Big Predictions- 2025 Begins With Challenges For 5 Zodiacs

In Vedic astrology, planetary transits occur at predetermined intervals, with each planet shifting from one sign to another. Among them, Saturn is notably sluggish in its movement. It switches signs every two and a half years, exerting its influence on all twelve zodiac signs. Even after this transit period, Saturn’s impact lingers, shaping the destinies of the respective signs for an extended duration.

Saturn, known as the deity of justice, grants outcomes based on individual deeds. It cycles back to a sign approximately every 30 years. Presently in Aquarius, Saturn will persist in this sign until 2024. On March 29, 2025, Saturn will transit from its own sign Aquarius to Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, its planetary owner. While all zodiac signs will feel Saturn’s influence, certain signs may undergo notable fluctuations during this phase. Let’s explore which signs they are.

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These Zodiacs Need To Be Cautious Of Saturn Transit 2025


During Saturn transit 2025, individuals born under the sign of Gemini may experience a decrease in courage. Regarding career matters, this period may indicate increased pressure at work, leading to potential challenges. Some individuals may consider quitting their jobs during this time, while others may contemplate changing jobs for better pay, which could lead to success. Those involved in business should be extremely cautious during this period, as they may fail to achieve desired profits along with their objectives.

Financially, there are indications of increased expenses. Before making any major financial decisions, it is advisable to think carefully; otherwise, there is a risk of loss. During this period, your behavior towards your partner may become overly sensitive, leading to difficulties in maintaining a harmonious relationship. It is essential to pay close attention to your health, as you may be prone to colds and coughs, which could cause you distress.

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During this Saturn transit 2025, individuals born under the sign of Virgo may encounter some unexpected situations in their careers. As a result, the burden of work in the professional sphere could be overwhelming, and there’s a possibility of not receiving support from superiors. New job opportunities may arise, but you might find yourself dissatisfied with them. If you are involved in business, it’s crucial to remain vigilant financially during Saturn’s transit, as otherwise, issues may arise within your business.

You may face some unpleasant situations with your partner during Saturn’s transit. Ego could be the reason behind the problems arising between both of you. Therefore, these individuals need to resolve ongoing relationship issues to maintain love and harmony. The good news is that there shouldn’t be any major health problems during this period. However, you may experience allergies or cold and cough. Additionally, it is advisable to pay more attention to your children’s health.

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Career-wise, individuals born under the sign of Cancer may experience frequent job transfers or a strong urge to switch jobs. This could lead to feelings of dissatisfaction. During this period, meticulous planning and organization are essential due to potential increases in workload.

Financially, income will be earned at an average pace, but saving money may pose a challenge despite earning a decent amount. Losses may also occur. Maintaining love in your relationship with your partner might be difficult, as relationship issues could arise and prove challenging to resolve. To navigate through these challenges, fostering harmony in the relationship is crucial. Health-wise, be cautious as issues related to eyes, teeth, ears, etc., may arise during this period. Eye discomfort and significant spending on your partner’s health may also be necessary.

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Under Saturn Transit 2025, Scorpios may confront shifts in their personal growth, possibly meeting setbacks across various life domains. Luck might not be on your side during this phase, potentially leaving you feeling behind and dissatisfied compared to others. Career-wise, expectations may not align with reality, prompting potential job changes due to unforeseen circumstances, causing concern.

Financially, challenges may arise alongside increased expenses, prompting potential borrowing or loans due to significant family obligations. Saving money might prove difficult. This period might not favor those in business, potentially leading to financial losses. Additionally, tension or disagreements with your partner may surface, indicating a lack of mutual understanding. Moreover, your immune system might weaken, making you vulnerable to colds, coughs, and skin issues.

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Individuals born under the sign of Capricorn may appear unhappy with the way things are unfolding in their lives. Additionally, they may have to deal with issues within their family. In terms of career, those working may struggle to prove their competence in the workplace. They might fail to achieve their career goals and may not attain significant accomplishments. Moreover, they may feel pressured at work. Business owners may face challenges dealing with adverse situations during this period. Additionally, they may encounter problems with their business partners.

When it comes to financial matters, there are indications of fluctuations in money-related affairs. However, along with increased expenses, there might also be a rise in income during this period. There could be some disturbances with the partner, possibly due to pride in the relationship. Stress during this period could lead to problems like pain in the feet and joints. Moreover, diet should be carefully considered as digestive issues might arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Which transit of Saturn is considered good?

Answer 1: The transit of Saturn in the third house is considered auspicious. The circumstances during this time seem favorable for the natives.

Question 2: Which sign is Saturn transiting?

Answer 2: Saturn is currently positioned in its sign, Aquarius.

Question 3: When will Saturn transit?

Answer 3: In March 2025, Saturn will transit into the sign of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter.

Question 4: How often does Saturn transit?

Answer 4: Saturn takes approximately 28 to 30 years to transit through the entire zodiac cycle.

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