Shani Dosha: Find Out What It Is And How To Handle This Dosha!

Shani Dosha: Saturn, the deity of justice, punishes those who commit wrongful deeds while bestowing blessings upon the righteous.

Considered a disciple of Lord Shiva, Saturn is revered as the god of justice, overseeing the consequences of our actions. He rewards those who perform good deeds and penalizes those who indulge in wrongdoing. But what exactly is Shani Dosha? Many people are unaware of it, but various astrological scriptures mention different types of doshas, one of which is the Shani Dosha. In astrology, Saturn is considered a malefic planet, and having a Shani Dosha in one’s birth chart can lead to various challenges.

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This blog by AstroSage will discuss Shani Dosha in detail, along with its symptoms in a horoscope, and remedies to handle this dosha. So without further ado, let us start with our blog!

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Saturn As Per Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Saturn, known as “Shani,” holds a significant and profound influence over one’s life. Considered the planet of karma and discipline, Saturn’s position in a birth chart can shape various aspects of an individual’s life, guiding their experiences and lessons.

Saturn’s influence is closely linked to the concept of karma, emphasizing the principle of cause and effect. Its placement in a birth chart reflects the consequences of past actions and deeds. Those who have diligently worked towards their goals and acted with integrity are likely to experience favorable Saturn transits, leading to achievements and recognition.

On the other hand, if Saturn reveals itself in a less favorable position, it may signal the need for individuals to confront unresolved karmic issues or address areas in life where they have been negligent. This often demands patience and persistence, as Saturn’s energy doesn’t yield results overnight. However, through determination and self-discipline, one can overcome the challenges and eventually find harmony and success.

Saturn’s “Sade Sati” period, which occurs when it transits the 12th, 1st, and 2nd houses from one’s Moon sign, is particularly noteworthy. This seven-and-a-half-year phase can bring significant transformations and profound life lessons, testing an individual’s resilience and adaptability.

What is the Shani Dosha?

Saturn is a slow-moving planet, and when it occupies a certain unfavorable position in the birth chart, it leads to hardships. This can manifest in different forms, such as Saturn’s Sade Sati or its Dhaiya, both of which are considered Shani Doshas.

When Saturn is in an angered state or becomes a punitive deity, it is also referred to as the Shani Dosha. Even if Saturn is placed unfavorably in the 3rd, 7th, or 10th house of the birth chart, it can bring several troubles into one’s life. Saturn’s three aspects, namely the 3rd, 7th, and 10th aspects, can cause afflictions wherever they fall, creating difficulties for the native.

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Indications of Shani Dosha In Your Horoscope

The most common indications of Shani Dosha include obstacles in work, the burden of debts, incidents of fire in the home, or parts of the house collapsing. Other signs include premature hair loss, eye problems, and pain in the ears and feet. When afflicted by Shani Dosha, a person might experience an unexpected increase in workload and responsibilities.

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Remedies for Shani Dosha

There are several remedies for Shani Dosha. 

  • Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa in the temple every Tuesday and Saturday is recommended. 
  • Offering sesame seeds and water to the Shivling every Saturday is considered beneficial. 
  • To seek Saturn’s blessings, some people even donate mustard oil after seeing their reflection in it.

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It is important to recognize Shani Dosha early on to implement appropriate remedies and seek blessings to alleviate its impact on one’s life. With devotion and the right actions, one can mitigate the malefic effects of Saturn and lead a more harmonious life.

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