Shadashtak Yoga In Aries: These 3 Zodiacs Should Get Careful Or Else…

Shadashtak Yoga In Aries: In this another prominent blog by AstroSage, we are going to discuss Shadashtak yoga in Aries due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Ketu and how this yoga is asking certain zodiac signs to be careful. 

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As per the Vedic astrology, the planetary transits and positions affect the lives of the natives and the entire world as well. Two or more planets when forming a union are called conjunction or yogas, and they can either be favorable or unfavorable for the people. Today, we are going to talk about the conjunction of Jupiter and Ketu forming in Aries.  

Ketu is a shadow planet and after a certain period of time, it also changes its zodiac sign. It stays in zodiac signs around 16 months. And, takes another 18 months to come back to the same zodiac signs. On 30th October, 2023, Ketu will enter Virgo, where it will stay till 2025. In such circumstances, Ketu will form a conjunction with other planets or will aspect a house. On the other hand, the lord of Gods, Jupiter is residing in Aries. So, Jupiter is situated in the eighth house from Ketu and Ketu is situated in the sixth house at a distance from Jupiter and this will form an inauspicious yoga “Shadashtak yoga” between Jupiter and Ketu. And, this yoga will end on 1st May. 

The formation of Shadashtak yoga in Aries is believed to be good from some zodiacs and a threat to others. So, without further ado, let’s find out if you are one of the zodiacs that are getting negatively affected by this yoga. 

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What is Shadashtak Yoga In Astrology? 

According to Vedic Astrology, the Shadashtak yoga refers to the combination or union of two planets when they are positioned at a 6-8 angle (one-sixth of the zodiac) from each other. This planetary alignment is considered noteworthy as it showcases a clash of the energies between the planets involved. 

The term “Shadashtak” derives from the Sanskrit words “shad” and “ashtak” meaning six and eight respectively, also reflecting the relationship between the two planets. Due to this yoga, the conflicting energies can create obstacles and challenges in various aspects of life, including relationships, career, and health. 

Shadashtak Yoga In Aries: These Zodiacs Need To Be More Careful! 


The Aries natives need to be more careful because of the formation of Shadashtak yoga as they may have to bear a lot of challenges on their way. Financially, they may not be able to pay off an old loan and can even get disturbed due to unnecessary expenses. There are speculations that the loan may keep increasing. They should also be careful in the matters concerning their health and apart from all of these, they may even get involved in a legal matter. There are chances of disputes between the family member and the natives will not be able to enjoy the favorability of Ketu. Nevertheless, there can be an increased interest in spirituality. 

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Cancer natives need to be careful from Shadashtak yoga till the time it ends, i.e, 1st of May. Because of the formation of this yoga in the tenth house, Ketu may not be in their favor. There may be a lot of personal challenges for the Cancer natives like, unreasonable disputes between siblings and due to bad communication and speech, a lot of relationships may get affected. Even if you said something nice or meant to say something nice, it will be taken wrong only. There can also be problems between the family. Also, the natives may travel without a reason and the employed natives need to be careful during this time because this period might be harmful for you. 

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This period may be filled with a lot of problems for Saggitarius natives and they need to be very careful. The employed natives should be watchful of the hindrances and challenges that may come in their way at the workplace and they may even lose focus which will affect their success and growth. There are even chances of obstacles in government work. Apart from this, the natives who are running their business will have to think wisely and a lot of times before making a decision. 

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