Swapna Shastra: If Scary Dreams Horrify You, This Blog Is For You!

Every person dreams while sleeping. Every dream has its own interpretation. Even in the Swapna Shatra it is mentioned that no dream is meaningless. But normally, when a person sees a dream and feels good, he believes that it is auspicious and becomes happy without understanding the real meaning behind it. Likewise, a bad dream is treated as inauspicious and a warning for something bad.

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But according to astrology, this is just a belief, there is no concrete truth behind it. In this situation, in this blog today we will tell you, according to Swapna Shastra, about some dreams that seem scary but deliver auspicious results.

  1. Seeing Someone’s Pyre In Dreams
  • When we see someone’s death Pyre in dreams, we get scared, and start to have various absurd and scary thoughts. But according to Swapna Shastra, someone’s pyre in dreams means auspicious results.
  • Such a dream interprets that your financial situation is about to improve.
  • Stuck money might be recovered.
  • Especially, if an ill person sees a pyre, it means he/she is about to recover.

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  1. Seeing Fire In The House/ Burning House
  • If a person sees a burning house, he gets scared. But this dream indicated that happiness is about to come.
  • Especially, if an unmarried person sees this dream, it means they will soon get married to a partner of their choice.
  • If this dream is seen by married natives, it means they might soon receive child-related happiness.
  1. Seeing Your Death In Dreams
  • If a person sees himself dying or comitting suicide, it is scary. But no need to worry about it.
  • As per the Swapna Shastra, seeing yourself die is auspicious.
  • This dream means your lifespan has increased.
  • If an unhealthy person see this dream then it means he will soon get rid of his health problems

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  1. Seeing Yourself In Crematorium
  • If you see yourself in a crematorium, graveyard, or a secluded place, then it means your good days are about to begin.
  • This dream is an indication of good luck.
  • This cream clearly means that a person is about to incur success.
  1. Seeing A Dead Snake
  • People see different dreams related to snakes. But every snake dream is not bad.
  • If you saw a dead snake in your dream then it means that your bad time in life has ended.
  • This dream means that the possible danger in your life is over and good days are ahead of you.

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