Saturn Direct Forms Shash Rajyoga In 2024: Who Will Benefit?

In 2024, many important planets will be making transits several times and due to their change in positions, all 12 signs of the zodiac will be affected. In 2024, the lord of justice, Saturn will move to his Mool Trikon sign which is Aquarius. The placement of Saturn in Aquarius creates the Shash Mahapurush Rajyoga. In Vedic astrology, this yoga is considered highly auspicious and this time Shash Rajyoga is going to benefit from some of the zodiac signs.  According to astrological calculations , the Shash yoga formation in 2024 will bring financial luck to some zodiac signs  and because of this yoga, the natives of these particular signs will be able to finish their unfinished work.

So read on to know which signs will benefit from the Shash Rajyoga in 2024 but before that have a look at what Shash Rajyoga really means.

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What is Shash Rajyoga? 

When Saturn is placed in moon’s central house or in the ascendant house of a horoscope; in other words when Saturn is placed in the first, fourth or tenth house of the horoscope, or moon is in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, then Shash Rajyoga is formed. 

In Vedic astrology, this yoga is considered very auspicious. Due to the effect of this yoga, a person lives his life king size. These people do not face financial troubles. Let us now read to find out which signs will be getting lucky with the formation of Shash Rajyoga in 20204.


Shash Rajyoga will be formed in the Karma house of the Taurus natives. The effect of this yoga will be visible in your business. You will be bestowed with Midas touch. Those doing business will be seen expanding their business. Your marital life will be full of bliss. If you are preparing for competitive exams, then you will be successful this time. Those in the job will receive appreciation and there are chances of promotion. Those who are looking for a job, they will be getting good opportunities.If you are an engineer or working in the IT sector, then you will receive profits during this period. 

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Shash Rajyoga will be formed in the seventh house of Leo natives. You will get happiness in your marital life due to this yog and both of you will get to know each other and understand each other even better. There will be cooperation between both of you. You will get support from your partner in your work life. Those who are doing their work cleverly will have good times. You have chances of buying a vehicle and a house. Apart from this, this year your financial state will be very strong.  

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Shash Rajyoga will be formed in the ascendant house of Aquarius natives. There are chances that this yoga will bring good fortune to Aquarius natives. You will find courage and a heightened self confidence during these times.This period is also going to be good for your career. You will get new opportunities in your job. This period will make your very ambitious. There will be happiness in your marital life and there will be cooperation and love between husband and wife. Single people will find their life partners during this time. There is a chance of improvement at your workplace.

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