September 2023: Know The Significance Of This Month In Hindu Religion!

September 2023: The month of September i.e. the ninth of the year and is going to start in a couple of days. It is obvious in this situation that many questions related to this month would be arising in your mind. We are providing you with all the important information and small-big things related to this month through this blog. Also, know why September is going to be special for you.

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Other than this, in this blog, we’ll provide all the correct details about the individuals born in September month. It also includes accurate facts on fasting festivals of this month, the planetary transits, bank holidays, & appropriate predictions for all the 12 zodiacs and also remedies as per your zodiac sign. We hope that you get answers to all your questions through this blog. So, without delay let’s check how the month of September is going to be for you.

First of all, if we talk about Hindu months, then the months of Bhadrapada and Ashwin fall in September. As per Hindu Panchang, the Hindu month starts after Bhadrapada and according to the Hindu calendar, Ashwin month is considered the seventh month of the year. Normally, the Ashwin month falls in September to October. Other than this, the month is considered vital as the events like Pitrupaksha, Sharadiya Navratri, and Dussehra start in the Ashwin month.

Like all Hindu months, there are two Shukla and Krishna Pakshas in the Ashwini month. The Shraddha or Pitrupaskha is celebrated in Krishna Paksha and also Sharadiya Navratri starts in the Shukla Paksha. Other than that, important Ekadashi like Indira Ekadashi all fall in the Krishna Paksha of the Ashwin month. The Amavasya date falls in the Krishna Paksha and is also known as Sarvapitri Amavasya and the full Moon date falls in Shukla Paksha also known as Sharad Purnima.

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Other than that, as Pitrupaksha starts in the Ashwin month, it is fruitful to do the right charity in the name of ancestors, virtue, and Tarpan, and also worshiping Durga Maa will be especially fruitful. Apart from this, if a person donates in the ancestors’ and deity’s name as per personal capacity, then it leads to happiness & prosperity in the life of people.

The consumption of jaggery in the Ashwin month is considered very important and doing it will be auspicious for health. Other than that, the consumption of milk is also prohibited in the Ashwin month as it is not good for health.

As per the Hindu Calendar, the Ashwin month is considered important as there are Shradh Pakshas lasting for 16 days. After it, a fast is observed for 9 days to worship Maa Durga and it is also referred to as Sharadiya Navratri. The Vijayadashami and Dushhera festival is celebrated on the second day after the end of Sharadiya Navratri. 

After it, Angaraki Chaturthi Sankashta Ganesh Chaturthi fast is observed in the month. Also, the different fasts like Viswakarma Jayanti, Rohini Fast, Kanya Sankranti Fast, and Gaj Lakshmi Fast fall in the Ashwin month. Other than that, Jitiya fast is observed in the Ashwin month and also the fast of Indira Ekadashi is observed in the period. The Autumn season starts from this month onwards.

The Personality Of People Born In September

As per Vedic Astrology, the month in which individuals are born, the nature of people depends on it to a great extent. Let us move ahead and know about the personality and nature of individuals born in the month of September.

It is often seen that people born in the month of September are often soft natured, emotional, and whenever they meet a new person, they present themselves strongly. But, they do not get anything easily in life, but they also know very well how to struggle and also achieve everything in life on the basis of hard work and struggle.

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Other than that, the people born in September are very sharp-minded despite having a shy nature. It is usually wheatish in color and the length is average. If we talk about anger, then the people born in September remain happy, but their anger is also very dangerous. Also, the children born in the month are very strong and sometimes are able to control their anger.

Apart from it, people born in the month of September are very artistic in nature and like perfection in every work as per astrology. They acquire the right skills to achieve everything in life and become popular in their surroundings. Also, the individuals born in September month are amazing in attracting people towards them.

Talking about love, couples or pairs become good lovers and shower love for each other. Also, provides important loyalty in the relationship. In terms of career, people born in September month also face the chance of becoming teachers, scientists, consultants, and politicians on the basis of their hard work. But, ups and downs can be seen in married life.

Lucky Numbers For People Born in September: 7, 9, 3

Lucky Colors for People Born in September: Black, Sea Green, Golden

Lucky Days for People Born in September: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday

Lucky Gemstone for People Born in September: Sapphire

Suggestions for People Born in September: Feed the Birds and if possible, keep fish at your home.

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Bank Holidays In September

If we talk about adding up different state holidays across states, then there are a total of 09 bank holidays in the month of September. However, as per different states, the celebrations are based on the beliefs and culture of the region. Below we are also providing the list of bank holidays in the month of September.

DateDayBank HolidaysWhere It Will Be Valid
7 September 2023ThursdayJanmashtamiMany States of India
17 September 2023SundayHartalika YeejSikkim, Chhattisgarh
19 September 2023TuesdayGanesh ChaturthiMany States
20 September 2023WednesdayGanesh Chaturthi HolidaysMany States
20 September 2023WednesdayNaukhaeeOdhisa
21 September 2023ThursdaySree Narayan Guru SamadhiKerala
23 September 2023SaturdayMartyrdom DayHarayana
25 September 2023MondayRamdev JayantiRajasthan
25 September 2023MondayTeja DashamiRajasthan
28 September 2023ThursdayIndra JatraSikkim
28 September 2023ThursdayEid-e-MiladMany States
29 September 2023FridayHoliday after Eid-e-MiladMany States
29 September 2023FridayShri Guru Narayan JayantiKerala

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Important Fast And Festivals Of September

02 September 2023: Heramb Sankashti Chaturthi, Kajri Teej, Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi

03 September 2023: Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi

04 September 2023: Raksha Panchami

05 September 2023: Teacher’s Day, Hal Shashthi

06 September 2023: Budhashtami Fast, Arabeen, Kalashtami

07 September 2023: Shri Krishna Janmashtami, Rohini Fast

08 September 2023: Goga Navami

10 September 2023: Aja Ekadashi

12 September 2023: Pradosh Fast, Bhaum Pradosh Fast

13 September 2023: Monthly Shivratri

14 September 2023: Amavasya, National Language Day, Pithori Amavasya

16 September 2023: Chandra Darshan

17 September 2023: Vishwakarma Jayanti, Kanya Sankranti, Varaha Jaynati

18 September 2023: Monday Fast, Hartalika Teej

19 September 2023: Ganeshotsav, Varad Chaturthi

20 September 2023: Rishi Panchami

21 September 2023: Shashti

22 September 2023: Mahalakshmi Fast Start, Durva Ashtami

23 September 2023: Radhashtami, Durgashtami Fast

25 September 2023: Parshva Ekadashi

26 September 2023: Vaishnav Parshva Ekadashi

27 September 2023: World Tourism Day, Pradosh Fast

28 September 2023: Ganesh Visarjan, Milad un-Nabi

29 September 2023: Satya Fast, Bhadrapada Purnima, Mahalaya Shraddha Paksha, Pratipada Shraddha, Satya Fast, Purnima Fast, Purnima

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Transit And Combust Of Planets In The September Month

As we talk about the transits & eclipses, a total of 05 important astrological events are going to happen in the September month:

Jupiter Retrograde in Aries (04 September 2023): Jupiter Will Retrograde in Aries on 04 September at 04.58 pm.

Venus is Going to Direct in Cancer (04 September 2023): Venus is going to Direct in Cancer on 04 September 2023 at 06.17 am.

Mercury Directs in Leo (16 September 2023): Mercury Directs in Leo on 16 September 2023 at 01.21am.

Sun Transit in Virgo (17 September 2023): On 17 September 2023 at 01.20 pm, Sun Will Leave its Leo Sign and Enter Virgo Sign.

Mars Sets in Virgo (24 September 2023): Mars in Going to Set in Virgo on 24 September 2023 at 06.26 pm.

Talking about eclipse after transit, no eclipse is going to happen in the month of September 2023.

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Vital Predictions For The September Month For All Twelve Zodiac Signs


It is going to be hard to achieve growth and success in my career this month. You’ll get average results in the education field. Keep up the hard work and the family life will be filled with difficulties. The month will not be favorable for love and married life. Try to maintain love and harmony with your partner as much as possible. Get mixed results in the financial life and avoid extravagance. It is important to pay more attention to your health this month.

As part of the remedy, perform the Yagya Havan on Saturday for the Saturn planet.


In the month of September, the natives need to work more than necessary at the workplace and only then the chances will be real for auspicious results. The month is going to be challenging in terms of education and also there are chances of challenges in family life as well. It will result in decrease of happiness in the family. This month won’t be anything special for love life as well. In this situation, it is advised to avoid any sort of fight and debate. The financial life will be full of troubles and also your expenses will increase more than expected this month. There will be average results related to your health. There won’t be any big trouble this month, but small problems are still going to persist.

As part of the remedy, chant the Mantra ‘Om Durgaya Namah’ for 108 times daily.


In the month of September, you’ll get auspicious results in terms of your career. The natives will also grow and also get all the success in life. The month is also favorable for students related to education and there will be chances of going abroad for studies. In terms of family life, the ninth month of the year will be favorable. It will provide auspicious results in terms of love & married life. Also, spend happy moments with your family. The economy of the natives will be excellent and during this time, there are chances of acquiring financial benefits in life. It will result in auspicious outcomes on the health front as well. My health is also going to be excellent this month.

As a remedy, chant the Mantra ‘Om Budhay Namah’ 41 times in a day.


The Cancer people will face different types of challenges in the workplace this month. There will be some losses in the business also. The month will not be favorable for education and different kinds of problems will arise in your life. There are also chances of disturbances in family life and lack of harmony among the family members. The situation of ups and downs in life will remain in the context of love and married life. There will be ups and downs in economic life. It is advised to control the expenses and talk about your health, the month will be filled with toothache troubles and burning sensation in your eyes. Also, the mother’s health can become a cause of trouble in life.

As a remedy, perform the Yagya-Havan for the Moon planet on Monday.

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You’ll get good results at your workplace in the month of September. There’ll also be chances of job promotions and the profit levels will rise in business. People linked to the education field will get expected results in life. The students will get conscious about their studies and there will be good results in the family life as well. There can also be the tussle situation between the family members and try to avoid the situation as much as possible.  There will be positive results in the love & married life. As per the economic side, the natives get a better opportunity to get monetary benefits. The health of individuals will be favorable and take help of yoga, meditation, etc to keep it intact.

As part of the remedy, chant the Aditya Hridaya Mantra on a regular basis.


You’ll achieve average results in the workplace and along with this, there are also big chances of differences with someone big or senior in your field. The chances of good profit from the business is high and there will be mixed results in the education field. Keep working hard to achieve the results. The family life will go through ups and downs and also there can be the feeling of arrogance in their attitude. There can also be a rise of confusion among the family members. The month is not providing any favorable indication for love or married life. In the month, you may also feel a lack of attraction towards your partner. There will be fixed results in the financial life and the unnecessary expenses may crop up in life leading to higher money spent. The average results will be obtained on the health side as well. There can also be digestive troubles & headaches this month.

As a remedy, chant the ‘Om Rahave Namah:’ mantra daily. 


The natives can face some kind of obstacles in respective fields in the month of September. Also, you’ll be dissatisfied with your job and also get new job opportunities this month. The business people will get success and the students will achieve favorable results in the field of education. You’ll give tough competition to the fellow students while scoring good marks. The natives will also feel a lack of happiness in their family lives. There is the strong possibility of some tensions among the family members and there will be ups & downs in the married life. Unmarried people need to wait for the occasion. There will be continuous ups & downs in economic life. The effects of your income will be good and thus save money. But, the expenses are going to be more than these two. There will be irregularities in the health side, but there will be no such serious problems in life. There might be the need to spend money in tackling the spouse’s health troubles.

As a remedy, chant the Mantra ‘Om Ketve Namah’ 41 times on a daily basis.


There will be chances of achieving mixed results in the career. The possibility of making mistakes in the work will be higher in September. This month is not good for business people and the chances of taking a wrong decision is high and thus suffer loss due to it. You can also achieve or obtain average results in the education field. The concentration is going to be disturbed this month and there can be adverse consequences in the family life as well. There can be also be problems like debate and differences with the family members. Be careful in your love & marriage life. There can also be the situation of separation in the relationship and the time won’t be favorable for the economic side. The expenses of the month will be bigger than expected, because of this you may have to take a loan as well. Your health could become a point of concern in the month of September. In this month, there will be chances to spend a lot of money for the mother’s health.

As a remedy, chant the Mantra ‘Om Ketve Namah:’ 108 times in a day.

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In the month of September, the Sagittarius natives will get mixed results in their career. However, you can also get the good news of job opportunities and thus travel for a new job abroad. The second part of the month will be suitable for education and thus able to perform the activities efficiently. This month proves to be fruitful for students planning for higher education. The natives will get positive results in their family and the atmosphere will remain peaceful throughout. You’ll also get positive results in your love and married life. The people of the zodiac planning for the marriage can get all the success. Your health is going to be good this month and you’ll be full of positive energy & health in life. The older people of the zodiac may also face some kind of skin troubles. Take special care of it.

As a remedy, perform Yagya for Rahu planet on Tuesday.


There will be mixed results for Capricorn natives on their career in the September month. In relation to foreign countries, you can get big & auspicious opportunities. Pay more attention to studies in the education field as the chances of disturbance in concentration. There can also be ups and downs in family life. Also, people living in the joint family can face the situation of separation. This month will be hard if we talk about love and married life. There is also a possibility of a fight between you and the partner. Also, your position is being created and also achieving mixed results in financial life. The expenses and profits are going to be very high this month. Talking about health, you won’t face any kind of major health related troubles in September. Also, troubles like pain in eyes or teeth infection is very genuine.

As a remedy, chant the Mantra ‘Om Hanumate Namah:’.


The Aquarius native will face different kinds of challenges related to their careers in the month of September. Your hard work can be ignored in the period and can become a reason for dissatisfaction for you. There are chances of profit for the business people. Also, the month will be challenging for the students in the education field. Hard work is required for people preparing for higher studies or competitive exams. There are also chances of lack of love in the family life, debates, arguments, and misunderstanding in the family life. There will be turmoil in the marriage life due to different troubles. You can expect disturbance in your love and married life. You will have to face troubles in your financial life. Also, there is a strong possibility of money loss this month. There will be an increase in expenses this month and will not be favorable for health. In the month, there can be chances of high blood pressure or allergy.

As a remedy, worship Lord Bajrangbali on Tuesday.


The Pisces natives need to face challenges in the careers in the September month. If you are expecting promotion in your career then disappointment can come your way. There will be no expected profit for the businessmen. There can be obstacles in your life in the terms of education. Also, the interests in studies will increase and the family atmosphere won’t not be harmonious. It is advised to maintain mutual coordination as much as needed and keep love with your partner. There is also the possibility of facing challenges in love and also married life. The chances of arguments between you and your partner. Also, people planning for the right marriage are now advised to wait for some time as it is not favorable. The economic side won’t be favorable and this month the expenses are going to be many folds than your expectations. In such a situation, spend it wisely as much as needed. Also, talking about your health, the immunity will be weak this month and you might face troubles related to health troubles, troubles, nervousness, and mental anxiety.

As a remedy, recite Hanuman Chalisa.

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