Special Yogas Forming On All 4 Mondays Of Sawan: Attain Mahadev’s Blessings!

All the months of the Hindu religion are related to one or the other deity. With this discussion, if we talk about the Sawan month then there is a direct connection with Lord Shiva. The month of Sawan is the favorite month of Lord Shiva. Apart from this, it is important to understand that this is that time of the year when the creator of the universe is the Yoga Nidra and Lord Shiva is handling the work of all the universe. So, in the Hindu religion, the month of Sawan is considered very pious and pure.

Although the complete month of Sawan is very important, specifically the Monday which is coming in this month is very much significant. On the auspicious day of Sawan Monday, worshiping Lord Shiva and doing his Rudra Abhishek or Jal Abhishek will help in attaining his blessings. On Sawan Monday of Sawan Somwar day, his devotees offer special worship and many people observe fast on this day.

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There might be certain questions in your mind related to Sawan Somwar or the Mondays of Sawan month, when will be the Sawan Somwar this year? When does the significance of Sawan month start? How to attain the blessings from Lord Shiva? And which tasks are strictly prohibited during this time? Are there any remedies related to the different zodiac signs that will help you to attain the blessing from Mahadev? If yes, then for all such doubts, there will be answers provided in this specific blog by AstroSage.

Sawan Somwar 2022

First of all, if we talk about the beginning of the Sawan Somwar then the month of Sawan will take place in 2022, and according to the Hindu Panchang/ Calendar, it will begin on 14 July 2022m Thursday. The first Monday of Sawan Somwar falls on 18 July. After that, the month of Sawan will end on 12 August 2022. And then the month of Bhadrapada will begin.

Now, let’s understand the complete details of all the Monday Fasts to be observed in the Sawan month

14 July, Thursday- First day of Shravan month

18 July, Monday- Sawan Somvar fast

25 July, Monday – Sawan Somvar fast

01 August, Monday- Sawan Somvar fast

08 August,Monday – Sawan Somvar fast

12 August, Friday – The last day of Shravan month

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Special Yoga Formation Will Take Place On The 1st Monday Of Sawan

 To make the first Monday of Sawan even more special. There will be a rare coincidence naming Shobhan Yoga which happens on this day. The Astrologers believe that Lord Shiva himself showers his blessings with good luck on the natives after they perform the correct worship rituals in the auspicious yoga.

Significance Of Sawan Month & Sawan Somwar

As we have already mentioned, Sawan month is the favorite month of Lord Shiva. So, this time is considered to be the best time for his worship, devotion, and to get spiritually connected.

Apart from this, it is said that Mother Parvati had observed fast in Sawan month, and then she got Lord Shiva as her husband. 

The month of Sawan is recommended especially for those females to observe fast and worship, who are not happy in their married life, and there is a lack of happiness and prosperity in their life. Apart from this, during this time, if unmarried females observe fast then they get a suitable groom.

If the males observe fast in Sawan month then they get freedom from the physical, divine, and material sufferings. So, the month of Sawan is very special and holy for every person in some way or the other.

According to the beliefs, it is said that if any person observes fast on the Monday of Shravan and worships Lord Shiva, such seekers get virtuous results such as the sight of 12 Jyotirlingas.

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This Year, Sawan Somwar Will Be Very Special: There Is A Yoga Formation

There will be 4 Sawan Somwar fasts in 2022. These Sawan Somwar have a huge significance but this year, to make these Tithis more auspicious and fruitful this month, there is some auspicious yoga formation on every tithi. So, let’s understand which Yoga is forming on which day.

  • The 1st Monday of Sawan is on 18th July and on this day we have the Panchami Tithi, Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra and on that day there are chances of Shobhan Yoga formation.
  • The 2nd Monday of Sawan will be on the 25th July, on this day there will be Mrigashira Nakshatra is considered to be the most favorite Nakshatra of Lord Shiva, apart from this, there will be the formation of Pradosh and Dhruva Yoga on the day.
  • After this the 3rd Sawan Monday will be on 1st August. On this day, there will be Chaturthi Tithi, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, and there will be Paridhi Yoga formation.
  • The 4th and the last Monday of Sawan will fall on the 8th of August. The Ekadashi date falls on this day which is considered to be dedicated to Lord Vishnu, there will be Jyeshtha Nakshatra and chances of Vaidhriti Yoga.

Important Note: This year on 26 July, there will be celebrations for Shivratri of Shravan month. There are 12 Shivratri Tithis in 1 month and from these, the Phalgun month and the Shivratri of Shravan month is the most significant celebration.

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If we talk about Sawan Shivratri Fast then it will fall on 26 July, Tuesday.

Nishita Kaal Puja Muhurat – From 26 July, Tuesday at 6:46 pm and will remain till 27 July 2022 at 09:11 pm

Puja Duration: For only 43 minutes

Shivratri Vrat Paran Muhurat: From 27 July 2022, 05:41 am to 3:52 pm

The Correct Puja Vidhi For Sawan Somwar

Any puja turns out to be fruitful when it is performed with the correct vidhi. So, what is the correct puja vidhi for the month of Sawan or Sawan Somwar, come let’s understand this.

  • On this day, wake up early in the morning and wear clean clothes after taking a bath.
  •  If you want to observe fast, then take a vow for fasting or take a vow to worship.
  • Start the worship and first of all bathe all the idols of deities with Gangajal.
  • While performing the Jal Abhishek of Lord Shiva, chant “ Om Namah Shivaya”.
  • After this, offer akshata, white flowers, white sandalwood, cannabis, datura, Cow’s milk, incense, diya, panchamrit, betel nut, and his favourite bel patra to Lord Shiva.
  •  Now, recite Shiv Chalisa.
  • Chant the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya”.
  • Concentrate and meditate on Lord Shiva.
  • If you can read yourself then it’s okay. Otherwise, listen to Sawan Somwar Vrat Katha from someone else.
  • In the end, perform aarti of Lord Shiva.
  • Accept the bhog that is included in the puja as the Prasad and then distribute it among as many people as possible.

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Do Not Do These Things In Sawan Month Even By Mistake

  •  Eating Brinjal is considered to be bad in the month of Sawan.
  • In Sawan month, Lord Shiva is anointed with milk, so do not disrespect milk in any way, especially in this month.
  • Turmeric and vermilion should not be offered on Shivling.
  • Apart from this, you should follow a Satvik life in the month of Sawan.
  • Avoid insulting people and be self-restraint.
  • Avoid applying oil to the body during Sawan month.
  • Do not harass cows, bulls, and any other animal, especially during this month. Killing a cow or a bull in this month may displease Lord Shiva as it is considered an insult to Nandi.
  • Never include Ketaki flowers in puja for Lord Shiva.

Zodiac-Wise Remedies In Sawan Month For A Brighter Future

Aries: Mix jaggery in water and do abhishek of Lord Shiva.

Taurus: Do Lord Shiva’s abhishek with curd.

Gemini: Do Lord Shiva’s abhishek with the sugarcane juice.

Cancer: Do Lord Shiva’s Abhishek with Ghee.

Leo: Do Lord Shiva’s Abhishek with jaggery mixed with water.

Virgo: Do Lord Shiva’s abhishek with sugarcane juice.

Libra: Do Lord Shiva’s abhishek with scented oil or attar.

Scorpio: Do Bholenath’s Abhishek with Panchamrit.

Sagittarius: Do Lord Shiva’s abhishek with Milk mixed with Turmeric.

Capricorn: Do Lord Shiva’s abhishek with coconut water.

Aquarius: Do Lord Shiva’s abhishek with sesame oil.

Pisces: Do Lord Shiva’s abhishek with milk mixed with kesar.

Lord Shiva Will Be Kind To These 3 Zodiac Signs In The Sawan Month

Aries, Capricorn, and Gemini, these 3 zodiac signs will attain the blessings of Lord Shiva in the Sawan month. During this time, their work, family life, love life, and financial status will be excellent. In this time, all your wishes will come true and you will get success in every field.

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