Sawan Month 2023: Lord Shiva To Bring Wealth for These Zodiacs!

Sawan Month 2023: Sawan, the auspicious month dedicated to Lord Shiva, holds immense importance in Hindu culture. It is a time of devotion, spirituality, and profound significance. This year, Sawan month 2023 carries even more significance as it aligns with celestial events and favorable planetary positions. During this sacred month, devotees observe fasts, known as Sawan Somvar Vrat, where they abstain from consuming food and water from sunrise to sunset. The fasting period is seen as an act of self-discipline, purification, and surrender to Lord Shiva. 

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The year 2023 brings a unique and extended Sawan month 2023 after around two decades, beginning on July 4th and concluding on August 31st. This extraordinary period stretches over 59 days, twice the length of a typical Sawan month. Devotees will have the opportunity to observe the fast on 8 Sawan Somvar, enhancing the spiritual significance and intensity of their devotion.

With this special Sawan month 2023, there are special zodiac signs who will be blessed by Lord Shiva during these two months, and in this special blog by AstroSage, we will talk about the same! So let us start with our blog and find out if your zodiac is on the list of the lucky ones!

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What Is Adhikmas?

Adhikmas, also known as the “extra month” in the Hindu lunar calendar, is a rare occurrence that happens once every few years. Adhikmas is considered an auspicious time for self-reflection, introspection, and deepening one’s spiritual connection. It is a month of additional blessings and opportunities for those who embrace its significance. 

This additional month is seen as divine intervention, providing an extended period for spiritual practices, seeking enlightenment, and fostering personal growth. In 2023, the occurrence of Adhikmas holds even more significance as it will increase the duration of Sawan month 2023. 

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Lord Shiva Will Bless These Zodiac Signs During Sawan Month 2023


Avoid placing trust in unfamiliar individuals today. Extend a helping hand to those in need and witness the fruit of your hard work if you’re a fashion design student. Marital relationships will experience a surge of sweetness, while the potential for profit in business awaits. Impress your colleagues with your efficiency at work.

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Friends will provide excellent advice today. Embrace positive thinking for successful task completion. Plan a family trip, but exercise caution in financial matters. Take care of your health as excessive workload can take its toll. Expect a splendid married life, though beware of feeling a bit lazy, which might impact your work motivation.

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Anticipate profitable business outcomes. Enjoy improved health conditions. Consider exploring new job opportunities. Seek advice and consultations to enhance your understanding of your married life. Commerce students will find solutions to their subject-related problems. Rest assured, progress in life is on the horizon.

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