Beware! Habit Of Shaking The Leg Could Bring Bad Luck!

Today in this blog, we will briefly discuss the Bad Habit of Shaking Leg and its negative impact on a person’s fortune and health. In this blog, we will also discuss how a person could get rid of this habit along with its adverse impact on natives’ life both scientifically and astrologically. Also, you will learn about the reasons for developing this habit and effective solutions to quit this bad habit of shaking your legs right away!

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An individual learns several things throughout his life. We receive the most teachings from the elders of the family, which are particularly helpful in life. One such lesson is that the children should not shake their legs when seated, which is something the elders of the house repeatedly teach the kids. These teachings of elders are beyond our understanding. However, it is quite harmful for their fortune and health.

Disadvantages Of Shaking Leg As Per Astrology

  • According to astrology, those who sit and shake their feet become poor because of this behaviour. This type of foot movement annoys Maa Lakshmi. It decreases a person’s level of happiness, success, and wealth.
  • The rewards of worship are not received by those who shake their feet while chanting, praying, or engaging in any other religious practices. Their worship and supplications are useless.
  • Additionally, shaking your legs while sitting has been characterised as lacking confidence. The natives are negatively impacted by this.
  • Astrology states that when the legs are shaken, the wealth that has been accumulated by the natives begins to be destroyed. Because Maa Lakshmi does not appreciate behaving this way.

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Disadvantages Of Shaking Leg As Per Science

  • While seated, moving the legs can hurt the joints. 
  • The nerves in the legs experience the opposite impact. There could be foot pain. 
  • Furthermore, These individuals could also develop heart issues. According to science, moving your legs in this manner can result in a heart attack. 
  • In medical science, the condition of constantly moving one’s legs is referred to as “Restless Legs Syndrome” (RLS). So it is always advisable to avoid this bad habit of shaking your legs.
  • Those individuals who continuously shake their legs are detrimental to sleep as well. Such individuals nevertheless struggle with insomnia.

Possible Reasons People Develop Bad Habit Of Shaking Leg 

Shaking your legs is a sign that you’re probably bored, anxious, tense, or stressed. Stimulants, complementary medicines, and particular medical problems can also cause leg shaking.

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Boredom:  One of the worst stimuli is boredom. To put it another way, it’s one of our bodies’ ways of letting us know that the current activity isn’t stimulating us enough. By shaking our legs, we can get a little stimulation to break up the monotony and ease some of the stress of being motionless. Others may find the shaking and leg movement irritating.

Focus: Some people engage in it when concentrating on a task, a problem, or while attempting to absorb information or while they study, write, or operate a computer, they move their legs. 

Anxiety: Your body may unintentionally shake your legs as it attempts to balance your emotions. Shaking can be a release for anxiety, almost like dopamine, because nerves can be a major contributor to the condition. For instance, your legs may shake as a release for your worry while the rest of your body presents a collected and confident demeanour if you are anxious about a meeting but need to appear composed and confident. When dealing with both mild and severe anxiety, tremors can occasionally be the only suitable release. Running, yelling, losing it, or engaging in any other fight-or-flight behaviour is socially undesirable in places like a courtroom or a hospital waiting room.

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Effective Ways To Quit The Bad Habit Of Shaking Leg

  1. Change Your Body Posture:  While our body language can reveal a lot about our thoughts and feelings, modifying it can also assist us change our internal states. Similar to folding your hands in your lap, a confined stance involves folding your legs at the ankles or crossing one at a straight angle across the other knee. You can regain some inner calm by maintaining this posture while taking slow, steady breaths. When you’re in public, don’t stress about doing breathing exercises; instead, focus on taking slow, deep breaths.
  2. Attempt New Things: If you frequently find yourself shaking your legs out of boredom, look for fresh stimulation. For some situations, taking notes, scribbling on paper, or even creating a song or poetry, can be enjoyable activities. In some cases, you may find it helpful to distract yourself from your boredom by chewing gum or taking a mint. You can play with a variety of small fidget toys in your hand or under the table to help which could help you remain quiet and still.
  3. Talk about your feelings: Ask yourself what you might be worried about if you shake your legs when you’re anxious. What exactly makes you fearful? What’s causing you the most anxiety right now? When experiencing any of these feelings, how do you behave? Once you’ve determined what causes your motions, you can work on teaching your body to react differently when those triggers come into play. This is sometimes challenging and time-consuming, but it is doable. The secret is to prepare in advance and practise in less stressful circumstances. If you follow the advice above, you’ll gradually be able to exert more control over your motions in stressful situations.
  4. Take Proper Sleep: Your body will naturally experience a loss of energy and motivation if you don’t get enough sleep at night. Leg shaking may result from irritation and worry caused by this. Consider scheduling an extra hour or two of sleep and seeing how you feel afterwards; it might help with your shaking leg.

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