Saturn Transit In Dhanishta Nakshatra (18 Feb, 2022): Good & Bad Impacts On All 12 Signs!

Saturn is the slowest moving planet of the zodiac; it stays in one sign for two and half years. The general view for Saturn is that it is considered as a malefic planet because it signifies crude practicality, true realistic approach, logic, decipin, law and order, patience, delay, hard work, labor, and determination.

It is a ‘Karm Karak’ or action oriented planet. To be honest, these are the things which we don’t like much because they separate us from our daydreaming world and that is the work of Saturn and therefore it gets hard for us to accept Saturn.

Saturn has the lordship of two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius and Dhanishta Nakshatra falls in both the signs and on 18th february, Saturn will transit in the Dhanishta Nakshatra and it will stay there for almost thirteen months. During this time, Saturn will become retrograde and direct, will move to Aquarius sign and will come back to Capricorn but during all these changes one thing will remain the same, that is Saturn’s placement in Dhanishta Nakshatra.

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And as the name signifies, Dhanishta means the wealthy one which denotes financial gains, spread of wealth, prosperity and positivity in the finance sector. Dhanishta is a Nakshatra ruled by Asta Vasu, it signifies the eight Tatva of nature, its planet lord is Mars and it is symbolized by the Damru of Lord Shiva and the flute of Lord Krishna. This Nakshatra holds a lot of creativity, it represents love for music and dancing. So if in general, we want to see the result of Saturn transit in Dhanishta Nakshatra, then we can say that this is the time when Saturn has observed all your Karma and hard work done till now and will provide you the results and fruit of that. But being specific for the native, the results depend on the placement of Saturn in the natural chart. And now let’s find out what impact it will have on all the zodiac signs.


Saturn has the lordship of the tenth and eleventh house for Aries natives. During this time, Saturn will impact your career and gains you were expecting through it. If you are not settled in your career, then this is the time when you will find stability. For some people, if your promotion was due or you were waiting for some authoritative position this transit will provide you that. If you are trying to move to foreign land for work or aspecting any gains from foreign land, that will be fruitful during this time. But there are also chances that due to over indulgence in the work you may ignore your health and family life that may ill affect on your health as well as your domestic life.

Remedy– Offer five red roses to Lord Hanuman on tuesday.


Saturn has the lordship of the ninth and tenth house for Taurus natives. And this transit is all about setting your future in a long way. There are chances that you can learn some new skill of your hobby or passion and opt that as a profession. Even if you were trying to change your profession or work place this would be the time for that. You will also learn how to deal and connect with the world. Saturn transit may also overload you with a lot of work and responsibility. You are advised to invest your finances wisely, else you may end up in some big depts and even try to maintain your relationship with your father and Gurus for the betterment of your luck.

Remedy– Offer flute to Lord Krishna on saturday.

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For Gemini natives, Saturn has the lordship of the eighth and ninth houses. This is a good time for Gemini natives if you want to learn Occult studies like astrology and Tarot reading. If your savings were deteriorating for a long time or your money was stuck somewhere this is the time when you can get that. You can even have sudden changes and gains in your professional life. But, Gemini natives are also suggested to take care of your health as well as your father’s health as some sudden health issues can crop up. So you are advised to keep aside your laziness and go out for a walk or spend some time in a natural ambience to heal your mind, body and soul.

Remedy–  Light a Diya in Shani temple every Saturday.


For the Cancer natives, Saturn has the lordship of the seventh and eighth house. So the Cancer natives who are trying to get married for a long time can get the suitable proposal suddenly. You can even do some joint investment with your partner which will prove fruitful. But you need to be a bit conscious about the health of your partner as ignorance can lead to sudan health issues so get all their routine checkup done. On the professional front, if you were looking forward to a new business partnership this time will prove fruitful for you and you will see materialistic growth.

Remedy– Perform the Abhishek of Shivling with raw milk on Mondays.


For the Leo natives, Saturn has the lordship of the sixth and seventh house. Leo natives are naturally very creative and stage performers and this transit of Saturn will increase and give you benefit of your talent, if you like singing or dancing and participating in any type of competition for that this transit will surely prove beneficial and you’ll be able to win the prize for yourself. The students preparing for the competitive examinations will get favorable results and you will be able to beat all the challenges. Married natives who were facing problems and conflicts in their married life will be able to resolve those issues and make their marriage work during this time.

Remedy– Donate dry fruits in temple on Saturdays. 


For the Virgo natives, Saturn has the lordship of the fifth and sixth houses. This is a good transit for Virgo students who are trying for Competitive exams and were not able to clear it for a long time. You are advised to not get disheartened and concentrate on the target with your full focus and dedication. Success will come to you very soon.  Those who have been into family planning for a long time and were going under medical treatment will get the good news. For the Virgo lovers, this would be the testing time. Those who are serious in their relationship will take their relationship to the next level and others who are not my end up in a heart break.

Remedy- Assist blind people and provide your service in blind school.


For libra natives, Saturn is a Yogakaraka planet that has the lordship of fourth and fifth houses. As mentioned, Dhanishta is a creative Nakshatra and Librans are also creative who have a thing for music and dance so this is a good transit for Libra natives as Saturn is also the Yoga Karaka planet for Librans, which has already been mentioned earlier. For a long time if you were trying to purchase a new home or renovate it during this transit you will be able to do that in a very creative way. You’ll host lots of parties at your home. For a long time you were facing issues in your domestic life. They will come to an end and you’ll find yourself happy filled with new emotions and spirit.

Remedy- Remove clutter from your life and home, stay organized. Saturn does not like clutter be it in materialistic items or clutter in the mind.


For scorpio natives, Saturn has the lordship of the fourth and third house. So during this time, you will get the opportunity for a lot of short travels. Even this transit will teach you how to communicate in a creative manner and get your work done. It will make you more stable and sincere in your communication and people will pay attention to your viewpoint and thoughts. Scorpio natives, if you were thinking of buying any property but not able to get the courage, this transit of Saturn will fill you up with that courage and you’ll be able to buy the property. If you were facing any dispute with your younger sibling that will get resolved.

Remedy– Offer Boondi prasad to lord hanuman on tuesday.


Dear Sagittarius natives, Saturn has the lordship of the second and third house. And this transit of Saturn will be a relief for Sagittarius native in terms of finance. For a very long time, you were facing a financial crunch and deterioration of your savings. That will come to an end and you’ll be able to save money and your financial condition will improve. You’ll even generate a hobby for singing and enjoy that. You need to be a bit worried about the health of your mother, sudden health problems can occur. You are advised to not lie and follow a vegetarian diet and Stay away from alcohol and other sedative items.

Remedy- Chant Shani Mantra “ॐ नीलांजन समाभासम्। रविपुत्रम् यमाग्रजम्।/oṃ nīlāṃjana samābhāsam। raviputram yamāgrajam।” 108 times in the evening.


Saturn is the Lagna lord and second house lord for Capricorn natives. This transit of Saturn will be very transforming for your personality. You’ll be a more creative and happy person, during this time you’ll pay attention towards your personality and health. You are advised to keep the laziness aside and inculcate Yoga and meditation in your daily routine and indulge in any creative form of exercise like dancing or zumba. Eat a healthy diet and Stay away from alcohol and other sedative items. Professionally also you’ll grow and will be more confident and even get promotion and recruited to be higher authority. 

Remedy- If possible, wear one blue sapphire on the middle finger.


Saturn is also the lagna lord for the Aquarius natives and it also has the lordship of the twelfth house. If you are trying to travel abroad or benefit from the foreign land this is the time for that. If you are working for MNC or any other international organization this is the time for growth. Even the aquarius native who are in the export import business will be able to visit foren land and expand their business. Aquarius native you are advised that due to over indulgence in professional life and ignore your personal life and health else you’ll face the negative effect of Saturn and will be forced to pay attention thier. So maintaining the balance between both the life saturn will make you understand both are equally important.

Remedy– Offer damru to lord shiva on saturday.


For Pisces natives, Saturn has the lordship of the eleventh and twelfth house. This transit is all about fulfillment of your desire. You’ll spend money for the fruitification of your dream and desire coming true. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll not be financially benefited, you’ll get the good result of all the hard work you have put in for a long time. Even you can have sudden financial gains from the bad investment you have made in the past and expect no returns. During this time you will spend money on good things like childbirth, marriage, your marriage or any other auspicious occasion awaited long.

Remedy– Donate shoes to beggars and homeless.

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