Secret Revealed! Saturn’s Position In Birth Chart Decides Your Future!

Every planet holds its unique importance in Astrology. Every person experiences favorable and unfavorable effects with the changing position of planets in the birth chart. Likewise, Saturn, the most important planet among the Navagrahas, shows some special signs as it changes its position. Saturn’s auspicious position grants us happiness, prosperity, respect, wealth, etc. 

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On the other hand, if Saturn’s position is weak in the birth chart, then the progress of current work gets delayed or spoiled. A person does not even get the reward for his hard work and gradually he gets trapped in bad habits. Often, a person suffers from loss of respect along with financial losses. So, let’s gain insights about Saturn’s various positions in the birth chart and its effects along with the remedies to strengthen its position.

Importance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn holds a special place in Vedic Astrology. IT is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. Saturn is considered in the exalted state in Libra and debilitated state in Aries. Saturn moves very slowly and it takes a period of two and a half years in transit from one Zodiac sign to another. Shani Dasha has a span of seven and a half years and is known as Shani’s Sade Sati.

It is believed that Saturn bestows results according to one’s deeds. The ones who commit good deeds and show mercy upon the needy and deprived, Lord Shani blesses them with auspicious results. On the contrary, those who trouble the poor, suffer from the inauspicious effects of Saturn. And, if the position of Saturn is inauspicious in the birth chart, the ascendant suffers from hard luck and goes through immense struggle throughout life.

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Saturn Reflects These Inauspicious Signs

Whenever Saturn starts giving inauspicious signs in the birth chart of any ascendant, they starts suffering from various financial and health problems suddenly.  The person starts getting angry very often and the workload also increases rapidly. The ascendant hesitates from religious and auspicious matters and starts falling prey to bad habits. They also faces obstacles in his/her job and career and many times loses their job. 

If Saturn is afflicted by Mars, then the ascendant may suffer from a major accident or imprisonment.

Saturn’s Position In Different Houses: Impact

Saturn’s Presence In The First House

Saturn gives mixed results when present in the first house of the birth chart.  If you perform hard work, it will yield you happiness and wealth. You will gain victory over your foes no matter how powerful they are.

Saturn’s Presence In The Second House

You will become a soft-spoken personality and sometimes a harsh speaker if Saturn’s Position in the second house of your birth chart. Due to this, you have to stay away from your family. These ascendants go to foreign countries to make wealth.

Saturn’s Presence In The Third House

Saturn’s presence in the third house of your birth chart makes you Justice-lover, authentic, and intelligent. These ascendants share friendly and cordial relations with everyone. You will also achieve great fame and success.

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Saturn’s Presence In The Fourth House 

Saturn’s presence in the fourth house makes you calm and generous. You believe in helping others. You will get mixed results in financial life. However, you can achieve great success while working in a foreign country.

Saturn’s Presence In The Fifth House

According to astrology, a person attains a mysterious personality if Saturn is present in the fifth house of the birth chart. The ascendants neither share their feelings with anyone nor  indulge in others’ matters. They are more inclined towards spirituality and religion.

Saturn’s Presence In  The Sixth House

If  Saturn is present in the sixth house then the ascendants achieve victory over their enemies. They are very brave and  powerful. They never face a shortage of money.

Saturn’s Presence In The Seventh House

The ascendants achieve great success in business if Saturn is present in the seventh House. They also enjoy a happy married life. A person attains a long life if  Saturn is present in the eighth house.

Saturn’s Presence In The Eighth house

 Saturn’s presence in the eighth house makes it difficult to get success in any work and the ascendant often experiences great problems in life.

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Saturn’s Presence In The Ninth House

Saturn’s presence in the ninth house of the birth chart gives mixed results to the ascendants. These people become kind, charitable, and thoughtful. They always behave nice to others.

Saturn’s Presence In The Tenth House

Saturn’s presence in the tenth house makes the ascendants wealthy, and religious. They also achieve a high position in their jobs.

Saturn’s Presence In The Eleventh House

Saturn’s presence in the eleventh house grants a person  a long life, wealth, imaginative qualities, and good health. He/she attains all the pleasures.

Saturn’s Presence In The Twelfth House

Saturn’s presence in the twelfth house grants a disturbed mind and many difficulties to a person.

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Effective Remedies To Get Rid of Saturn’s Inauspicious Effects

  • To remove the ill effect of Saturn, you must offer mustard oil to Lord Shani and light a Mustard oil Diya lamp in a Shani temple.
  • To lessen the ill effects of Shani Dosha, you must donate iron goods,black clothes, Black lentils, Mustard Oil, and Shoes-slippers. It is considered very auspicious.
  • You must feed small balls of wheat flour to fish on Saturdays. It is believed to lessen the ill effects of Shani Dosha.
  • Apart from it, you must offer water to a Peepal (Eucalyptus) tree in the morning. You should light a Diya lamp of Til (sesame) or Mustard Oil in the evening. Also, sprinkle some Black sesame (Til) in the Diya lamp.

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