Sawan 2019 – Know Remedies to Please Lord Shiva this Shravan

The month of Shravan is beginning on Wednesday, 17 July 2019. According to the science of astrology, there are many remedies advised for this month and also to please Lord Shiva. Also known as Bhole baba, he is considered to be the most kind and humble God who doesn’t need your materialistic but pure devotion. So, let’s read about the astrological remedies to appease Lord Shiva during the month of Shravan.

Sawan Somvar: Worship Lord Shiva as per your Zodiac Sign


For the people belonging to Aries zodiac sign, the mantra to worship Lord Shiva is Nageshwaraaya Namah. Conducting an abhishek with milk mixed with honey and offering red sandalwood and oleander flowers can help devotees get rid of all the sufferings. The bhog of flat bread(roti) made of sugar or jaggery can also be offered to appease the Lord.


Taureans should perform an abhishek with yogurt and offer Jasmine flowers and chant Rudrashtakam to get the fruits of their worship and devotion. Eulogizing Lord Shiva will also help such natives to please him.


All the natives under the Gemini sign should chant the Panchakshari Mantra. They can also perform Bholenath’s abhishek with sugarcane juice.To add on to the essence, offer lentils(moong daal), durva grass and kusha for best results.


Cancerians should chant Rudrashtadhyayi to appease Lord Shiva. The natives of Cancer sign should perform Shiva’s Abhishek with desi ghee. Finally, offering raw milk, white aankada flowers and conch shells to the Shivalinga will prove to be beneficial for them.


The natives of Leo sign should perform Shiva’s Abhishek with the water mixed with red sandalwood and jaggery. Also, offer kheer made with rice to him. Finally, recite Shiva Chalisa and offer red oleander flowers to the Lord.


Individuals belonging to this zodiac sign should chant the Panchakshari mantra. Such natives should also perform Shiva abhishek with sugarcane juice or water mixed with cannabis. Offering bael leaves, durva grass, and betel leaves helps them to attain fruitful results.


Librans should chant Sahastranama during this time. They should pay homage to Shiva by conducting his abhisek with perfume and fragrance oil. Offering shrikhand made of yogurt, honey and saffron and finally, offering white flowers help the natives to achieve desirable results.


Scorpions should begin with chanting the Rudrashtak and then rinsing the shivling with Panchamrita. Offering roses and bel pathar can prove to be beneficial.


The natives of Sagittarius sign should chant Panchakshar Strotam. Performing the abhishek with milk mixed with turmeric also proves to be auspicious for the concerned natives. Also, crown of yellow flowers and sweets made of gram flour and sugar candy are also very auspicious to attain desired results.


The natives of Capricorns sign should recite Parvatinathai Namah/ पार्वतीनाथाय नमः during this time. They should also perform Shiva’s Abhishek with coconut water. Also, offer sweets made of urad dal and crown of blue lotus to appease the Lord.


Aquarians should recite Shivashtak. The natives of this sign should perform Shiva Abhishek with coconut water or sugarcane juice. Also, offering sweets made of urad dal proves to be propitious to attain desirable results.


Pisceans should chant the Panchakshari mantra while wearing a sandalwood rosary for 108 times. Offering milk mixed with saffron to the Lord proves to be beneficial for the natives belonging to this zodiac sign. Also, presenting yogurt and rice to shiva also helps to appease the Lord.


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