Saturn Paya: Saturn Walks With Silver Foot; 3 Zodiacs Will Prosper!

Saturn Paya 2023: Usually, Saturn walks on the foot of iron, copper, silver, and sometimes on gold depending on the zodiac sign.  In astrology, the Silver foot of Saturn is seen to be exceedingly fortunate and prosperous and it is also believed that whoever receives Saturn’s Silver Foot, their days change and their sleeping fortune awakens, also , the doors to happiness and success get open for them. Recently, Saturn has Transited In Aquarius from Capricorn On 17th January, 2023 and Aquarius is the Mooltrikon zodiac sign which has returned after 30 years. In this situation, Saturn also changes its Foot and this time Saturn is walking on Silver Foot. 

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Now let us inform you that Silver Foot occurs when the Moon is in the 2nd, 5th, and 9th houses from Saturn during its transit. This is also indicated by the current position of Saturn. As we can see, Saturn is in the second position for Capricorn, in the fifth position for Libra, and in the ninth position for Gemini. Therefore Saturn is walking on Silver Foot in these three zodiac signs that are Capricorn, Libra, and Gemini. The Silver Foot of Saturn will provide enormous prosperity and advancement to the people born under these three zodiac signs. Now let’s take a look at how these three signs will benefit from the Silver Foot.

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Saturn Walks With Silver Foot, Brightens The Fortune Of These Zodiacs


The Geminis will profit greatly from Saturn’s transit and Saturn’s walk on Silver Foot. Saturn occupies the ninth house in Gemini and it is regarded as a lucky location. Saturn can bring wonderful fortune to these natives as Saturn has the ability to make them wealthy. In the beginning, you will have to put in some effort, but the results of your efforts will be quite rewarding. 

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You can also get a promotion at work in addition to this your respect will increase. Thus, the Silver Foot of Saturn will be quite auspicious to your career. Politicians can also gain more beneficial outcomes from the Silver Foot of Saturn. Those who perform good deeds during this period will receive Saturn’s blessings. Also, there is the possibility that your relationship with your father will improve.  As well as, happiness and prosperity will enhance in the house.


With the Saturn Transit, the effect of Shani Dhaiya on Libra ended on 17th January, 2023. The cherry on the top is that Saturn is walking on Silver Foot in the Libra sign. In the following two and a half years, these people will make significant developments. There is a good chance that persons born under this sign will gain from this occurrence. 

Doctors, engineers, and government employees will gain greatly at this time. You can excel in any major exam or interview. People who have been deprived of children might have their wishes granted. There will be joy in wedded life. Arguments and domestic problems will be eliminated in the lives of Libra natives. It is time to reconcile with friends, relatives, and family members.

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Capricorn will profit much from Saturn transit and Saturn’s walk on Silver Foot. On the health front, there will be progress as your health will improve and it will eliminate the old disease. There will be opportunities for advancement and promotions on the job. You will gain monetary benefits and  your income will rise. With this blessing of money, there is a great possibility that you can purchase large property. 

If you are a businessman then your contacts will improve, and your business will extend far and wide. As a result, you can experience unexpected financial advantages. There is also a great possibility of an increase in revenue. You will also be able to generate multiple income sources. If you are planning to make an investment in a property then it is right to implement your plan as you will yield a profit.

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