Saturn’s Homecoming After 30 Years, Know Its Major Impact

Saturn returns in its own sign after 30 years! The transit of the Lord of Karma Saturn brings these major changes!

Lord Shani, the one who preaches about Karma and Justice to the whole world, is returning to his zodiac sign Capricorn after 30 years. This is considered to be a very important transit, and can incur blessings of Saturn. By returning to your zodiac sign, Shanidev will bring major changes and preach to you about Karma, Justice 7 Hard Work.

Although this transit will happen on January 24, you must be curious about what’s in store for you in this duration. Keeping this in mind, we will shed light on some significant factors.

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Reunion Of Father & Son

Sun, on an yearly basis, enters its son Saturn’s zodiac sign Capricorn in the month of January, however no such combination of Sun with Saturn has happened for the last 30 years. However, things will be a little different than before, as after 30 years, i.e. 1990, both father and son will come together in the son’s house. This means that when the planet Sun transits in Capricorn, Saturn will already be placed there, thus creating an exclusive combination.

Although they are opposite in nature due to their behavior and influence, and in terms of Vedic Astrology, Saturn considers Sun as its enemy, but from a spiritual point of view, it is a very unique combination since Saturn is the lord of night whereas Sun is the lord of day. While Shani Dev is the God of Karma and Justice, Sun is the God of health and benefactor of Soul. Thus, this will be the time to reflect on your actions and Karma.

You have to understand where you were wrong or made mistakes, and if you are determined to rectify them, then Lord Shani will shower you with prosperity and blessings. On the other hand, if you fail to learn from your mistakes, then punishment from Lord Shani is likely to be attained.

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Therefore, this transit of Saturn incurs special meaning, and Lord Shani is providing you with the opportunity to improve your life. Let us now know when Shani Dev will transit in Capricorn

When Will Saturn Transit In Capricorn

The Lord of Karma Saturn will move on from Jupiter-ruled zodiac sign Sagittarius and enter in its own sign Capricorn on Friday, January 24, 2020 at 12:05 PM. The moment it enters Capricorn, the effects will be visible in full force. Due to this transit, every region in the country and the world will witness radical changes. Saturn is considered to be the causative planet of democracy and represents the air element. Due to the influence of Shani Dev, strong and cold winds will prevail and there will be a change in democratic systems in the country and the world.

Saturn Transit: Before & After 30 Years

Let us now reveal some significant things which are visible due to the effects of Saturn. When Saturn transited in Capricorn in the year 1990, conditions were pretty serious in Kashmir, resulting in deteriorating relations with Pakistan. Former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated during this period as well.

Meanwhile, the Government of India established the Company Law Board and the Central Government formulated a new industrial policy. Meanwhile, there was an earthquake in Uttarkashi and the Babri Masjid constructed on the Ram Janmabhoomi was demolished. At the same time, the Rapid Action Force was formed in India.

If we look at the world, then Germany united during this period and elections were held in Myanmar and Nicaragua. The Gulf War also began around this time and Nelson Mandela gained independence. At the same time, a web server was built to lay the foundation of the World Wide Web and the birth rate of most countries decreased.

During this period, improvement in the sluggish economy was witnessed, and the Indian economy was liberalized. Also, the country offered government-obtained gold to the International Monetary Fund and obtained loans from it. In fact, the Indian economy started gaining momentum from here.

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Now after 30 years, Shani Dev has returned to its zodiac sign Capricorn. Saturn is a benefactor of people and democracy and plays the role of the Yogakaraka planet in the independent India’s kundli while ruling the ninth and tenth house and being posited in the eighth house. Also, Saturn’s transit in the seventh house from India’s sign Cancer predicts major profits in foreign trade.

Even after 30 years, the situation is somewhat similar as the strenuous relationship between Iran and the US is pointing towards the Gulf War. On the other hand, the Indian economy is at its lowest level but the government has started making plans and preparations to bring the economy back on track.

Meanwhile, the Ram Mandir is also being constructed and the culprits of the Nirbhaya Rape incident are also getting punished for what they did. At its core, Lord Shani is the only reason since it represents justice and ninth house in a kundli signifies religion. Therefore, many changes will also be witnessed in the field of religion and law.

BREXIT is likely to occur again, and a well-known name on the world stage may suffer from major trauma. Saturn is dominant in nature and starts giving its effects shortly before transit. This is the reason why even after 30 years, the situation in regards to Kashmir and Pakistan is tense, and the country has attained its first CDS in the form of General Vipin Rawat. Also, the government has taken the steps towards uniting the three forces.

This year, the size of the budget can also increase, beneficial schemes will also be introduced for the common man. At this time, any natural disaster can also occur. At the same time, the government can roll out laws for population control. The very reason behind all these activities is Saturn, which highlights the fact that how important Saturn’s transit is.

Saturn’s transit in Capricorn has signalled major changes in economy, politics, geography, nature and planning. The importance of religion and justice will be understood within the country, and strict decisions will be taken by the judiciary system on many important issues.

Astrological Remedies To Appease Saturn

If you wish to attain the favour of Lord Shani, then you can perform the below mentioned remedies:

  • The best remedy is to be aware of your deeds and not perform any wrongdoing. This helps to appease Lord Shani faster.
  • Offering food to the poor and needy is the easiest way to attain the grace of Shani Dev.
  • Serving the handicapped and distributing medicines to them as per the requirement also helps to seek the blessings of Shani Dev.
  • Respecting your colleagues and those who work under you in the office and behaving in a friendly manner with them will help you gain the blessings of Saturn.
  • Shani Dev can also be pleased by offering flour to ants every day.

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