Saturn’s Influential Status and Your Upcoming 12 Months. Read More!

Saturn’s Impact in next 12 months and the upcoming changes in your life!

The year 2020 is expected to remain special with regards to many things, as the grand connection of Saturn is yet to grace the lives of natives belonging to all walks of life. On the 24th of January this year, Saturn has transited in its own zodiac sign and after a duration of 30 long years, the planet has finally arrived home. This means that Shani Dev has entered the zodiac sign Capricorn, and it will remain situated in the same place for a period of two and a half years and its influence will intensify gradually.

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Through this blog today, we will spill some beans on Saturn’s 2020 connection and which natives will receive the planet’s endowment and which are the ones who will face negative repercussions. What’s in store for natives belonging to all the 12 zodiac signs and which remedies should be taken into account. Keep reading this blog to find out some crucial details. The transitory movement of Saturn is considered to specifically influential as its impacts last for a very long time and brings changes to one’s life in some way or the other. So, without any further delay, let us move on to Saturn’s 2020 connection.

Planet Saturn’s Specialities

Of all the Navagrahas or the nine planets, Saturn is given the status of a Magistrate of them. It remains exalted in the zodiac sign Libra and Aries is its debilitated signit primarily rules over two signs, which are Capricorn and Aquarius respectively. The Sade Sati of Saturn also has its own significance, as it brings forth many changes in one’s life. Apart from this, Dhaiya, Panauti and Katank are certain movements of Saturn which leaves behind special impacts on the lives of natives.

Usually, the planet Saturn is considered to be malefic in nature. The very mention of the name Saturn generates terror in one’s heart and mind. But it is nothing but a myth and the reality is completely different. If the position of Saturn is favorable, then one can simply journey from rags to riches in no time. Saturn provides results according to one’s Karma or actions, which is why natives remain troubled while not paying attention to their work.

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The Nakshatras which come under the governance of Saturn are Anuradha, Pushya and Uttara Bhadrapada. It also rules over the Western direction.meanwhile, fields associated with Saturn are Automobile business works, Labour works, Engineering, Metal business and various other tasks which require extreme hard work and perseverance. Apart from this, the influence of Saturn can also be seen on any kind of Iron, Leather, black lentils,  black items, Coal, antique materials and many others.

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According to religious beliefs, Shani Dev is considered to be the son of Surya Dev and Sandhya. It occupies a special position in the solar system because it generates results according to one’s actions. Consequently, it provides positive results to the ones who commit good tasks and vice versa.

Favorable Results of Saturn

If Saturn remains posited in a strong state in one’s Kundli, then it enables the particular native to become diligent and rightful. Such a native also acquires a tremendous amount of success. On the professional front, he/she doesn’t lack patience. The person’s life becomes stable and as the years pass by, his or her prosperity and understanding improves. At the same time, the individuals societal stature also increases. If the zodiac sign Libra in an exalted state is in the Kendra(centre) house and Saturn remains posited in its own zodiac signs, Capricorn and Aquarius, then it gives birth to a Panch Mahapurush Yoga known as Shash. This particular Yoga also helps an individual to achieve great heights of success. The auspicious state of Saturn also turns a beggar into a prince within no time. Even if the progress is slow, it is guaranteed to grace one’s life at the end.

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Malefic Results of Saturn 

If the planet Saturn is in a weak or debilitated state in one’s Kundli, then he/she may fall prey to various accidents or even end up behind bars. The concerned person also comes into terms with many kinds of sufferings. He or she may have to work with extreme diligence, which also doesn’t ensure full fledged success. Such an individual loses hope in life and adorns a pessimistic attitude, which ultimately gives birth to several problems. These kinds of natives encounter several hurdles in getting tasks done. If Saturn is negatively placed in one’s Kundli, then the concerned individual faces health problems like skin disorders paralysis and many others.

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Three Special Mantras Associated with Saturn 

The recitation of Mantras associated with any planet intensifies its auspicious results. Keeping this in mind, we will give away three special Mantras which will help you to receive the special endowment of the planet Saturn and eradicate the problems of your life.

They are mentioned below.

Saturn’s Vedic Mantra

oṃ śaṃ no devīrabhiṣṭaya āpo bhavantu pītaye। śaṃ yorabhi stravantu na:।।

ॐ शं नो देवीरभिष्टय आपो भवन्तु पीतये। शं योरभि स्त्रवन्तु न:।।

Saturn’s Tantric  Mantra

oṃ śaṃ śanaiścarāya namaḥ।।

ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः।।

Saturn’s Beej Mantra

oṃ prāṃ prīṃ prauṃ saḥ śanaiścarāya namaḥ।।

ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः।।

The Shani Mantras given above should be recited 108 times regularly. You should use Rudraksha Malas as rosary while reciting them and begin the recitation on Saturday. Once you are done with the recitation, you should worship Shani Dev duly to put an end to the persistent problems in your life and keep blessing you everyday. These miraculous Mantras are considered to be the most convenient measures to appease Shani Dev.

Saturn’s 2020 Connection 

Year 2020 brings a solid connection of the planet Saturn as its homecoming is taking place this year. It will remain in a retrograde state from 11 May until 29 September and go back to the combust motion on 27 December. Because of all these movements, it will generate different results for natives belonging to all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us have a look at Saturn’s 2020 connection in detail.


You will have an average health during the year 2020. There might be some issues related to your skin like allergies, itching, pimples, etc. which will trouble you. You should visit a dermatologist. You will not lack the courage and enthusiasm required to perform your tasks. Consider taking your parents….Read More


Your father’s health must be taken care of, otherwise, it may degrade. You may feel disappointed by the results that you get at your workplace. There are chances that you will regret working hard because of the disappointment. You should be patient and….Read More


Saturn results in delays in work. You may have to wait to reap the fruits of your labour. Unexpected problems may show up. Don’t let your guard down. Your financial conditions may worsen. Tighten your belt if you do not want to run into a financial…Read More


You will be able to make some crucial decisions related to your business and profession. Finishing your pending tasks will be easy for you. You will do good in your field of work if it is related to foreign land. The health of your children should be taken care of. Reckless driving might….Read More


The transit will be favourable for you and will help you to achieve your goals if you give your best and remain goal-oriented. Push your limits further if you wish to achieve your goals. You might put a strain on your physical and mental well-being. Prioritize your health and maintain a…..Read More


This transit will be a silver lining for those who were not able to pursue their education due to any reason. The transit will give them another chance to fulfill their dreams of getting the kind of education that they want. You will develop a serious attitude towards life and will think well before……Read More


You should remember that confidence is a trait that will lead you to success but overconfidence is a parasite that gradually degrades you and leads to failure. Avoid boasting about your abilities and achievements. Being an egoist will spoil your relationships as well…..Read More


You may feel lethargic and may not complete your work in time. As a result, your performance at your workplace will be affected. You will come across multiple opportunities to expand your…..Read More


This period would be the last phase of Sade Sati period that you have been facing. Thus, Saturn will take a tough test, passing which you will become a better person. You may have to go through a rough phase in your business. There might be some delays in getting money. It is better….Read More


Your reasoning and analytical skills will be upgraded due to this transit. Due to this, you will be able to make better decisions. You should reflect back and try to find out if the dreams that you have been chasing are really what you want from your life. If you aspire to travel abroad, a chance to do so is waiting for….Read More


You may feel some near and dear ones drifting away from you. At the same time, some people will get close to your heart. Misunderstandings might create a rift between you and your spouse. You may spend on decorating and increasing the aesthetic appeal of your….Read More


You will garner name and fame in society. Your married life will be good as you get along well with your spouse. Single natives of moon sign Pisces who are looking for their soulmate might have their search concluded. You will be in a good kilter as far as your….Read More

May you have prosperity and happiness in abundance. Thank you for connecting with us!!

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