Sawan 2023: 7 Zodiacs Must Beware For 59 Days!

As we all know that Sawan is extremely pious this year as there will be 8 Mondays, which means 8 Sawan Somwar fasts. However, the month of Sawan (July-August) brings with it a series of challenges for certain zodiac signs. According to the expert astrologer of AstroSage, individuals belonging to seven particular zodiac signs need to be extremely cautious during this period. Let’s dive deeper into what this month holds for them. But first, let’s know the date and time at which Sawan month will commence this year.

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Sawan 2023: Date

Sawan Begins: 4 July 2023

Sawan Ends: 31 August 2023

Now, let’s find out the zodiacs that need to be careful during this period.

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Sawan: 7 Zodiacs Must Beware!


The month of Sawan may be filled with problems for Taurus individuals. It’s crucial for them to take care of their health. Along with physical well-being, they might also experience mental stress due to family responsibilities. There may be ups and downs in their business ventures.


This month could be demanding for Cancerians. They may experience mental stress and irritability due to work pressure. Ignoring their health amidst excessive workload could lead to health issues. It is necessary for them to work hard in their business endeavors to reap benefits.


Virgos may witness fluctuations in their business and trade during this month. They might make impulsive decisions out of anxiety, which could disturb their professional life. Sudden changes in their work environment may cause distress, and adversaries could take advantage of such situations.

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Libra individuals may experience ups and downs during Sawan. They should pay attention to their health and avoid unnecessary running around. They might face challenges in their business partnerships, which could lead to losses if not handled carefully.


Financial constraints could be a concern for Capricorns during the month of Sawan. It is important for them to control their expenses and avoid hasty investments. They should also ensure that tension does not seep into their personal lives, especially in their relationships.


This month could be a struggle for Aquarians. They might face several health-related issues and encounter opposition in their business ventures. Adversaries may make relentless efforts to harm their business. It is advised for them to be cautious in their partnerships during this period.


Sawan holds significance for Pisces individuals. They may experience digestive disorders during this period. Additionally, their interactions with influential individuals might be affected. Delays can be expected in matters related to marriage. It is crucial for them to avoid arrogance and refrain from insulting others.

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As the month of Sawan unfolds, individuals belonging to these zodiac signs need to tread carefully and be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. By prioritizing their well-being, making thoughtful decisions, and being mindful of their surroundings, they can navigate through this period with resilience. Remember, astrology provides guidance, but it’s ultimately up to individuals to shape their own destinies.

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