Know Self-Care Tips For Your Moon Sign!

Moon is the voice of your soul and what your true self desires. It is how you manage your expectations within this chaotic world. Self-care comes in all flavors and virtues but in the end, we all are our moon signs when we are by ourselves and with our inner circle. The Vedic system tends to notice and consider the moon sign while making a generalized prediction. Also, to derive a sense of how the other person’s personality is, the moon sign helps. In this blog by AstroSage, we’ll pin down what makes each sign feel happy and cozy.

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Let’s dive into how you can check-in with your moon sign.

Zodiac-Wise Self Care Tips For Your Moon Sign

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Aries Moon

We know you want to be the first and that’s what you chase. Your energy needs to be directed in electrifying and dynamic pursuits. As much as you sweat out or at least go for a morning run you will feel a sense of calmness your Aries Moon deserves. The chase is your comfort.

Taurus Moon

Moon finds this placement delightful. For the moon, this is like her Hammock by the beach. Good fragrance and lathering yourself in it with some flavorsome delicacies will make your moon feel dazzled. Did we mention, blankets!?

Gemini Moon

How many tabs are open right now on your laptop? Aren’t there many?! We know, we know! That’s what your moon loves and thrives in. Talking and doing some mischievous deeds is your forte. Communication and laughing at your jokes will raise your comfort bar.

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Cancer Moon

You won’t ever stop mothering other people, will you? Your possessive and protective demeanor is a blessing for so many. Being homebound and connecting with your roots will give your moon all the feels. Getting close to nature and munching on some comfort food would work wonders.

Leo Moon

Your mom likely paved a leading path for you. You want to shine bright and be the star of the party. Going out to perform at open-mic or participating in a virtual fiesta will bring your moon a mighty joy. We know you have a generous soul but don’t break your wallet.

Virgo Moon

As much as you organize and declutter the living space around and your inbox you’ll be at your happiest. Getting into a fitness regime and diet plan will fulfill you the most, dearest. Already started planning for the next quarter of the year.

Libra Moon

Oh dear, aesthetically pleasing princess. Hello! You won’t stop making mood boards, will you? Making mood boards and creating a capsule wardrobe with beautiful colors will make Miss Luna happy. Balance is the key and you have an eye for the designs too. Perfect!

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Scorpio Moon

Of course, you are not stingy. You are mysterious and level-headed. Tune in with some true crime podcast or a deep-dive documentary covering life in 1500 AD. You’ll satiate your moon oh-so-lovingly. Diving into taboo topics will bring you bliss.

Sagittarius Moon

We all crave some Sagittarius influence in our lives. Learning new languages, philosophy, and psychology will make your Moon happy. That’s how you can proceed with your self-care. Having patience and a drive to pursue something adventurous will nourish you in the long run.

Capricorn Moon

Oh, you considerate creatures, your legacy and your reputation make you happy. You like working hard and smart and you are a reliable person. Having a sense of being helpful is what you always want. So, participate in a community that works with pets, orphans, etc. A self-care routine you can count on is having a structure and journaling with a cup of espresso.

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Aquarius Moon

Being detached is your comfy zone and that’s when you are happy. You are individualistic and tech-savvy too. Participating in community-driven festivals will bring a sense of joy as well. Self-care wise it seems that you will love to have a long sleep. You are likely mining and participating in blockchain too and unconventionally doing things.

Pisces Moon

Well, the self-care practice you can indulge in fearlessly is escapism. Getting into a state of dreaminess and becoming gloriously creative is your jam. Listen to music or paint your heart out, dear Pisces Moon. Luna will love it!

As much as you understand your moon sign you will get an inch closer to your inner world. Note that your moon sign will receive different planetary aspects as per its placement in your natal birth chart hence the experience might vary.

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