and son.
  • To ward off Shani Dev’s evil eye, avoid standing directly in front of him and avoid staring into his eyes. You should always face west when worshiping Shani Dev. 
  • On the day of Shani Jayanti, avoid purchasing salt, iron, or oil. Purchase it the day before and keep it at home, even if you wish to donate.
  • If you purchase or bring home anything associated with Shani on the day of Shani Jayanti, problems will undoubtedly arise in your life.
  • On the day of Shani Jayanti, never, ever intentionally disturb an animal or bird.
  • Avoid consuming non-vegetarian food or using alcohol on Shani Jayanti day to avoid offending Shani Dev. 
  • On Shani Jayanti, do not, under any circumstances, cause difficulty for the weak and impoverished. Avoid bothering Shani Dev in particular, as he is said to be the guardian of the impoverished. 

Religious Significance Of Shani Jayanti  

There is an extremely particular meaning to the Shani Jayanti occasion. It is believed that Shanidev is a devoted follower of Lord Shiva. He is also regarded as the master of professions like business and service. It’s believed that havoc erupts wherever Shani Dev directs his gaze. There is a story that Hanuman ji released Lord Shani from the jail that Ravana had put him in. Shanidev then expressed gratitude by declaring that anyone who worships Bajrangbali fervently will never experience Shani Dosha. Furthermore, these individuals will always have Shani Dev’s blessings.

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Perform Zodiac Wise Remedies On Shani Jayanti 2024

Aries: People of Aries zodiac sign should donate mustard oil or black sesame seeds during the day of Shani Jayanti.

Taurus: People born under the sign of Taurus should donate black blankets to the underprivileged and needy on the day of Shani Jayanti.

Gemini: Offer the elderly some presents and show them respect on the day of Shani Jayanti. In addition, visit the Shani temple and make donations in honor of Shani Dev. 

Cancer: On the day of Shani Jayanti, people born under the sign of Cancer should donate clothing, black sesame, urad, and mustard oil to the underprivileged. 

Leo: On the day of Shani Jayanti, those born under the sign of Leo should worship Hanuman ji, then Shani Dev and donate shade.

Virgo: On the day of Shani Jayanti, those born under this sign should visit a Shani temple to worship Shani and recite the Shani mantra.

Libra: On the day of Shani Jayanti, anyone born under the sign of Libra should worship Shani Dev. Afterwards, donate blankets, sesame seeds, black or blue clothing, and other necessities to those in need.

Scorpio: On the day of Shani Jayanti, worship Lord Hanuman. Serve the black dog after the Pooja.

Sagittarius: On the day of Shani Jayanti, those born under this sign should worship the peepal tree and burn a mustard oil lamp.

Capricorn and Aquarius: Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius individuals. In this case, after performing the ritual worship on the day of Shani Jayanti, donate the things dear to Shani to the people in need. 

Pisces: On the day of Shani Jayanti, Pisces should donate yellow clothing, turmeric, and saffron. If at all possible they should also recite the Vishnu Chalisa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: In 2024, when is Shani Jayanti?

Answer: In 2024, Shani Jayanti falls on May 8th during the Vaishakh month, and June 6th during the Jyeshtha month.

Ques: How to please Shani Dev in 2024?

Answer: On the day of Pradosh Vrat, worship Lord Shani Dev every evening. Light a mustard oil lamp and place it under the peepal tree to receive his blessings.

Question: What one must do on Shani Jayanti?

Answer: On the day of Shani Jayanti, get up early, take a bath, duly worship Shani Dev, visit its temple, and offer mustard oil to obtain freedom from Shani Dosh.

Question: What color clothes to wear on Shani Jayanti?

Answer: The favorite color of Shani Dev is considered to be black. In such a situation, if you wish, you can wear black colored clothes on the day of Shani Jayanti, this will definitely appease Shani Dev.

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