Saturn-Venus-Mars conjunction In Aquarius: 3 Zodiacs Need To Be Cautious!

Saturn, Venus, And Mars conjunction In Aquarius: After about 148 years, Saturn, Venus, and Mars have formed a conjunction in Aquarius. Saturn is a malefic planet of discipline, responsibility, and structure. Its influence can bring a sense of seriousness and add practicality to the conjunction. While Venus represents love, beauty, and harmony and its presence in the conjunction adds a touch of charm, diplomacy, and a desire for social connections. At last, Mars is known to be the planet of action, energy, and assertion, its influence can bring vitality, ambition, and a drive for achievement in conjunction with Aquarius. 

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When the three planets form a conjunction, Venus also turns malefic under the influence of the other two malefic planets. And, the natives become high-ranking individuals and earn a lot of respect as well as get recognition in life. The natives get a lot of abundance in life and get rid of all the problems. Although the natives get a lot of happiness, some need to stay careful from accidents and we are going to be talking about them. So, without wasting any more minutes, let us throw the light over them! 

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Saturn, Venus And Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: Formation

Venus moved to Aquarius on 7th March at 10:33 in the morning, and then, Mars entered the same zodiac on 15th March, at 5:42 in the evening. While the two planets had moved to Aquarius, Satun is already present here till 2025. So, the three had already formed a conjunction in Aquarius. This conjunction is considered auspicious for many but we are going to be discussing the zodiacs who need to stay vigilant during this period. 

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Saturn, Venus And Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: These 3 Zodiacs Need To Stay Vigilant 


The conjunction of Saturn, Venus, and Mars in Aquarius is going to be extremely fortunate from the financial perspective because this conjunction has formed in the house of profit. That’s why, you are going to flourish well and make good progress in life. And, there can be many unexpected financial gains as well at times. If you are involved in a business, foreign work, or in electronic industries, then you can get great financial benefits. However, you need to be cautious as your siblings or children may have to bear certain problems because Saturn is also aspecting your house of children. 

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This conjunction is going to benefit Virgo natives in a lot of ways. The union has formed in the sixth house of the natal chart of Virgo natives and both Saturn and Mars are pretty strong in this union. During this period, the natives will get rid of the money they have borrowed and will also be free from all health issues. The natives will enjoy the luck on their side in a lot of their endeavors and all stuck work will get accomplished as well. However, you also need to stay careful as there are chances of bruises, cuts, or an accident during this period. 

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Saturn, Venus, and Mars conjunction has formed in the third house of the Sagittarius natives. During this period, the courage and bravery of the natives is going to get enhanced. If the natives belong to the army, police, and ministry, they will get more power and authority as well as a good position. There are even chances of unexpected financial gains too and even prospection of traveling abroad. 

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