Saturn Direct in Capricorn: Know Which Changes Are In Store!

The pious occasion of Navratri has begun and in this duration only, the planet Saturn is going to change its movement. This means that the planet which is in it’s retrograde motion is going to be direct very soon. As per Vedic astrology, whenever any planet changes its movement or its Nakshatra and zodiac sign i.e. goes from retrograde to direct, from rising to combust, or from debilitated to exalted, then in such a situation, there are many changes which can be noticed in the country, world and individual lives.

So let us now find out the date and timings of the planet Saturn changing its movement.  What effect and changes is it going to have on the country, the world, politics, business, share market and our lives. We will find all these out in the upcoming sections of this blog. 

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When is Saturn Going Direct? 

If we talk about the timings of Saturn direct, then the planet Saturn will go direct in Capricorn on October 11, 2021 at 3:44 am.

Saturn Direct

Whenever we talk about the direct motion of planets, then it inherently refers to the process of a planet coming back to direct motion after being retrograde. In such a situation, Shani Margi or Saturn direct also refers to the fact that the planet Saturn which was retrograde in Capricorn, is returning back to it’s straight motion now. In the domain of Vedic astrology, the movement of Saturn is considered to be a very important event. Now, it is quite possible that natives who have been facing difficulties on account of Saturn’s retrograde movement may get some relaxation and relief when the planet will go direct on the 11th of October. 

In the domain of astrology, the planet Saturn has the status of a malefic planet and at this time, it is currently moving in a retrograde motion in Capricorn. On October 11, Saturn will go direct and start moving in a straight motion. For the uninitiated, let us tell you that the planet Saturn moves in the slowest manner in the realm of astrology. It takes about two and a half years to transit from one zodiac sign to another.

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The Planet Saturn in Astrology & Its Impacts

Many people are of the belief that Saturn is a cruel and malefic planet. The truth is otherwise and we will throw some light on this particular topic today. In the world of astrology, the planet Saturn is known as the Karmphal Data i.e., the provider of justice. That is, the planet Saturn offers fruits to a person as per his/her deeds. Those people who have done well in life get auspicious results, while those whose deeds are not good, get punished by Shani instead. According to astrology, people who commit good deeds get auspicious results even during Shani’s Sadesati and Dhaiya.

Information : Currently, Saturn Dhaiya is active for the natives of Gemini and Libra, and Saturn’s Sade Sati is active for natives of Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. In such a situation, it is quite possible that Saturn’s next movement will have more effect on these zodiac signs.

Saturn Direct : Impact on India & the World

  • Make in India policy will get a good push and people will start adapting the approach moving ahead.
  • Some big developments are expected in the economic sector of the country. 
  • There will be an increase in the number of industries to make India a big manufacturing hub.
  • India will become more potential and equipped to beat China in terms of global production.
  • There will be major investments from foreign sources in India, which will uplift the production and the IT sector.
  • Some short term lapses will be witnessed in the policies of the government but in the long term there will be some progress in the schemes and old policies which were not working previously.
  • Government will not be able to fulfill the demands of the farmers and common people, which may devalue their image in front of the commoners despite making efforts for the general welfare.
  • India will be strong and in good positions diplomatically and their trade terms with foreign countries may grow strong.
  • There will be slight improvement in the conditions of unemployment.
  • New changes will be observed in the economy of the country.
  • Infrastructure companies will witness a good boom as the investment in this sector will increase.
  • There will be an upsurge in the stock of goods, heavy metals and the oil sector.
  • In terms of this pandemic, then in the upcoming times, the recovery of the diseases will be slow and the post diseases effects will not quite be in control. 
  • The virus and infections will spread despite taking a number of measures.

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Astrological Remedies Associated with Saturn

Shani or Saturn doesn’t offer the same results to every individual. The nature of Saturn and the results which are propagated under the influence of Saturn depends on planetary Yogas, Mahadasha(major periods), Antardasha(sub periods), etc. of the person’s birth chart. If the planet Saturn is situated in a weak or malefic state in a person’s horoscope, then such an individual has to face troubles and difficulties. Also, Shani Dev is unable to provide full fledged results to a person. Hence, we advise you to provide certain remedies to observe which are associated with Saturn.

  • Make a practice of using more and more dark colors in your life and avoid buying things related to rubber, iron, etc. on Saturday. But, this should be avoided if Saturn is present in an auspicious state in the Kundli. 
  • Donate whole Urad(black lentils), iron, sesame seeds, black clothes etc. to the needy and labourers in the afternoon or evening during the Hora of Saturn/Shani on Saturday.
  • Wear a Blue Sapphire gemstone, but only after taking a consultation from a learned and knowledgeable astrologer. This auspicious gemstone helps one to earn the positive results of the planet Saturn.
  • Do not disrespect any weak, helpless or an oppressed person. Because of this, Shani Dev gets enraged and then none can save you from his wrath.
  • Worship your parents, Gurus, deities, and observe fasts and conduct, charity etc. on Saturdays.
  • Chant ॐ शं शनिश्चरायै नमः/ oṃ śaṃ śaniścarāyai namaḥ .
  • You should visit a Shani Temple on Saturdays and offer water to a Peepal tree and also light a lamp under it. Along with this, one must worship Lord Hanuman. It is said that even by doing so, a person earns auspicious results related to the planet Saturn.
  • If there is a presence of any Shani Dosha in your horoscope then reciting the Shiv Chalisa would bring beneficial results.

Apart from this, we are also suggesting some remedies which can be implemented by natives as per their zodiac signs. 

Aries: Conduct the Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva on Saturdays.

Taurus: Chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

Gemini: Reciting the Neel Shani Stotra composed by Maharaj Dasaratha will prove to be beneficial.

Cancer: Fill some oil in an iron bowl, see your shadow in it and then donate it.

Leo: Donate black sesame seeds and whole Urad Daal(black lentils).

Virgo: Chant the Beej Mantra of Shani Dev, but make sure that your pronunciation is clear.

Libra: Water a Shami tree and worship it.

Scorpio: Worship and offer your services to the poor and needy.

Sagittarius: Feed sugar and flour to ants.

Capricorn: Recite the Neel Shani Stotra composed by Maharaj Dasaratha.

Aquarius: Wear a Sapphire gemstone after consulting a learned astrologer.

Pisces: Give love and respect to the ones who are both elder and younger to you.

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