Second Sawan Somwar Will Bring Prosperity to 4 Lucky Zodiacs!

In the Hindu religion, there is special importance of Sawan month and it shines the luck of different zodiacs. Offering prayers to Lord Shiva in the auspicious month will bring fruitful results in your lives. The Sawan month starts on 4th July 2023 and will last till 31st August. The second swan month falls on 17 July 2023 and the right puja rituals will bring fantastic results in life. This special AstroSage blog contains details of Second Sawan Somwar and the zodiacs benefitting in the period. 

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The Sawan month will last for two months and different auspicious yogas are formed in it – Gajakesari Yoga, Budhaditya Raj Yoga, Lakshmi Narayan Yoga, and Shasha Yoga. As per astrologers, each Monday of Sawan month is special, and offering prayers to Lord Shiva will bring prosperity to life. The luck of some zodiacs will shine during the period and it will be time for natives to make the most of the available time. Follow the right rituals and leave no stone unturned to please Bholenath for the blessings. 

The year 2023 is special and the holy month will be celebrated for two months also referred to as Adhik Hindu month. It is the best time for the Lord Shiva worshippers to pay their tribute with spiritual tasks, fasting, and celebrations. It falls in the month at the time of monsoon arriving in the country and symbolizes rejuvenated life. The unmarried women observe the fast during the Sawan month to get a suitable or desired husband with the blessing of the lord. 

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List of Zodiacs Benefiting in the Second Sawan Somwar 


It will be a lucky time for the Aries natives and the chances of success in life will rise. There will be more satisfaction from activities done in the Sawan month. Worshiping the lord Shiva with red flowers will turn the fortunes of individuals. It will be time to take new strides in the business and also chances of promotions in your job rise. The zodiac people get the opportunity to finish complex tasks in a quick time. 


The second Monday of Sawan is one of the most auspicious timelines for Leo natives to try their luck across different activities. Change your job in the period and make the most of the lucky period in the Sawan month. There will be love in your relationship and the fights in the family will also ease out. Invest the right amount of money in your business to get suitable outcomes from it. It will be the best time to start your pending work and get top results from it. 


The Libra natives will experience progress in their careers during the period and also assist in the completion of complex activities. It will be time to get involved in spiritual or religious activities. The chances of travel for job or work-related purposes are high. There are also chances of promotions or salary hikes in their current job profile. Invest in your current business or change the mode of business in the auspicious timeline for flexible results. 


The chances of success for Sagittarius natives will be prominent during the period. Expect success in your business and commit to long-awaited deals with business clients. The wearing of yellow clothes during the Sawan month will ensure the success of different activities during the period. Fix life or family troubles easily in the period by worshiping the lord with specific rituals. 


What is the Procedure for Sawan Month Fast?

Ans. The devotees need to avoid the consumption of food & water for the entire day and offer puja with the right items. 

What are the benefits of Sawan month fasting? 

Ans. It will assist in maintaining harmony in the family and moving ahead in the professional career. 

What to avoid in Sawan Somwar fast?

Ans. Avoid eating or consumption of rice, lentils, or grains during this period. 

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