Indicators of Shani Dev’s Malefic Presence in Your Kundli!

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In the realm of astrology, Shani Dev or the planet Saturn is given the tag of “Karmfal Data”, which means the ‘just’ provider of our actions. While on the one hand, when Saturn is present in an inauspicious position in a person’s horoscope, then such an individual has to face all kinds of troubles and problems in life, on the other hand, the auspicious Shani present in the horoscope can also make the rags to riches story a reality.

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Although many times it so happens that people do not realize that Saturn is raging on them and in such a way, we inadvertently repeat the same mistakes, due to which Saturn’s wrath tends to become stronger. So, with the help of this blog today, we will try to decipher what are the symptoms  of  the ongoing Saturn’s wrath in one’s life and the remedies to subdue it. 

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Crucial Indications of Shani Dev’s Malefic Presence in One’s Horoscope

  • If a person’s shoes, slippers are repeatedly broken or lost, then it indicates that Shani Dosh is present in that person’s horoscope.
  • Apart from this, if your debt amount continuously increases, then it also indicates that Saturn’s malefic presence is ongoing in your life.
  • People whose hair, teeth and eyes prematurely weak also indicate that Shani Dev’s presence is inauspicious in the Kundli. However, in many cases these things can also be caused by some underlying disease. In such a situation, it is advisable to consult a learned astrologer and get your horoscope checked in this regard. You can call our expert astrologers for the necessary consultations.
  • Apart from this, according to astrology, if a person goes through rapid hair fall, then it is also an indication that Saturn has adverse effects on that person’s life.
  • The color of the forehead of the person starts changing when Saturn’s malefic effects are endorsed in a person’s horoscope.
  • Due to the inauspicious effects of Saturn, things turn awry in a person’s family, business or job, and the person’s professional life also starts deteriorating.
  • If a person’s mind suddenly starts inclining towards immoral deeds, then it is also an indication that Saturn is in an inauspicious position in one’s horoscope.
  • Also, if someone’s eating habits suddenly change and if a person suddenly starts leaning towards bitter, oily spices or non-vegetarian food, then it should be understood that this is happening due to Saturn’s wrath.
  • Apart from this, another indication of Saturn’s inauspiciousness is that it is often seen that people start lying more and there is a feeling of anger and frustration in them.

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In such a situation, if you see these changes inside a member of your family, then it should be understood that Saturn is sitting malefically in the person’s horoscope. Let us now know about some remedies which can be implemented to get rid of Saturn’s wrath. 

Saturn Remedies : Ways to Get Rid of Shani Dosha 

  • Those whose horoscope is undergoing Shani Dhaiya or Shani Sade Sati are advised to tie the root of a Shami tree in a black cloth and tie it in the right hand during the evening on Saturday.
  • It is very fruitful to worship Mahadev to reduce or remove Saturn’s wrath from life.
  • If Saturn is raging in your life, then you are advised to read Shiva Sahastranam and Shiva Panchakshari Mantra. By doing this, negative results of Saturn begin to end.
  • Apart from this, to get rid of Saturn’s wrath, it is advisable to read the Sunderkand Paath daily.
  • If possible, offer some sweet Prasadam in the temple as per your capability.
  • Plant a Shami tree in your house and worship it regularly.
  • On Saturday, light a lamp of sesame oil on Shani Dev and recite the Shani source.

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Remedies to Appease Shani Dev on Saturday

  • Make a rule to visit Shani temple every Saturday.
  • Worship Shani Dev with a sincere heart and pray to him for his blessings.
  • Donating on Saturday is considered very fruitful. In this case, you can donate mustard seeds, oil, Urad dal(black lentils)and black cloth.
  • Try and avoid buying Iron on Saturday.
  • On Saturday, take some mustard oil in a bowl. Look at your face in this oil and then donate this oil (Chaya Daan). 
  • Also, avoid wearing any Sapphire gem without knowing it. Even if someone has advised you to wear Sapphire gemstone, then in such a situation, wear the gemstone only after following the entire rituals and rules.

Also, know which gem can prove to be auspicious for you? To get information about this, ask questions to our esteemed astrologers.

Apart from this, if you wish, you wish to get more and more fruitful benefits from the planet Saturn, then you can follow some more remedies mentioned below. 

  • Avoid doing any kind of unfair work in life.
  • Avoid lying.
  • Avoid committing wrongdoings against people and avoid talking wrong about people. This is because Shani Dev is considered to be the God of justice, keep your work good in such a way that Shani Dev will give you auspicious results.
  • Always respect the elders.
  • Offer water to the Peepal tree and light a lamp under it.
  • Always respect women.
  • Worship Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman.
  • According to your abilities, keep performing charity.
  • Stay away from bad and negative things as much as possible.
  • Make blue more and more involved in your life. You can also include blue as a blue cloth or as a sheet and curtain in your home.

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